Friday, February 23, 2007

Joanie Schnitzer Levy

Joanie Schnitzer Levy and Candy Hamm
Texas socialite who is also one of the most peripatetic, ubiqutious individuals of the jet age. Mrs. Levy, who is still generally referred to by her previous married name, Joanie Schnitzer, out of habit, is a lady of fashion who rarely misses a great party, no matter what capitol city it might be held in — New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Monte Carlo, Rome, Houston, Dallas, you name it and she’s been there and just might pop up again next week. An outgoing, friendly woman with a mane of blonde hair (and mileage that probably would qualify her for a free trip to the moon), she seems to know everybody everywhere and not only that but they’ve (most of them anyway) been to visit at both of her dual addresses, Houston and Fort Worth. Or the South of France. Or the Central Park Conservancy Lunch.