A two-way street

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Looking south across Conservatory Water in Central Park. Photo: JH.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Rainy days; sometimes in torrents, sometimes very light; and then some sunshine, and then some more beautiful storm clouds covers as one on top of the other stacked high in the sky in faded shades of pink and grey and blue. That is if you’re outside and looking up. Most of us outside in this weather are looking to get inside and out of it.

And the temps are in the low to mid-60s. And the city looks fresh and clean.

The sun sets in the west.

The following is something I read in a Comments section  of a blog I read. And the article that was being commented on was about dogs and animals. And because I have had animals (dogs and cats) all my life — except in my 20s when I was being too serious to have time — I care (and didn’t care).

The following struck me — this, what I call a “poem of sorts” — and amused and impressed me. Because generally it is one of our truths in life. This cracked me up on reading:

Cankerpuss posted this on September 1, 2023 at 11:07 am:

And I argue that people today are lower than the dogs.
Mother dogs work feverishly to care for their young.
Dogs don’t cover their bodies with graffiti.
Dogs don’t sexually exploit their young.
Most dogs love unconditionally and are loyal and faithful to even an abusive owner.
Humans have no loyalty to anyone.
Dogs don’t waste. Humans waste everything.
Many people today are lower than the dogs.
Way lower than the dogs.

It must have been in the stars that day because right after I turned off the computer and started opening my mail I was reminded that most mail I get these days are ads of one kind or another. On this day, there were fund-raising letters from three different animal shelters. All of which took my notice. There was this one from Bideawee, showing us whence came the dogs with serious neglect and energy, along with the dogs AFTER they arrived at Bideawee damaged and neglected.  These are two perfect examples of the importance of your generosity and care.

All of my animals have come from shelters all my life. Living with them is a habit like any other except you have their company and support.

And they have a roof over their heads and dinner, and the opportunity to have affection and security from us. It’s definitely a two-way street and the dogs know it clearly and far better than most of us who like to think we’re doing them a favor. When in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Which is the glory of it all. And it’s love! That natural element that all humans need to survive.

It all starts with Rosemary dog.

I currently have three little ones. The most recent (five years ago) I “adopted” two from the Humane Society. I’d called to inquire whether they had any Shih Tzus. Yes, they had two. Okay, I’ll take them both; I thought since they both need homes. When I went to pick them up, they were waiting at the curbside for me. Ready to hop into the car and be off to their own home.

Except they weren’t Shih Tzus or even anything resembling one. I was disappointed but they needed a home and looked at me as if I was their last hope. And so … they moved in.

They had Asian names which I couldn’t pronounce clearly so I renamed them, calling the little guy with a curly coat who was shaped like a poodle, Willy. The other, a girl, looked vaguely like a shih-Tzu with tan fur. She also looked like she wasn’t at all sure if this were what she had in mind or hoped for. And she made her indifference known.

Enter Willy.

Back at my apartment I got some dogfood plates out for a welcoming snack. As I was setting it up, I was reeling aloud female names, common, ordinary, and Rosemary Kennedy came to mind and as I said “Rosemary,” she jumped up to me as if it were her name. And so it was.

They’d come to live also with Tobey, a Shih Tzu type who came about ten years ago from Bideawee. The three get along very well although Rosemary is naturally the primary resident in her own mind. And the boys more or less honor that and don’t question it.

I’ve learned a lot from these creatures, especially as I’ve gotten older and pay more attention to them. There are lots of dogs in my neighborhood, all shapes, sizes and shades of brown, black, grey, tan, and white. There are also lots of little ones, pre-walkers going to the park in their strollers. The little ones all are fascinated by all the dogs, and vice versa. Some are fearful, but most are totally head turning-ly distracted in wonder as they pass by.

Tobey finally gets in on the act.

Then there are those owners or other members of a house such as staff. How they treat the animals tells you a lot about the individuals. It doesn’t tell much about the animal except that it’s an object of someone’s personal temperament. And no doubt, some aspect of abuse.

In reality, these creatures are often smarter, or more intelligent than many if not most of us. They seem to come to life on the planet with all necessary  knowledge. And they naturally learn super-fast — knowledge that it often takes years for us humans to achieve.

And they know a lot about us, the kind of people we are, as well as our brains, the mean-thinking creatures that we are. They are aware; it’s their business and it comes first. They are also the messenger for us bi-peds who  are often not that aware. But that’s the way we are whatwith the world on our shoulders, so to speak. Woof-woof!! Or Rrrr-arf-arf! As Rosemary would “say.”

My purpose of this Diary is to remind you as I remind myself that these creatures are gifts from the Almighty, Creator of All. And they reflect us, and bring out the best in us, for us. And so when this mail comes in looking for a contribution to keep things moving, almost daily, I can only think of these creatures who give themselves by nature to us, need our contributions; all sizes matter.

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