Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas

A member of the prestigious Lehman banking family on her mother’s side, Sharon Sondes was born in New York and lived in the same building at 555 Park Avenue for her entire life until a year and a half ago when she sold her co-op and joined a number of fashionable New Yorkers (many of them her friends) and bought at house in West Palm Beach.

A popular and highly publicized debutante in the 60s, Sondes was very much a part of the jet set, the Andy Warhol set and a frequent visitor to social Hollywood. For years she was famous for her glamorous cocktail parties at Triple-nickel Park, as it’s called where she entertained a mix of café society, show biz and the downtown set. Her marriage to Englishman James Hammond ended in divorce (he married Dana, now the Mrs. Patrick Stubgen) and Sharon married the Englishman, Henry Milles-Lade, the 5th Earl Sondes of Lees Court, Kent.

Sondes and Geoff Thomas, jewelry designer and former apparel executive whom she calls “Mugsy” have been together, quite happily unmarried, since I first met them twelve years ago. They now divide their time between New York and Palm Beach.