A Debutante’s Diary, Part II: 1920-1921 From Engagement to Honeymoon to First Born

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Deauville, August 1920. Stephen "Laddie" Sanford, Rose Lancaster Warburton, Barclay "Buzzy" Warburton, and Carroll Carstairs.

23 July 1920
Aboard the La France — New York to LeHavre

Le Havre. A memento from a shipboard masked party

30 July 1920

” … landed at LeHavre.”

31 July 1920
Hotel Continental, Paris

Hotel Continental, Paris. View.

5 August 1920

” … motored to Deauville with Mother.”

Royal Barriere Hotel

“Our hotel.”

Deauville. Royal Barriere Hotel and garden. Boulevard Eugéne Cornuche.
Café society. With their parents Robert and Elizabeth Glendinning focused on the camera, Mary and Ellen Glendinning’s eyes have begun to wander at Café de la Potiniere, located on the esplanade in front of the casino.
La Potiniere, Deauville.
7 August 1920. Café de la Potiniere. The Glendinnings among Deauville’s café society.
La Potiniere, Deauville.
Deauville. Ellen Glendinning with Jimmy Burden and friend.
Deauville. Elizabeth Glendinning and her daughter Mary Glendinning, foreground, strolling along the beach.

9 August 1920

“More drinks … ”

Deauville. Ellen and Mary Glendinning with gentlemen at the café.

15 August 1920
Grand Prix at Deauville

Grand Prix at Deauville. Silent Screen star Mae Murray, facing left.
Grand Prix at Deauville. Lady Diana Manners.
L. to r.: Grand Prix at Deauville. Spinelly, the actress; Grand Prix at Deauville. At the races with friends.

14 August 1920

Ellen Glendinning. Fashion forward at the races.
Ellen and Mary Glendinning with friends at the races.
Summer 1920. Deauville. Le Casino et le Boulevard de la Mer.
Casino de Deauville. Mme. Helene Glendinning.

19 August 1920

Les Ambassadeurs.

21 August 1920

Blois. Le Chateau. Façade Francois I.
Blois Castle. Louis XII.
Cheverny. Le Chateau. Façade Sud-est. “Had tea here with the Marquise de Vibray.”
Dives-sur-Mer. Hostellerie William the Conqueror.

22 August 1920

“Our hotel in Orleans.”
Orleans. Col. Robert Glendinning.

23 August 1920
Theatre du Grand Guignol

Program, Theatre du Grand Guignol.
Cast of characters. Theatre du Grand Guignol.

24-26 August 1920

The Glendinning family tours the remains of Verdun.

24 August 1920
Romagne sous Montfaucon – Cimetiere Americain de l’Argonne

“25,000 graves. Mr. Pepper and Harry Ingersoll are buried here.”

“My grandfather Benjamin Franklin Pepper is buried here,” said Charles Pepper. “The photograph brings back my own memories of visiting this unforgettable site back in the 1980s.”

Belleau Woods, near Chateau Thierry
Cimetiere Americain

“Bobby Reath is buried here. I brought back a piece of clover from here … So many lives.”

1-11 September 1920

1 September 1920
L’Ecole des Cocottes

Paris. L’Ecole des Cocottes, program. “Very amusing and French …” Mlle. Spinelly in the cast.

5 September1920
Tour d’Argent

Paris. La Tour d’Argent.

9 September 1920

Comedie Francaise, program. Le Duel.

11 September 1920
Aboard Cunard HMS Aquitania

HMS Aquitania.

17 September 1920
Arrive New York

16 October 1920
Ellen Glendinning – Persifor Frazer III wedding

Newspaper photograph. Glendinning-Frazer wedding party.
Newspaper article, Glendinning-Frazer wedding.

18 October 1920 – 29 November 1920
Honeymoon – Mr. & Mrs. Persifor Frazer III

Honeymoon itinerary. Mr. & Mrs. Persifor Frazer III.
New York. Ziegfeld Roof atop Amsterdam Theatre. Midnight Frolic.
Grand Canyon. Arizona.
New Mexico. Pueblo.
Santa Barbara. Miramar Hotel.

6 November 1920
Esther Fiske Hammond’s Dinner
Santa Barbara

Place setting. “Hammonds’ dinner at the Adoby.”

Esther Fiske Hammond’s estate

Esther Fiske Hammond. Two years after her divorce from Gardiner Hammond, Boston socialite Esther Hammond moved to Santa Barbara where she bought Bonnymede, an oceanfront estate. During a fifteen year interval, Hammond expanded the estate from seven acres to 45 acres.
Esther Fiske Hammond, right. The smaller center rider is identified as Charlie Chaplin.
Persi Frazer, center, with friends.
L. to r.: Persifor Frazer III; Colin Campbell. English military man Colin Campbell was married to Nancy Leiter, the daughter of Levi Leiter, the co-founder and original partner of the Marshall Field Company. Leiter was reported to have owned one-third of all the commercial real estate in Chicago. Nancy Leiter’s sister was married to Lord Curzon. In 1919, after renting at Bonnymede, Colin and Nancy Campbell bought a 100-acre estate in Santa Barbara, the Campbell Ranch. Colin Campbell died in 1923.
L. to r.: At Bonnymede, part of the English contingency; Polo player at Bonnymede.
Miramar Hotel.
Ellen Glendinning Frazer, newlywed at the Miramar Hotel, Santa Barbara.

3 February 1921

Invitation. Baron de la Bouillerie. Chateau de la Bouillerie.

4 February 1921

Actor’s Fund benefit. “Mary and all of them were in this.”

5 February 1921

Geyelin-Barnes wedding.
Philadelphia debs in Palm Beach. Gertrude Conaway, who would marry Harold “Mike” Sterling Vanderbilt, and Peggy Thayer, who after being an actress, a big game hunter, and a Via Mizner shop owner, married Harold Talbott. A perennial nominee on the International best Dressed List, in 1960 Peggy Talbott jumped out of her 12th-floor New York apartment. She had suffered from depression since the death of her husband three years earlier of a stroke when the couple were houseguests of Mrs. Harry Payne Bingham at Palm Beach.
Newspaper article. Fifi Widener Leidy and Mrs. Robert Grosvenor at Newport.

12 February 1921
George Washington Carpenter (1836-1921)

“My grandfather died …”

Obituary. Ellen Glendinning’s maternal grandfather. Among his many accomplishments, Carpenter was a former vice-president of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

20 March 1921
Thompson-Wood engagement

Newspaper article. Wood-Thompson engagement.
Newspaper article. Wood-Thompson engagement.

March 1921

Ellen Glendinning Frazer and her first child, Persifor Frazer IV. “Perky and me.”
Newspaper article. The debut of Persifor Frazer IV.

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Ellen Glendinning Ordway Photographs courtesy of Collection of Lucius Ordway Frazer.

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