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Bridget Moynahan, Dara Quinlan, Kate Tylis, Claire Capello, Dr. Steven J. Corwin, Candice Miller, Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, Dr. Laura L. Forese, Sana Clegg, Michelle Antonini, Lesley Vecsler, Lucy Guffey, Gretchen Englander, and John Antonini at NewYork-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Children’s Hospital's tenth annual Plates for Pediatrics benefit dinner.

On January 22nd, NewYork-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Children’s Hospital hosted their tenth annual the Plates for Pediatrics benefit dinner. The benefit was co-hosted by Dr. Steven J. Corwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian, and Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, Pediatrician-in-Chief at NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky Children’s Hospital, along with honorary co-chairs Michelle and John Antonini, and celebrity chair, Bridget Moynahan.

Dara Quinlan, Kate Tylis, Claire Capello, Candice Miller, Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, Bridget Moynahan, Michelle Antonini, Gretchen Englander, Sana Clegg, Lesley Vecsler, and Lucy Guffey.

A collaboration with luxury retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue, the benefit drew over 550 attendees to Cipriani 42nd Street, and raised nearly $2 million for several hospital-based pediatric programs including: Child Life Services, The Pediatric Simulation Center, and Residency Education.

Notable guests included: Bridget Moynahan, Jenna Bush Hager, Gretchen Englander, Claire Capello, Kate Davis, Lucy Guffey, Amy Mergler, Candice Miller, Kate Tylis, and Lesley Vecsler.

Andrew Frankel, Bridget Moynahan, Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, Gretchen Englander, and Adam Englander.
Dr. Steven J. Corwin, Dr. Laura L. Forese, Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, Michelle Antonini, and John Antonini.
Jenna Bush Hager.
Sana Clegg, Candice Miller, Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, and Lesley Vecsler.
Louise Hartwell White, Dr. Gerald M. Loughlin, Kate Davis, and Genevieve Davis.
Breanna Khoury, Lesley Vecsler, Candice Miller, and Daniela Tisch.
Jerry I. Speyer and Dr. Steven J. Corwin.
Sana Clegg and Lesley Vecsler.
John Antonini, Lindsey Bernay, Gretchen Englander, and Bridget Moynahan.

On Thursday, January 23rd, actress and activist Ashley Judd joined Audrey Gruss to introduce the new Hope Fragrance Collection at a high tea in Bergdorf Goodman’s luxurious seventh floor, BG Restaurant.

The Hope Collection consists of the classic Hope, The Uplifting Fragrance™, and two new scents, Hope Sport and Hope Night. The collection will launch today, February 3rd, 2020, exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. Guests at the high tea, including Muffie Potter Aston, CeCe Cord, Diandra Douglas, Jamee Gregory and Hilary Ross, were treated to a first look at the two new fragrances, designed to uplift the senses and developed by Firmenich’s master perfumer Honorine Blanc in collaboration with Ms. Gruss. The two NEW Hope Fragrances, Hope Sport and Hope Night, take the Hope Fragrance journey from day to night. 

Ashley Judd and Audrey Gruss.

Additional guests included: Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Susan Gutfreund, Barbara Bancroft, Krista Bard, Janna Bullock, Jean Doumanian, Joanna Mastroianni, Marc Rosen, Scott Snyder and Louisa Benton. 

The Hope Fragrance collection created by Audrey Gruss, Founder and Chair of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF), Hope Fragrances are 100 percent charitable. All of the net profits of sales from each Hope Fragrance go directly to HDRF to support groundbreaking depression research.

The mission of HDRF is to fund the most innovative neuroscience research into the origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of depression and its related mood disorders, including bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and suicide.

Pink champagne by Laurent Perrier was poured as hors d’oeuvres were passed around the room. Guests mingled amongst green and white linen-covered tables, decorated with freshly cut flowers evoking Hope Fragrance’s key notes – gardenia, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and tuberose. Gold bowls of Madagascar vanilla pods, vibrant limes and ripe plums were positioned in the middle of the grand room, representing the fresh and evocative notes of Hope Sport and Night. Classic three-tiered trays adorned each table, offering a variety of tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones, fruit preserves, Devonshire cream and petite sweets including macarons and financiers.

Hope Sport and Hope Night launching today, February 3rd, exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. All of the net profits of sales from each Hope Fragrance go directly to HDRF to support groundbreaking depression research.

