Asia Week New York Celebrates 15 Years

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Asia Week New York Planning Committee.

Last Thursday marked the opening of Asia Week New York’s nine-day extravaganza when 28 international galleries, six prestigious auction houses — Bonhams, Christie’s, Doyle, Heritage, iGavel, and Sotheby’s — plus museums all threw open their doors to welcome Asian art collectors, curators and enthusiasts who have waited all year to come to New York to see remarkable Far Eastern treasures, from China, India, the Himalayas, Tibet, Japan and Korea, dating from the second millennium BCE to the present.

This unparalleled annual event in New York — the only one of its kind in the U.S. — has become an essential destination for anyone with a passion for Asian art.

Asia Week New York guests at the gala reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Asia Week New York which made the gala reception co-hosted by The Asian Art Department of Metropolitan Museum of Art and Asia Week New York even more joyous.

Andrea Bayer, Deputy Director for Collections and Administration, Brendan Lynch, the chairman of Asia Week New York and Mike D. Hearn, the Douglas Dillon Chairman of the Department of Asian Art, welcomed the crowd of over 600 attendees comprising international collectors, curators, gallery owners, and scholars who are in town for the exhibitions, auctions, and museum shows.

Mike Hearn.
Brendan Lynch.

Guests were also treated to curatorial tours of The Met Museum’s major exhibitions now on view including Indian Skies: The Howard Hodgkin Collection of Indian Court PaintingLineages: Korean Art at The Met; Celebrating the Year of the Dragon Vision and Verse: The Poetry of Chinese PaintingEmbracing Color: Enamel in Chinese Decorative Arts, 1300-1900; A Passion for Jade: The Bishop Collection; Ganesha: Lord of New Beginnings; Perfect Imperfection in Ceramic Art; and Anxiety and Hope in Japanese Art.

Misty Castleberry and Suneet Kapoor.
Robert Levine and Joan Mirviss.
Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch.
Antony Peattie, Dan Kershaw, and Peter Yeoh.
Mike Hearn, Oona Michaels, Mee Seen Loong, Kennie Ting, and Philip Hu.
Ken and Asako Matsubara.
Terumi Saico, Asako Matsubara, Ken Matsubara, Churou Wang, Jesse Gross, and Shoko Aono.
Mary Ann Rogers, Kevin Kerr, and Carol Conover.
Brendan Lynch, Andrea Bauer, and Mike Hearn.
L. to r.: Thomas Murray and Kristal Hale; Daniel Chen and Daphne King.
Jian G. Xu and Craig Yee.
Daniel Chen, Marcus Flacks, David Priestley, Tao Wang, Xin Hua Zhuang, and Daphne King.
Ren Light Pan, Kelly Wang, Jeanne Lawrence, Daniel Chen, and Daphne King.
L. to r.: Angela McAteer and Marilyn White; Wendy Moonan and Sebastian Izzard.
Stephen Parahus, Margaret Tao, and Margo Thoma.
Peter Yeoh, Erina Yoshida, and Keiichiro Nakajima.
Michael Cherney and Mike Hearn.
L. to r.: David Stanley Hewett and Nana Onishi; Tai Xiang Zhou and Tong Yan Runan.
Florence Li and Margaret Tao.

Among those seen in the crowd were: Mike Hearn, Andrea Bayer, Brendan Lynch, Oliver Forge, Margaret and Jeffrey Tao, Diane and Arthur Abbey, Joan Mirviss and Robert Levine, Takahiro Kondo, Carlton Rochell, Seth Bright, Daphne King, Daniel Chen, Carol Conover, Mary Ann Rogers, John Carpenter, Peter Yeoh, John and Berthe Ford, Beatrice Chang, Erik and Cornelia Thomsen, James Breece, Francesca Galloway, Florence Li, Alice North, Mee-Seen Loong, Kelly Wang, Chip and Margaret Ziering, Ren Light Pan, Craig Yee, Heakyum Kim, Shawn Ghassemi, Sanjay Kapoor, Rebecca Humphreys, Einor Cervone, Gabriel Eckenstein, Thomas Bachmann, Dr. Sarah Laursen, Wendy Moonan, Shoko Aono, Ken Matsubara, Sebastian Izzard, Henry Howard-Sneyd, Margi Gristina, Eric Zetterquist, Nana Onishi, Stacey Lambrow, Miyako Yoshinaga, Margo Thoma, Thomas Murray, Kristal Hale, Fu Qiumeng, Michael Cherney, Arnold Chang, David Stanley Hewett, Lark and Erica Mason, Doug Frazer, Jeff Olson, Andrew Chait, John Guy, Joe Earle, John Weber, Alice Teng, and Marilyn White.

Thomas Bachmann and Gabriel Eckenstein, Bachmann Eckenstein Japanese Art.
L. to r.: Daphne King and Daniel Chen, Alisan Fine Arts; Miyako Yoshinaga.
Doug Frazer and Richard Waldman of The Art of Japan, with Thomas Murray.
L. to r.: Erik Thomsen, Thomsen Gallery; Paul Binnie, Scholten Japanese Art.
L. to r.: Steven and Andrew Chait; Nana Onish, Onishi Gallery.
Mee-seen Loong, Ren Light Pan, Kelly Wang, Craig Yee at INK studio.
L. to r.: Carlton Rochell; Xian Fang and Fu Qiumeng, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art.
L. to r.: Joan Mirviss, Joan B Mirviss LTD; Sebastian Izzard, Sebastian Izzard Asian Art.
Shoko Aono and Ken Matsubara, Ippodo Gallery.
L. to r.: Margo Thoma, TAI Modern; Eric Zetterquist, Zetterquist Gallery.
Jeff Olson and Heakyum Kim.

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Asia Week New York runs through March 22nd.

Photos by Barry Williams/

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