An Interview with Dr. Lara Devgan, Part II

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Dr. Lara Devgan with her husband and 6 children – four boys and two girls: “One of the things that's happened this year is I really became a better parent. Being at home with my husband forced me to lean into my kids' daily routine, and really think about the world from their standpoint.”

Hello listeners! Welcome to Part 2 of our interview with New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Lara Devgan. Today, we get into the fun stuff and by fun stuff, I mean all things beauty.

Find out about a game-changing skin treatment — for real — that will leave your skin pore-less and lustrous.

Find out about subtle surgical and non-surgical procedures that will lead to “global facial optimization” and before you drop a ton of money on ultrasound treatments like Ulthera, find out why Dr. Devgan is a much bigger fan of radiofrequency therapies instead. And that’s not all.

“One of the strangest things of quarantine in those early days was me feeling almost a sense of loss of identity for not being able to work. And I truly had not realized up until that point how much of my own personal self-identity was wrapped up in the idea of being a surgeon. And I feel really grateful to be able to be back doing that again.”

We also talk about having a good marriage in these crazy times and Dr. Devgan answers the age-old question – Can you have it all?  Yes, but there’s a method to the madness.

Last but certainly not least, we visit Dr. Devgan one year into the pandemic to see how she’s doing with 6 young children – 6 kids under the age of ten – all under one roof.

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