Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Stripes

By Ki Hackney

You can’t miss it. Fashion has earned its stripes this season. Those parallel bands started appearing before the frost melted and have defined every category from hats to espadrilles, Ts to the softest dresses, skirts, children’s togs, and even some sunglasses, cosmetic cases and other important necessities. For example, Carolyne Roehm is offering some fashionably orange striped ribbon, wrapping paper and more in the South Hampton Collection on her website (

Boy’s cotton seersucker pant, $52.00, at
We couldn’t resist. It’s a little late, but even now, with summer moving ahead full speed, stripes are still receiving their marching orders. And DPC and JH just returned from Venice, where a gondolier isn’t dressed properly without his striped T. I hope a creative soul found the gondolier’s T-shirt that I left in my hotel room when I was one month short of 16 and counting the days until I could drive somewhere besides the roads around my uncle’s chicken coops. Those shirts were made so well that my cherished souvenir might have served another generation by now.

And, speaking of classics, after rounding up a sampling of stripes for this story, I discovered that St. James, maker of those traditional French striped shirts, had a store a few blocks from my little office, and I so popped in with my digital to see if I could add this authentic element to today’s Shopping Guide. They didn’t know about New York Social Diary, but I showed them a few items from the storage bin on the camera, and they could not have been more cooperative. It was a serendipitous – and certainly global -- way to complete the stripe search. Here are just a few of the stripes we’ve seen:
Clockwise from top left: Phyllis Baden of Entre Nous in Easthampton wearing stripes and holding one of her many striped looks for the summer; Entre Nous, 37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY, 631-324-8636; Designer and founder of Deanna Littell’s Charm School, a custom charm bracelet business, in her navy/white striped cotton blazer-cut sweater jacket from J. Crew (she found it at the store at Rockefeller Center); Mini stripe V-neck top of mercerized cotton in navy, black, lite blue, pink or brown and white, $128.00 at Anik, 1355 Third Avenue between 77/78th Streets, 212-861-9840; Navy/white striped tunic in spring-weight cashmere with coral/white crew neck and yellow/white belt, $288.00 at Anik.

Below, l. to r.: Women’s low hip, long sleeve, V-neck hoodie in navy/white striped cotton, $19.99-$24.99, at; Striped linen shirts from Of the Cloth, $220 each, at Entre Nous, 37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY, 631-324-8636.
Red/white/yellow/blue/black pants from M. Missoni, $395.00; Halter bikini with rings by Melissa Odabash, $155.00; Purple/aqua/white canvas tote with butterfly print lining, $225.00. All available at
Far left and far right.: Splendid Striped tank dress in cotton/rayon, $104.00 and Striped dress by M. Missoni, $417.00, both at or 745 Fifth Avenue between 57th/58th Streets, 212-753-7300.

Center, top to bottom: Eric Javits striped hat at; Kokin Spring 2007 striped hat.
Classic French striped children’s sweaters, from Saint James at 1045 Madison Avenue between 79th/80th Streets, 212-535-1470; Red striped espadrilles, $105.00, from Saint James.
Blue/white hipster bikini from Ralph Lauren Blue Label collection, $54.00; Delman classic ballerina in gold and cream stripe, on sale for $123.33; Paul Smith Striped Bucket Hat, $90.00; Striped, skirted bandeau maillot from Juicy Couture, on sale for $114.00, all at Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Avenue between 49th/50th Streets, 212-753-2311 or
Black striped cashmere Henley, $153.00.
Pink and yellow grapefruit striped camisole set $24.99.
Navy striped v-neck sweater dress $137.70.
All available on
Clockwise from top left: Navy/white striped skirt from M. Missoni at Cricket’s of Vero, 3337 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, FL, 772-492-4010; Harbor hoodie in navy and white cotton/rayon blend, $148, at; The New York Post's take on Paris Hilton, just before she served her term.

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