Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Muffie Potter Aston

Muffie Potter Aston and Dr. Sherrell Aston
Muffie Potter Aston. A lot of socialites hate the label and like to think of themselves as working girls, or businesswomen or philanthropists. Muffie Potter Aston, who has a name that drips “socialite” a la Wodehouse or Patrick Dennis, actually is authentically all of the above. Before her marriage to Dr. Sherrell Aston (pictured right), one of the world’s most prominent cosmetic surgeons, Muffie was vice-president in charge of public relations for Van Cleef and Arpels. And she worked, nose to the grindstone, non-stop indefatigable. In fact when it was announced that she and Dr. Aston (it is a second marriage for both) would wed, many worried about who would take care of Van Cleef.

An East Coast bred and schooled girl, Muffie is one of those “doers” whom everyone wants to have on their committee because she can bring in the ticket buyers, raise the millions, organize the party from hiring the hall down to the putting the place cards on the table (and anything in between), and then show up looking like she’s done nothing but spend the day getting ready to look glamorous.

She’s a whirlwind and sometimes that is evident just in her conversation which covers a vast amount of territory – from culture, books, to fashion and downright eyebrow raising dish. Intense, curious, easy to laugh, she’s chaired most of the major gala committees here in New York over the past few years. Everybody wants her because she’s famous for getting it done and getting it done right.

On weekends, she and her husband escape (and with her energy, that is the applicable word) to their place in Locust Valley where daytimes are spent in the garden and nighttimes are spent, phone off-the-hook, invites regretted, putting their feet up, diving into a bowl of popcorn, absorbing to a couple of good flicks and catching a few well-deserved Zzzzz’s. For there’s always a very busy week ahead