“My mother Hope was before her time and loved white flowers and surrounded herself with them,” said HDRF Founder & Chair/Hope Fragrance Founder, Audrey Gruss. “The original Hope, influenced by my mother, is a combination of white flowers and a verdant note that evokes the fresh green of nature. The two new fragrances are also based on the DNA of the original iconic white flowers, but with warm oriental notes that evoke romance, beautifully manifested in Hope Night; and with green citrus notes that energize a woman’s day, captured in Hope Sport. This creates the Hope Fragrance Collection that takes a woman from day to night in the key moments she experiences.”

For more information, visit: www.hopefordepression.org

Ashley Judd, Krista Bard, Audrey Gruss, and Louisa Benton.
Hillary Geary Ross, Scott Synder, and Audrey Gruss.
Janna Bullock, Diandra Douglas Jamee Gregory, and Louisa Benton.
L. to r.: Jean Shafiroff Ashley Judd; Bonnie Pheiffer Evans.
Louisa Benton, R. Couri Hay, and Christina Schott.
Marc Rosen and Joanna Mastroianni.
Muffie Potter Aston, Ashley Judd, and Chris Meigher.
Susan Gudfreund, Jamee Gregory, and CeCe Cord.

Gallerist Isabelle Bscher and famed curator Jerome Neutres teamed up with chef Daniel Boulud for an exclusive one-night-only pop-up of the exhibition of “What’s for Dinner” at Galerie Gmurzynska in New York on Tuesday, January 21st.

Esteemed guests joined Daniel Boulud and Jerome Neutres as they were led on a roving talk of the artwork featured in the gallery, which included works by Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, and Joao Miro amongst others. The exhibition was co-curated by Isabelle Bscher and gallery director, Mathias Rastorfer. Chef Daniel entertained guests as he shared stories of when he first moved to New York in 1982, he could not afford to buy art but would instead feed the artists on the Upper East Side. The walls of Bar Boulud, one of Daniel’s 10 NYC restaurants, are famously lined with French vintage wine stains nodding to the chef’s playful personality. While quoting French philosopher, Brillant Savarin, Daniel paraphrased the famous quote, switching food for art, “tell me what you like, and I will tell you who you are.”

Isabelle Bscher.

Notable guests included artists Will Cotton and Anne Dong, Grace Hightower, CeCe Cord, designer Nicole Miller, Muffie Potter Ashton, skincare mogul Peter Thomas Roth, Lillian Cavendish, Leon Black, Libbie Mugrabi, Lucas Bscher, Diandra Douglas, Janna Bullock, financier Dan Loeb, Michael Musto, Izzy Englander, Krystyna Gmurzynska, Christine Vachon, Dmitri Mavromatis, collectors Prosper and Martine Assouline, author Daniel Kehlmann, and French Ambassador to UN, Nicolas de Riviere.

The evening was followed by an elegant dinner at Bar Pleidas, prepared by Chef Boulud’s, at his UES cocktail lounge at The Surrey Hotel which was closed for the occasion. The esteemed culinary icon created dishes inspired by the exhibition including caviar, foie gras, steak tartare, seafood towers, and charcuterie, which spans the 20th century and its movements, a unique journey through the artistic languages that have characterized the relationship between art and food.

The exhibition spans the 20th century and its movements, leading spectators on a unique journey through the artistic languages that have characterized the relationship between art and food, including among others: Arman – Donald Baechler – Rudolf Bauer – George Braque – Will Cotton – Sonja Delaunay – Ann Duong – James Ensor – Robert Indiana – Wifredo Lam – Kazimir Malevich – Joan Miro – Louise Nevelson – Richard Pettibone – Jean Pigozzi – Otto Piene – Arnulf Rainer – Mel Ramos – Alexander Rodchenko – Antonio Saura – Victor Servranckx – Kurt Schwitters – David Smith – Daniel Spoerri – Wayne Thiebaud – Georges Vantongerloo – Theo van Doesburg – Bart van der Leck – Eduard Vuillard

At its core, the concept of “What’s for Dinner” is related to and inspired by the seminal 2015 Expo Milan “Art & Food” Pavilion, hosted by the Palazzo Triennale and curated by Germano Celant, to which Galerie Gmurzynska was a substantial lender. Several of the works lent to the Milan Expo are featured in “What’s for Dinner?”

