A Gala Reception for Asia Week New York

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To celebrate the arrival of Asia Week New York, which runs through March 24th,  The Asian Art Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Asia Week New York co-hosted a gala reception this past Monday night at the Met.

Andrea Bayer, Deputy Director for Collections and Administration, Dessa Goddard, the chairman of Asia Week New York, and Maxwell D. Hearn, the Douglas Dillon Chairman of the Department of Asian Art, welcomed the crowd of over 600 attendees comprising international collectors, curators, gallery owners, and scholars who are in town for whirlwind of exhibitions, auctions, and museum shows.

Andrea Bayer.
Dessa Goddard.

Galleries from China, England, Germany, Japan, and the U.S. have popped up all over town offering their eye-alluring array of the rarest and finest Asian treasures —  from 2000 BC to the present — of porcelain, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, bronzes, prints, and jades from different Asian countries.

Nana Onishi with journalists at Onishi Gallery.
L. to r.: Erik Thomsen, Thomsen Gallery; Beatrice Chang, Dai Ichi Arts.
Manika Magare and Miyako Yoshinaga, MIYAKO YOSHINAGA.
Lacquer artist Terumasa Ikeda at Shoko Aono Ippodo Gallery.
L. to r.: Katherine Martin, Scholten Japanese Art; Steven Chait, Ralph M. Chait Galleries.
Eric Zetterquist, Zetterquist Galleries.
Fung Ming-Chip and Fu Qiumeng, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art.

Gala guests were also treated to curatorial tours of The Met Museum’s major exhibitions now on view including Michael Lin: Pentachrome; Perfect Imperfection in Ceramic Art; Jegi: Korean Ritual Objects; Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit; Learning to Paint in Pre-Modern China; Embracing Color: Chinese Decorative Arts, 1300-1900; A Passion for Jade: The Bishop Collection; and Ganesha: Lord of New Beginnings.

Among those seen in the crowd were Mike and Vera Hearn, Andrea Bayer, Dessa and Wendell Goddard, Margaret and Jeffrey Tao, Florence Li, Joan Mirviss and Robert Levine, Mary Ann Rogers, Soyoung Lee, Carol Conover, Mary Wallach, John Carpenter, Natalie Ku, Beatrice Chang, Michael and Dana Cohen, Erik Thomsen, Mee-Seen Loong, Edward Wilkinson, Charlie Scheips, Manjari Sihare, Celia Riely, Michael C. Hughes, Henry Howard-Sneyd, Shoko Aono, Terumasa Ikeda,  Eric Zetterquist, Nana Onishi, Oliver Forge, Miyako Yoshinaga, Manika Nagare, Natsu Oyobe, Jinyoung Jin, Younghye Huang, Alice Chin, Diana Lee, Margo Thoma, Sanjay Kapoor, Tom Murray, Fu Qiumeng, Fung Ming Chip, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Chang, Freda Murck, Bingyi, Dr. David Sensabaugh, Shawn Ghassemi, Kurt Behrendt, Jeff Watt, Hiroshi Yanagi, John Weber, Lark and Erica Mason, Lark Mason III, Andrea Feick, Doug Frazer, Andrew Chait, Bradley Bailey, Tu Qiang, Hiromi Kinoshita, Michael Cherney, John and Berthe Ford, Norman and Deborah Kurland, Aldo and Firenza Mignucci, Wendy Moonan, Chip and Margaret Ziering, Colin Mackenzie, Amy and Robert Poster, Christina Yu, Nancy Berliner,Kristina Yang, Ed Nagel, John Guy, Joe Earle, Shaofang Wang, Stephanie Stokes, David Frank, Kazukuni Sugiyama, Kevin Kerr, Martha Blackwelder, Peter Yeoh, Erina Yoshida, Rubin Chen, and Marilyn White.

Asia Week New York Planning Committee: Lark Mason, Erik Thomsen, Margaret Tao, Joan Mirviss, Florence Li, Dessa Goddard, Eric Zetterquist, Manjari Sihari, and Marilyn White.

Continuing as Presenting Sponsor for Asia Week New York is the Songtsam Group, the award-winning luxury boutique hotel collection, and Destination Management Company with fifteen properties located in the Chinese provinces of Tibet and Yunnan.

Founded by Baima Duoji, in 2000, the hotel group is the only collection of luxury Tibetan-style retreats found across the Tibetan Plateau that strives to preserve and share the cultures and spirituality of its locale, while offering guests sophisticated elegance, refined design, modern amenities, and unobtrusive service in places of natural beauty and cultural interest.

Dessa Goddard, Margaret Tao, and Marilyn White.
Martha Blackwelder and Ramesh Kapoor.
Stephen and Sharon Davies.
Peter Yeoh and Erina Yoshida; Terumasa Ikeda and Shoko Aono.
Michael Cherney and Kris Ercums.
Robert Levine and Joan Mirviss.
L. to r.: Beatrice Chang and Nana Onishi; Runjeet Singh.
Charlie Scheips and Marillyn White.
Nana Onishi, Jinny Son, Mahmoud Thiam, and Harry Dreizen.
L. to r.: Dessa Goddard and Eric Zetterquist; Kajal Kapoor and Suneet Kapoor.
Bing Yi, Mee-Seen Loong, and Dr. David Sensabaugh,
Wendy Moonan, Margaret Tao, Younghye Hwang, Lavina Melwani, Alice Chin, and Marilyn White.
L. to r.: Dan Viola and Sarah Xu; Celia Riely and Mary Ann Rogers.
Lark and Erica Mason.
Kazukuni Sugiyama, Stephanie Stokes, and David Frank.
L. to r.: Jorrit Britschgi and Swosti Kayastha; Fung Ming-Chip.
Vera Hearn, Una Michaels, Mike Hearn, and Wei Wei Michaels.
Henry Howard-Sneyd, Kevin Kerr, Wendy Moonan, and Oliver Forge.
L. to r.: Jye and Arnold Chang; Philip Hu.
Miyako Yoshinaga, Manika Nagare, and Miyako De Rose.
Philip Hu and Dr. Young Yang Chung.

Photos by Barry Williams/AnnieWatt.com

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