Among the Roses for Tudor Place’s 30th annual garden party

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A view of Tudor Place from the Box Knot.

While selecting a theme for Tudor Place’s thirtieth annual garden party, the hosts didn’t look very far for inspiration-their own backyard provided more than enough.

Roses, in all their lush pinkness, from the Tudor Place Box Knot, which has been tended by generations of residents, took center stage this year — creeping into the invitations, programs, centerpieces, and topiaries designed by Susan Burke.

Susan Burke, designer of the party’s rose motif.
Rose accented topiaries flank the entranceway.
Susan’s handiwork.
The flower theme crept into everything including tablecloths and name tags for host committee.

Guests were ravenous for some floral magic and garden party camaraderie on the South Lawn after a two-year break. The affair came back with little details that roared — the jazz band, dimly lit lanterns, bite-sized carrot cakes, and chintzy tablecloths all made for a grand evening on May 25th.

Foggy Bottom Whomp Stompers on the South Lawn.

Sharing the spotlight with the roses was guest of honor Dr. Sachiko Kuno, the Japanese-born scientist and philanthropist who owns two other historic Georgetown properties — the Evermay Estate and Halcyon House.

Guest of honor Sachiko Kuno. Photo: Georgetown Dish

But, Tudor Place remains the crown jewel of Washington houses, thanks to its connection to American royalty.

The Peter family, the original owners, are direct descendants of Martha Washington.

The Box Knot’s sundial is from Crossbasket Castle, the Peter ancestral seat in Scotland. Flanking the Box Knot are romantic pathways leading to a wildflower area-an oasis for little friends.

The Tudor Place Box Knot.
The Box Knot’s sundial is from the Peter family’s ancestral seat in Scotland.
Tudor Place prizes its roses, but is also home to a variety of other plants and flowers that feed their bees and butterflies …

I even spotted a few bunnies frolicking for their dinner as the sun was setting as well as some bees enjoying the rich offers of the foxglove.

Everybody turns out for Tudor Place.

Mary Keaney, President of Board of Trustees, Tudor Place Executive Director Mark Hudson, Garden Party Co-Chair Amy Porter Stroh, and Garden Party Co-Chair Autumn Allen. 
Josh Hildreth and Evie Rooney.
Liz Sara and Joey Miller.
Sassy Jacobs, left, and Blair Bourne, right.
Teri Galvez, left, with friends.
Marjie Calvert and Jane Matz.
Judy Kauer, Stephanie Green, and Ellen Waugh.
Guests enjoying mild springtime climes.
Luke Kindred and Kanin Clark.

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