Friday, September 19, 2008

The Amadeus Weekend at the Salzburg Music Festival

Casa Austria (the summer home of the Archduke Karl and the Archduchess Francesca of Habsburg) where Pedro Girao and Christie’s offered a splendid dinner.
The Amadeus Weekend at the Salzburg Music Festival was held on the last weekend of August. It was the fifth year in a row where friends came from all over the world, leaving their summer houses and pleasure boats. Organized by Donald Kahn, the philanthropic nephew of Walter Annenberg, and Eva O’Neill, the event was created to bring together friends from different continents for the pure enjoyment of great music and congenial social gatherings in the magical setting of the Salzburg Summer Music Festival.

The inaugural weekend five years ago was attended by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles (now the Duchess of Cornwall) in their first public international outing.
Park at Casa Austria.
Salon at Casa Austria.
Friday night, after an inspired performance of Gounod’s Romeo and Juliette, Pedro Girao, co-chairman of the event and Christie’s, the venerable auction house, offered a splendid dinner at Casa Austria, the summer home of the Archduke Karl and the Archduchess Francesca of Habsburg.
Aida Hersham and Patric Sieff Donald Kahn and Eva O´Neill
Ann Prevost, Catherine Heeschen, Petra Horvat, and Susan Gutfreund Count Alexander Schoenburg and Barbara de Jonghe
Pedro Girao and Dr. Corinne Vivil Flick Ariane Dandois, Pedro Girao, Ondine de Rothschild, Baronne Terry und Baron, and Jean de Gunzburg
Bjarne and Yvonne Rieber Yvonne and Pierre Winkler with Eva O´Neill
Bianca Jagger and Thaddaeus Ropac Jean de Gunzburg HSH Prince Pierre D´Arenberg and Elette von Karajan
On Saturday the program included a superb daytime concert by the Vienna Philharmonic followed by a typical Austrian lunch at Schloss Algen.

That night were was a dinner at the Museum of Modern Art, perched on the Munchsberg with panoramic views of Salzburg.
Lizzie Humphries HSH Prince Pierre D´Arenberg and HSH Princess Sylvia D´Arenberg Barry Humphries
Norbert and Rosalyn Platt Jeanne Kahn and daughter
HH the Begum Aga Kahn, Karl-Heinz Grasser (former Austrian Minister of Finance), and Eva O´Neill Fiona Swarovski and her husband Karl-Heinz Grasser
Then on Sunday, Thaddeus Ropac, an incomparable host served a fantastic outdoor lunch for eighty in the garden of his 18th century home, the Villa Emslieb.

The final night of the Festival weekend, after a moving performance of Verdi’s Otello, Donald and Jeanne Kahn offered a beautiful black tie gala dinner for friends of the Amadeus weekend at the Great Festival Hall itself.
Yvonne Rieber, Susan Gutfreund, and Bjarne Rieber Maryvonne Pinault HSH Prince Pierre D´Arenberg and HSH Princess Sylvia D´Arenberg with Raul Suarez
Ariane Dandois, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Mme Bernadette Chirac, and Eva O´Neill Raul Suarez and Jeanne Kahn
Salzburg is an ancient city that the Romans created out of settlements. The name means "Salt astle" and comes from the barges carrying the salt on the Slazach river.

Once part of Prussia, after Napoleon, it was returned to Austria. In 1866 it became part of Austria-Hungary. It moved from that to German during the First World War and again during the Second during the Anschluss.
Today Salzburg is a tourist favorite. It is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and also served in this past century for some of the settings for the film "The Sound of Music."

The Salzburg Festival is a famous music festival that attracts visitors from all over the world during the months of July and August.