A treat after all

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A haunted sky. Photo: JH.

=Tuesday, November 2nd. Colder but sunny all day in New York City yesterday, with temps in the high 50s and dropping down to the mid-40s by late evening.

The city had quieted down after the Halloween activity in the neighborhoods. JH got some great photos of the tricker-treat customer crowds assembled up on Park in the East 90s which we ran on yesterday’s Diary.

What impressed me most about the celebrants and their families gathering on the sidewalks and in the street before townhouses (for the treats) was the number of people present. Just seeing a cheery looking mob back-to-back, belly-to-belly, accompanying the t-er t-ers on their candied quests. You see by their faces that they were enjoying themselves, enjoying the “melee.”

A lot of that joy was the simple experience of being out among friends and neighbors after months of isolation and fears of the physical presence of other; good for all of us.

The night before down at Doubles, the ghosts and goblins and munsters were out in full form for the club GOBLIN GALA. It was a dance party and you know when the costumes come up, the questers come out to play. So the energy was up and at ‘em. There were even prizes: Who could be a better Cruella de Ville than Jill Kargman — born to take on the role (and roll with it). Eric Javits was awarded as the Grand Munster, and Di Mondo, who will never let us down, as the Towering Angel.

Wendy Carduner and Eric Javits.

Then of course there was the Doubles dinner: Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Chicken Florentine with risotto; and Chocolate-coated Vanilla Chocolate Chip Gelato with Orange Sprinkles. Naturally, the entire cast put aside their roles and settled in; returning to the dance floor when finished. Cruella was out there, as were the costumed Geoffrey Bradfield, Javits and Di Mondo, Allison Weaver, Robert Levy, Kate and Andrew Davis, Cristobal Gonzalez, Trinidad de la Noi, Judy Flynn, Lynn Crystal, Thorunn and Berge Wathne, Carey and Gregory Harvey and a cast of thousands (or rather, several dozen).

Tommy Demai and Barbara Bellin Brenner.
Sarah and Chips Page; Mika Sterling and Carolyn Albert.
L. to r.: Siobhan Loughran and Michele Ahearn; Monika Ploc and Kalli Leone.
Ben Pike, Angela Masand, Erin Malone, and Prakash Masand.
Rich Greenfield, Jill Kargman, Harry Kargman, and Rachel Greenfield.
Daniel Hsu, Will Steele, John Snodgrass, Judy Flynn, and Ellen Snodgrass.
Bettina Murray and Lynne Crystal.
L. to r.: Abigail Clem Spector and Allison Manning; Kate and Andrew Davis.
Abigail Clem Spector, Robert Levy, Allison Manning, Allison Weaver, Andy Warhol, and Warren Spector.
Ben Pike, Nathalie Kosciusko, and Ramone Delaviera.
Nat Chandler and Jeremy Webb.
Greg Kan, Trinidad De la noi, Dhouglas Baumgartner, Geoffrey Bradfield, Di Mondo, Eric Javits, Helena Lehane, and Cristobal Gonzalez.
Cristobal Gonzalez, Trinidad De la noi, Di Mondo, and Eric Javits.
Cristobal Gonzalez and Trinidad De la noi.
Gregory Harvey and Carey Brandfield Harvey.
Thorunn and Berge Wathne.

Photographs by John Sanderson/AnnieWatt.com (Goblin Gala).

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