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Lorna Graev, Ariane Batterberry, Marjorie Reed Gordon, Barbara Tober, Ronnie Ackman, Meriel Lari, and Giosetta Capriati at the National Institute of Social Sciences' annual luncheon.

Late last month, the National Institute of Social Sciences held its annual luncheon at the Princeton Club of New York. The members and guests heard Glenn Nye, the president and CEO of the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, and Joshua Graham Lynn, managing director and co-founder of Represent.Us, the country’s largest grassroots anti-corruption organization, discuss ways to reform the nation’s political system.

President Fred Larsen introduced the speakers, noting that this was the 28th year that the National Institute hosted a luncheon in New York.

Fred Larsen, Joshua Graham Lynn, and Glenn Nye.

Trustees and committee members in attendance included Caroline Brown, Angela Cason, Beth Corman, Joan Davidson, Joseph Flanagan, Judith Hernstadt, Michele Jeffery, Elbrun Kimmelman, Michelle Larsen, Ron Meyers, Madelaine and Jonathan Piel, Elizabeth Scott, Gracey Stoddard, John Swing, and Barbara Tober.

Other notable guests included Ronnie Ackman, Sidney Babcock, Ariane Batterberry, Karen Burke, Giosetta Capriati, Bruce Cohen, Mary Davis, Bill Derry, Elisabeth Gambee, Marjorie Reed Gordon, Lorna Graev, Susan Holliday, Giles Hunt, Steven James, Tertia Kiesel, Lucy Kirk, Meriel Lari, Colleen Pizzitola, Jose Rameau, Heidi Engler Roberts, Elaine Rosenblum, Betsy Scott, and Naomi Weitzner-Hart.

Established in 1912, the National Institute of Social Sciences ( is one of the nation’s oldest honorary societies. A voluntary association of public-spirited citizens, the National Institute promotes the study of the social sciences, supports social science research and discussion, and honors individuals who have rendered distinguished service to humanity.

Elbrun Kimmelman, Heidi Engler Roberts, and Elizabeth Scott.
Joseph Flanagan and Giles Hunt.
Susan Holliday, Michele Jeffery, Elaine Rosenblum, and Colleen Pizzitola.
Jose Rameau and Sidney Babcock.
Joan Davidson, Steven James, and Michelle Larsen.
Glenn Nye and Elizabeth Scott.
Bill Derry, Bruce Cohen, John Swing, and Jamie Saakvitne.
Fred Larsen, Henry Larsen, Michelle Larsen, Angela Cason, Bruce Cohen, and Steven James.
Lucy Kirk and Mary Davis.
Paul Antinozzi, Kathleen Maher, and Bruce Hawley.
Michelle Larsen and Steven James.
Betsy Scott, Caroline Brown, Tertia Kiesel, and Elisabeth Gambee.
Bruce Cohen and Angela Cason.
Caroline Ritter, Oscar Sloterbeck, Gracey Stoddard, and Fred Larsen.
Claire Hill and Ron Meyers.
Glenn Nye and Joshua Graham Lynn.
Naomi Weitzner-Hart, Jane Jeffery, and Michele Jeffery.
Meriel Lari and Giosetta Capriati.

Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton presented a special evening with Julian Schnabel, including a screening of his film, At Eternity’s Gate, starring Willem Dafoe as Vincent van Gogh last week at Guild Hall.  The evening was a pre-event for their upcoming Summer Benefit honoring Schnabel and Donna Karan.  

Dianne Benson, Longhouse’s board chairman, introduced Julian Schnabel who made a typically warm sometimes humorous and deeply sincere introduction saying, “I’ll let the movie speak for itself… I’m not going to do a Q&A later because I don’t want to talk after the movie about anything. I want you to digest it your own way. Don’t get up. Stay in the movie theater until an hour after the movie’s over… and at the end of the movie, until you see a yellow screen. I don’t want you to miss that yellow screen. [says to de Menil sisters] Oh hi — how are you? I’m going to give you a kiss later. I want you to meet my wife. Louise, you want to stand? That’s my wife Louise Kugelberg. Louise edited the film and wrote the film with Jean-Claude Carrière and me. Her contribution to the film was ineffable…and I want to thank LongHouse who actually organized this and Jack Lenor Larsen. Thank you. It’s a beautiful place you have over there. I have some sculptures, and I have a couple of friends who are going to play there. I hate to go out, I never go anywhere, but if you go somewhere, you might as well go there.” Schnabel dedicated the screening to the late producer Michael Lynne.

