Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Marco Maccioni

Carroll Petrie, Marco Maccioni, and Jamee Gregory
Marco Maccioni. One of the three sons of restaurateur (Le Cirque) Sirio Maccioni and his wife Egidiana. Mauro, Mario and Marco first came into prominence professionally as the co-proprietors/managers of Osteria del Circo (120 West 55 Street between 6th and 7th Avenues) which they still preside over today (while their mother vets and at times presides over the kitchen). Although they don’t look like identical triplets (and they’re only a few years apart) and don’t seem to resemble either mother or father at first sight, they definitely look like brothers. Tall, slender, with a continental refined manner, they are warm and gracious hosts.

The ready smile and the sparkle in the eye might lead one to believe that Marco, or his brethren, are always ready for a good time. But the evidence is somewhat different. The restaurant business is a demanding mistress and wife and family, a tight-knit family, and they are always on the job. Marco lives less than a block away from the restaurant. Nowadays, the Maccioni business has spread across the continent (to Mexico and to Las Vegas) as well as the new Le Cirque in Beacon Court on East 58th Street, and the brothers are at times elsewhere, watching over the family interests.