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TEFAF 2013 – Masterpieces at Maastricht

Courtesy The European Fine Art Fair, Maastrict, Netherlands. 15-24 March 2013.
Morning in Maastrict + TEFAF 2013 opens
By Augustus Mayhew

On Thursday noon, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) opened with more than 3,000 guests arriving during the first hour. By the end of the afternoon, more than 10,000 had arrived for what has become one of the art world's most significant exhibitions. Every spring for the past more than 25 years, TEFAF turns Maastricht into a focal destination for highly-regarded art dealers, museum directors and art collectors, making for one of the art markets most significant economic barometers as well as a rare opportunity to appreciate an extraordinary collection of masterpieces.

In the competitive world of art fairs and auction houses, TEFAF's standards and offerings are unrivaled. At this year's exhibition, more than 280 exhibitors from 20 countries have installed 30,000 artifacts and art works worth billions at the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre (MECC) for a crowd estimated in excess of 70,000 for the ten-day event.

TEFAF's board of trustees are Baron Willem van Dedem, president; Ben Janssens, chairman Antiquairs; Konrad Bernheimer chairman Pictura; James Roundell vice chairman Pictura; George Abrams, Robert Aronson, David Cahn, Jonathan Green, Johnny van Haeften, Fabrizio Moretti, Henk van Os, Ugo Pierucci, Willem van Roijen, Anthony Speelman, Peter Sutton, Jorge Welsh, Michel Witmer, and Anthony Browne.

The fair's executive committee members are Ben Janssens, chairman; Robert Aronson, Konrad Bernheimer, Johnny van Haeften, Fabrizio Moretti, Willem van Roijen, James Roundell, and Jorge Welsh. TEFAF's ambassadors are Rachel Kaminsky, Michel Witmer, and Ana Yturbe de Sepulveda.

14 March Thursday
Morning in Maastricht
Hotel Mabi, lobby.
Clockswise from top left: Despite an early morning snow flurry, I walked a half black from the hotel to one of Maastricht's scenic squares where the 17th century Town Hall is the architectural centerpiece; A statue of  Johannes Petrus Menckellers stands in the square; A view of the square from the steps leading up into Town Hall.
Maastricht Town Hall, entrance lobby.  Simply sensational, impecably preserved.
The doors are artfully elaborated.
17th century decorative frescoes add interest to Town Hall's ceilings.
Barbara Tapp, an Atlanta freelance writer covering the event for VISA Black Card publication. We had breakfast together at the Hotel Mabi. I joined Leslie Elman with in NYC for coffee while waiting for our shuttle to TEFAF.
Lindsey Love, style columnist for the Houston Chronicle. Lance Morgan, editor of Society Diaries in Austin, with Rosina, Shilwala, public relations with the Netherlands Tourist Board North America.
Thursday Noon
TEFAF 2013 opens with more than 10,000 at Vernissage
More than an hour before the doors opened,guests began to gather in the lobby for the noon opening.
TEFAF's ushers and greeters were courteous, helpful and really wonderful.
Baron Willem van Dedem, president of TEFAF's board of trustees.
Michel Cox Witmer, TEFAF's American ambassador and board member.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Thani of Qatar and his entourage and security entered the exhibition shortly before the noon opening.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Thani.
Titia Vellenga heads TEFAF's PR and Marketing.
Wendy Moonan was representing 1st dibs.
Noreen Buckfire and Ann Nitze.
Scott Schaeffer, senior curator of paintings, The Getty Museum, Los Angeles.
Mary G. Morton, curator, The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
The sheik's entourage swept through the exhibition quickly.
The crowded scene ...
Simon Phillips.
Edgar Batista speaking with a journalist from The Wall Street Journal.
NYSD reader will probably immediately recognize American entertainer Kanye West.
Peter Sutton.
Solange Landau.
J. Kugel, Paris.
Silk embroidery.  J. Kugel, Paris. 95,000 Euros.
Nicolas Kugel. J. Kugel, Paris.
Ben Janssens, London.
Finishing touches, Johnny Van Haeften Ltd., London.
Johnny Van Haeften.
Courtyard of the Abbey at San Gimingnano, Italy. Antoniette Brandeis, artist. Colnaghi & Co. London.
Jorge Welsh. Oriental Porcelain Works of Art.
The fair's artful design was by Tom Postma.
Some of the galleries did artful installations.
Hancocks Jewelers, London.
Blumea Gallery, New York. Elizabeth Brooke, director.
Blumea Gallery, New York. 12th century columns. 350,000 Euros. Stair Sainty, London.
Galerie Neuse, Bremen.  Tapestry. 850,000 Euros.
Jean Francois Heim Gallery, Paris. Rich and Poor.
Martyn Gregory Gallery, London. The Reluctant Scholars.
Berko Fine Paintings - Knokke - Shanghai.
Berko Fine Painting, Knokke - Shanghai. The Fortune Teller of Algiers.
Lawrence Steigrad Fine Arts, New York.
Matteo Grassi, Paris - New York.  Marco and Matteo Grassi. 15th century Madonna and Bambini. 280,000 Euros.
David Tunick, New York.
Beddington, London.
John Mitchell, London.
The Mattheisen Gallery, London. Portrait of William Earle Welby and his wife Penelope playing chess.
Otto Naumann, New York.
Otto Naumann, new York.
Otto Naumann, New York.  Portrait by Velazquez.
Otto Naumann.
Moretti, Florence-New York-London.
Perrin, Paris.
Marlborough Gallery, New York.
Gagosian Gallery.
Gagosian Gallery.
Gagosian Gallery.
Daniel Blau, Munich-London.
Waterhouse & Dodd, London.
Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam.
Trinity House, London-New York, part of TEFAF's mini-fair.
Hammer Galleries, New York. Dickinson Gallery, London.
The Weiss Gallery, London. The Nymph of the Spring. Lucas Cranach the Younger, artist.
Ivo Bouwman. Painting by Vincent Van Gogh, c. 1885.
Van Gogh Museum. Van Gogh's Drawings.
Sperone Westwater, New York. Dream of Drowning. Jan Worst, artist.
Photographs by Augustus Mayhew.

Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland – Reflections on Palm Beach.
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