For more information visit www.gmurzynska.com

Kevin Richards, Janna Bullock, Diandra Douglas, Debbie Bancroft, and Stuart Sundlun.
L. to r.: Anh Duong, Lucas Bscher, and Krystuna Gmurzynska; Daniel Boulud, Isabelle Bscher, and Jerome Neutres.
Daniel Boulud, Martine Assouline, and Prosper Assouline.
L. to r.: Jill Brooke and Beth Landman; Anh Duong, Diandra Douglas, and Janna Bullock.
Keith Rubenstein, Camilla Olsson, and Inga Rubenstein.
Debbie Bancroft, Janna Bullock, Ulla Parker, Nicole Miller, Liliana Cavendish, Diandra Douglas, and CeCe Cord.

A new Giselle, by Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY, was screened at The Bruno Walter Auditorium in Lincoln Center, New York City on January 14, 2020. A modern take on the beloved classic; where dating apps, Snapchat, and Instagram, reinterpret love, sex, and relationships. Titled @giselle it stars ABT’s Catherine Hurlin in the title role and Betsy McBride as Bathilde, Pennsylvania Ballet’s Sterling Baca as Hilarion, and National Ballet of Canada’s Harrison James as Albrecht. The production uses motion-captured digital projections and visual effects to reflect the digital world we live in. Commissioned by TO Live, Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY premiered @giselle at the Vancouver Playhouse in September 2019.

@giselle by David Cooper

“The ballet Giselle is one of the most profound constructions of the classical canon,” said Joshua Beamish as he introduced the show. “I want the original work to exist within our production as its own ghost — a ghost from another time. Traditional romance is evaporating. The internet is threatening our ability to value individuals. @giselle shows the evolved hysteria born from unanswered texts, likes, and story views. In today’s media saturated environment, is Giselle’s descent into “madness” really so shocking? I hope audiences will relate to Giselle’s journey and see themselves in the plights, struggles, and joys of the varying characters and their social interactions.”

Hurlin, McBride and Baca joined Beamish on stage after the screening to share the creative process. McBride praised Beamish’s hyper-detailed choreography that brought “classical steps into a new light.” The Willis all had their own digital shadow dancing alongside and Hurlin shared that she danced each one in a motion-capturing suit to give the realistic illusion of doubling the number of Willis on stage. Baca noted how Beamish brought a tale as old as time into present-day and quoted his former ABT Director, Kevin McKenzie, “art is an expression of the times in which we live”.

Joshua Beamish, Catherine Hurlin, Betsy McBride, and Sterling Baca.

Joanna and Brian Fisher underwrote the screening and served as hosts with Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Roger Kluge and Denise Roberts Hurlin. Guests included Bebe Neuwirth and Chris Calkins, Hank and Gerry Alpert, Jonah Boaker, Amy Cassello, Richard Feldman and Jon Nathanson, Linda Fell, Mélite de Foucaud, Marina Harss, Nancy Havens-Hasty, Joe Hickey, Judith Hoffman, Randy James, Virginia Johnson, Anabel Katsnelson, Lloyd Knight, Nina Matis and Alan Gosule, Maria Eugenia Maury and William Haseltine, Ricardo McKenzie, Joe Melillo, Michael Novak, Josh Prince, Stephen Reidy, Barbara Rohdie, Troy Schumacher, Irene Shen, Allyson Tang, Martin Wechsler, and Richard Kielar and Christian Zimmermann.

Judith Hoffman, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, and Joanna Fisher.
L. to r.: Christian Zimmermann and Richard Kielar; Chris Calkins and Bebe Neuwirth.
Marius Meland, Lloyd Knight, and Eng Ooi.
L. to r.: Brian and Joanna Fisher; Catherine Hurlin and Joshua Beamish.
Melite de Foucaud and Audrey Mercier.
L. to r.: Joe Hickey and Jim McConnell; Amy Cassello and Joseph V. Melillo.
Monica Deane, Michael Deane, and Noura Deane.
Nina Matis, Alan Gosule, and Denise Roberts Hurlin.

Photographs by 4 Eyes Photography & Samantha Nandez/BFA.com (Plates for Pediatrics); ©Patrick McMullan (Galerie Gmurzynska);  Sean Zanni/PMC (@giselle);  Jared Siskin/PMC (HDRF).

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