After the screening selected guests joined Schnabel and his family for drinks including Tony Bechara, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Adelaidede Menilwith her sister Christophe, Mary Heilman, Sherri Donghia, Lysbeth Marigold,  Robert Molnar, Wendy Moonan and Duncan Darrow, Faith Popcorn, Priscilla Rattazzi, Michael Shnayerson, Suzanne Slesin and Mr. Michael Steinberg, Gayfryd Steinberg, Carolina von Humboldt, Victoria Wyman and Longhouse executive director Matko Tomicic.

Longhouse Reserve’s Summer Benefit was held on Saturday, July 20 on their grounds in East Hampton’s. The Benefit  honored Julian Schnabel with the Longhouse Award. Donna Karan received the Leadership Award from her longtime friend Ross Bleckner. Artist Laurie Anderson created a special performance.

Louise Kugelberg, Julian Schnabel, Andrea Grover, and Judy Bergsma.

Longhouse Reserve exemplifies living with art in all forms. Founded by Jack Lenor Larsen, its collections, gardens, sculpture and programs reflect world cultures and inspire a creative life LongHouse Reserve is a 16-acre sculpture museum and garden located in East Hampton, NY. In addition to new works on loan by the above mentioned artists, LongHouse Reserve’s permanent collection features pieces designed by prominent artists including Buckminster Fuller, Yoko Ono and Willem de Kooning amongst others.

Bebe Johnson, Nina Gillman, Alice Zimet, and Kathryn Markel.
Christophe de Menil, Adelaide Carpenter, and Matko Tomicic
Faye Fisher and Jerry Zaks.
Fitzhugh Karo, Jack Lenor Larsen, and Dianne Benson.
Hannah Bomze, Erez Zarur, and Gail Bomze.
James Salomon and Fitzhugh Karol.
Julianne Jaffe and Barbara Mann.
Lys Marigold and Dianne Benson.
Michael and Jeryl Goldberg.
Nick and Christina Martin.
Sherri Donghia and Roger Eulau.

The 2019 Halsey House Gala gathered over 300 guests in a soaring party tent to support the mission and programs of the Southampton Historical Museum, the organization charged with preserving, protecting and celebrating the historic Halsey homestead, Southampton’s oldest house.

Themed “The Beach Ball” and inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic 1961 painting, “Girl with Ball,” the party’s centerpiece was an enormous beach ball suspended over a central bar laden with Whispering Angel rosé and other summery libations.

On hand, honorary gala chairs Marge Sullivan and Linda Stabler-Talty and husband Peter Talty, former and current Village of Southampton mayors Mark Epley and Jesse Warren, and a veritable who’s who of Southampton, New York’s first English colony that was settled in 1640.

Doug Halsey and grandson Henry Halsey.
L. to r.: Greg D’Elia, Suzanne Caldwell, and Kevin Maple; Crosby Renwick and Bob Dowling.
Greg and Margaret Hedberg.
L. to r.: Elizabeth and Sean Deneny; Marge Sullivan and Fairley Pilaro.
Mark Epley and Jesse Warren.
L. to r.: Gabrielle Gangi and Sean Bruns; Amy Goodfriend and Steven Stolman.
L. to r.: James Freeman and Laura Lofaro Freeman; Walter Deane, and Cricket and Richard Burns.
Tom and Maribeth Edmonds, Kim Caviness, and Blake and Tom Dunne.
L. to r.: Judy Hadlock and Justin Klamerus; Whispering Angel bartenders.
L. to r.: Jon Hansen, Rich Wilkie, and Ellen Welsh; Jean Shafiroff.

Photographs by Richard Lewin (Longhouse & Halsey House)

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