American Friends of Blerancourt’s annual gala

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On Friday November 9th to celebrate the centennial of the end of World War I, the American Friends of Blerancourt bestowed the Chateau de Blerancourt Award upon Mrs. William Bowen Astrop for her outstanding and continuous leadership on the board of directors of AFB, and the first Anne Morgan Women of Courage Award upon Rita Wilson for her exceptional career as an actress, producer, singer, songwriter, philanthropist and advocate to empowerment of women.

Franck Laverdin, Chairman of the Board, and countess Dorothea de La Houssaye, President, welcomed to this annual gala Anne Claire Legendre, Consule Generale de France, Tom Hanks, Miles Morgan, Sonja Tremont Morgan, James and Emanuela Gerard, Marc Levy and Pauline Levesque, George and Jeri Sape, Susan Gutfreund, James Reginato, Jay Paul, Martha Talton, Benigno Aguilar, Gerald Erickson, Joan Kahn, Eglantina Zingg, Michael Arguello, Jeremy and Eugenie Ozen, Vanessa Noel, Steven Buffone , Olivia Tournay Flatto, Frederic and Liz Laluyaux, David and Lisa Wolf, Eric Jirgens, Caroline Lareuse, Sean and Alexandra Beckmeyer, Elaine Uzan Leary and Vanessa Uzan, Allen and Heidi Roberts, Andrew Kotchoubey, Genevieve Wheeler Brown, Benedicte de Montlaur and Keith Yazmir, Bernadette and Henry Watkins, Benny Tabatai, Kim Yung Hee, Michael Lorber, Karen Biderman, Edgar Vaudeville, Sabrina Wirth, Brian and Carol Mahoney, Leah Pisar, Jean Christian Agid, Carole and Philippe Delouvrier, Nancy Newman, Douglas Astrop, Irene Goodkind, William Astrop, Simone Galton, Danielle and Sean Barrett, Kimball Higgs and Lucy Kaylin, Elizabeth Belfer, Eric Mourlot and Kristin Simmons.

Dorothea de La Houssaye, Franck Laverdin, Rita Wilson, and Tom Hanks
Countess Dorothea de La Houssaye, Anne-Claire Legendre, Rita Wilson, and Olivia Tournay Flatto
L to R.: Rita Wilson and Sonja Tremont-Morgan; Maureen Nash and Elizabeth Belfer
Tom Hanks, James Gerard, and Emanuela Gerard
Chase Thompson, Vanessa Uzan, and Eric Stroud
L to R.: Edgar Vaudeville, Miles Morgan, and Sonja Tremont-Morgan; Minn Dylan Tun and Haydn M. Werp
Jay Paul, Henry Watkins, Carol Mahoney, and Brian Mahoney
Allen and Heidi Roberts
Benny Tabatabai and Susan Gutfreund
L to R.: Margaret MacKenzie and Leonard Clark; Felicia Taylor
George Sape, David Wolf, Jerry Sape, and Lisa Wolf
Philippe Delouvrier, Carole Delouvrier, and Jean-Christian Agid
Maureen Nash and Jennifer Herlein
L to R.: Karen Bidermann; Kristin Simmons and Eric Mourlot
Michael McCooey, Martha Talton, Cullen Daane, Jay Paul, and Casey Potter
Michael Lorber and Michael Arguello
Jim and Dorin Connell
L to R.: Rita Wilson and Jean Astrop; Leah Pisar and Anne-Claire Legendre
Eric Jirgens, Vanessa Uzan, Elaine Uzan Leary, and Andrew Kotchoubey
Eric Blake, Jennifer Blake, and Jay Paul
William Astrop, Jean Astrop, and Doug Astrop
George Sape and chef Laetitia Rouabah
Franck Laverdin
Anne-Claire Legendre
Countess Dorothea de La Houssaye
Rita Wilson
Joan Kahn
Vanessa Noel and Sonja Tremont-Morgan
Yung Hee Kim
Nancy and Jerry Gehman
Jeremy and Eugenie Ozen
Jean-Christian Agid and Felicia Taylor
Eglantina Zingg
Susan Gutfreund, James Reginato, and Sabrina Wirth
L to R.: James Reginato, Sabrina Wirth, and Eglantina Zingg; Jerry Erickson and Benigno Aguilar
Lisa Jaehnig and Chase Thompson
Eric Stroud and Odile De Schietere-Longchampt
Sabrina Wirth and Allen Roberts
Marc Levy and Pauline Levesque
Lisa Wolf and Fred Laluyaux
Viviane Barrois and Simone Galton
Anne-Claire Legendre and Susan Gutfreund
Sean Beckmeyer, Danielle Barrett, Edgar Vaudeville, and Alexandra Beckmeyer
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Photographs by Annie Watt (American Friends of Blerancourt)


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