Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sarah and Mitch Rosenthal

Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal is a co-founder and, since 1970, head of Phoenix House, the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted to the treatment and prevention of substance abuse. Founded in 1967, they treat nearly 5500 adults and adolescents daily at more than 100 programs in nine states. Mitch was one of the first to recognize the role families play in drug abuse. His 1972 book Drugs, Parents and Children: the Three-Way Connection, is considered the seminal work on this subject. He is also a lecturer in psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

His wife, Sarah Sims Rosenthal, is a practicing therapist, both privately and at Phoenix House here in New York. Aside from their professional work, the Rosenthals are a very popular couple, (he has grown children by a previous marriage), together and separately, in New York where they divide their time between Manhattan (during the week) and their house in East Hampton (on weekends).

From this subjective point of view, neither Rosenthal typifies the classic image of the “shrink.” Both very congenial (Sarah has a very effervescent personality) and warm, they share their social life with journalists, authors, bankers, artists and politicians as well as the occasional socialite.