A Moveable Feast Delights at Planting Fields Foundation 

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Guests at Planting Fields Foundation's annual spring fundraising benefit, A Moveable Feast.

On Saturday, June 18, Planting Fields Foundation hosted their annual spring fundraising benefit, A Moveable Feast, in Oyster Bay, NY to raise funds to preserve the 409-acre Olmsted Brothers-designed historic site.

Over 200 guests gathered under the evening sky for a progressive dining experience honoring Chairman Emeritus Hal Davidson. Events chairs included Jenny Smith, Debra Del Vecchio, Bernadette Castro, and Duncan Sahner and remarks were made by CeCe Haydock, Planting Fields Foundation Board Chair; Gina J. Wouters, Planting Fields Foundation President and CEO; Hal Davidson, Planting Fields Foundation Chairman Emeritus, Jenny Smith, Event Chair and Planting Fields Foundation Trustee.

The event was a sold-out success generating a gross income of $330,000. Guests in attendance included Kathy and Austen Wells, Tom Samet and Nathan Wold, Tom and Helene Suozzi, Angela Anton, Mark Simone, Ralph Pascucci, and Rita Castagna.

L. to r.: Tom Suozzi, Hal Davidson, and Gina Wouters; Anne and Stephen Watters.
Toni Barnes and Jeff Moore.
Mary MacDonald and Barbara King.
Catherine and Fernando Soler.
L. to r.: Martin Wenz and Peri Wenz; Frances DeSalvio, Robert DeSalvio, and Margaret Kaufman.
Bruce Addison, Brenda Van Der Mije, and Michael Foster.
Denise Abrams and Gin Dawson.
Rita Ranieri, Sandy Pearson, Bernadette Castro, Jake Jarvis, and Margaret Trautmann.
L. to r.: Benjamin Lerner, Susan Lerner, and Peter Lerner; Rajesh and Rani Kapadia.
Stephen and Juliet Tchorbajian.
Peter Chase, Dina Chase, Debra Del Vecchio, Gail Burns, and Bill Burns.
Tom and Helene Suozzi.
L. to r.: Austin and Kathy Wells; Danielle and Albert DiMeo.
Nina Haydock and CeCe Haydock.
L. to r.: Bernadette Castro and Gina Wouters; Beverly Royce, Rob MacDonald, and Colleen MacDonald.
John and Dianne Smith.
L. to r.: Michael and Victoria Kempner; Herma Schmitz and Matthew Koleos.
Shailja and John Koufakis.
Peter Smith, D.R. Holmes, Milena Holmes, and Nick Moseley.
L. to r.: Margaret Foschi, Mark Simone, and Bob Foschi; Charles and Maureen Bergmann.
Molly Moseley, Chessye Moseley, Bob Phelps, and Jody Phelps.
Bob Foschi, Margaret Foschi, Eileen Otto, Jonathan Otto, and Jeff Moore.
L. to r.: Rita Castagna, Gina Wouters, and Harry Davison; Robert Pascucci and Lisa Puntillo.
Tom Suozzi, Kim Coleman, Helene Suozzi, and Payson Coleman.
Tom Samet and Duncan Sahner.
L. to r.: Eduardo and Gillian Mestre; Harry Davison.
Rita Castagna, Tom Suozzi, John Koufakis, and Rita Ranieri.
David and Jani Majewski.
Bob Phelps, Jody Phelps, Jenny Smith, and Peter Smith.
Duncan Sahner and Laureen Knutsen.
Bernadette Castro.
Hal Davidson.
Mary MacDonald, Bruce Addison, Hal Davidson, Mike Kempner, Gina Wouters, Tom McPartland, CeCe Haydock, and Jenny Smith.
Jenny Smith, Debra Del Vecchio, Bernadette Castro, and Duncan Sahner.
Jeff Moore, Mary MacDonald, Bruce Addison, Hal Davidson, Mike Kempner, and Tom McPartland.

Photographs by Michael Ostuni/PMC

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