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Guests at the home of María Eugenia Maury and William Haseltine for a pre-gala soirée for El Museo’s upcoming Gala.

El Museo del Barrio’s chairman, María Eugenia Maury, with her husband William Haseltine, opened their Fifth Avenue home for a pre-gala soirée. María Eugenia welcomed her guests, “All of you are wonderful friends and great supporters. El Museo is turning 50 years old!” Museum director Patrick Charpenel chimed in and shared that “The Museum has appointed a new chief curator, Rodrigo Moura, from Brazil. He brings many new ideas and is aligned with the values and mission of El Museo.”

El Museo’s Gala will be held on Thursday, May 2 at The Plaza Hotel, honoring Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Raphael Montañez-Ortiz, and Craig Robins.

William Haseltine and Maria Eugenia Maury

Guests included: chairman emeritus Tony Bechara, and board member Claudia Marmolejo, as well as Debbie Bancroft, Danny Baez, Alejandra Cicognani, Anna Maria Gonzalez Cuevas, Carey and Gloria Fieldcamp, Virgilio Garza, Michael Gross, Alex Morris, Sergio Orozco, Dan Pollock, Liliana Porter, Sana Sabbagh, Jean Shafiroff, and Victoria Wyman.

Opening on April 11th at El Museo is “Culture and The People: El Museo del Barrio, 1969-2019”, a two-part exhibition featuring selections from the Permanent Collection.

Alejandra Cicognani and Patrick Charpenel

New York’s leading Latino cultural institution welcomes visitors of all backgrounds to discover the artistic landscape of Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures. Their richness is represented in El Museo’s wide-ranging collections and exhibitions, complemented by film, literary, visual and performing arts series, cultural celebrations, and educational programs.

For Gala information and tickets, please visit:

Alex Morris, Javier Morales, and Anne Dayton
Andrew Bevan and William Haseltine
John Seery, Danny Baez, and Ignacio Galan
Paula Froelich and Debbie Bancroft
Maria Eugenia Maury, Claudia Marmolejo, and Camila Sarmiento
L to R.: Yamina Mohattane and Nora Orallo; Victoria Wyman and Sana Sabbagh
Dan Pollock and Anna Discornia
Pierre Leval, Susana Leval, Liliana Porter, Anna Discornia, and Susanna Temkin
L to R.: Jean Shafiroff and Roy Kean; Carlos Valedon and Brendan George
Sergio Orozco, Maria Stein, and Bouchra Benyoussef
Brendan George, Carlos Valedon, and Titina Penzini
Carolina Von Humboldt, Tony Bechara, and Michael Gross

On Saturday night, March 23rd, the Holden Luntz Gallery on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach was overflowing with friends celebrating the “Big, Bold & Beautiful” exhibition of photographs featuring the work of Harry Benson and Joyce Tenneson among others. There wasn’t a paper photograph in the gallery—every photograph had been heat transferred onto aluminum which produced strikingly modern images.

Holden Luntz and Harry Benson

Some of the revelers who raised a glass of champagne with gallery owners Holden and Jodi Luntz, their daughter Jaye and son Alex along with Harry and Gigi Benson and Joyce Tenneson included Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer with his wife Elaine, Emmy Haney with lovely daughter Mae Haney Grennan from Washington, DC, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Maynard Morrow, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Susan Lloyd, Jason Laskey, Michael James, Edwina Sandys, Stanley Zareff, Rochelle Ohrstrom, John Loring, Val Selleck with Wheaten Terrier Nadja, Dee and Nick Adams with their infamous pet pig Mona Lisa, who live across the Avenue in a Mizner classic next to everyone’s favorite restaurant Pizza al Fresco; Luce Churchill, Grace and Chris Meigher, Bill and Kitty McKnight, Howard Cox and Wendy Bingham, Dr. Terrence and Dr. Masako O’Brien, Priscilla Rattazzi, Eleanora Kennedy, Susan Keeble Jacobs, Mary Churchill with her son Charles, Carey and Cliff Cort, Lynne and Peter Stenhouse, Bill and Regine Diamond, Secretary Wilbur and Hilary Ross, Rachel and Wym Van Wyk, Judith Giuliani, Susan and Tim Malloy, Anneliese Langner, Kristie Witmer Coons, Ellen Liman, Rochelle Ohrstrom, David Miller and Ray Wakefield, Cynthia Dillon, Linda Marx Cole, Yi-Hsin Chang and Eliot Morgan, Nancy Ellison and Bill Rollnick, J.J. and Janet Cafaro, Bruce Helander, Bruce Langmaid and Chuck Poole, Gregory Speck, Julie Hayek, Gabriel and Susie Gordon, Roseanna and Scott Oper, Cecilia Silva, Jim Abbott, Mario Lopez Pisani, Nancy and Stefan Richter along with Alan and Josef Blazer of Blazing Editions who produced the aluminum photographs for the exhibition; and a contingency from nearby Palm Beach Polo Club including Karen (and equestrian) John Klopp, Dr. John and Susan Thompson, Karen Lloyd, Rod McRae, Joe Stein, Del and Barbara Williamson with daughter Sara Williamson, Jennifer Richardson, Elizabeth Monaco, Neil McCarthy, and Mary Cookingham. Phew!

Holden Luntz
Bruce Helander, Gigi Benson, Del Williamson, Harry Benson, Susan Thompson, Barbara Williamson, Karen Lloyd, and Rod McRae
Emmy Haney, Harry Benson, and Christopher and Elaine Plummer
Harry Benson with Val Sellek and his Wheaten Terrier Nadja
L to R.: Cynthia Dillon, Yi-Hsin Chang, and Eliot Morgan; Edwina Sandys with Bill and Regine Diamond
Harry Benson and Luce Churchill
Anneliese Langner, Chuck Poole, and Gigi Benson
L to R.: Audrey and Martin Gruss; Rachel and Wym Van Wyk
Susan Jacobs, John Loring, Harry Benson, and Cynthia Dillon
Hillary and Wilbur Ross
Susan Lloyd and Bruce Helander
L to R.: Val Sellek; Pam Taylor Yates, Harry Benson, and Karen Klopp
Tim Malloy, Eleanora Kennedy, Priscilla Rattazzi, and Susan Malloy

The opening reception for designer Clodagh’s first solo photographic exhibition, entitled Ephemera, was held on Thursday, March 14th at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery at 35 N. Moore Street in Tribeca. Clodagh’s Ephemerawill be the solo exhibition until April 27th. Ephemera features a conceptual collection of photographic works from Clodagh’s last 10 years of travel.

Clodagh has devoted a lifetime to making the invisible tangible- capturing transient, impermanent design concepts and making them physical.

Daniel Aubry and Clodagh introduce ‘Harbour 1’ photograph

“Ephemera is an exploration of capturing these elements, the transient moments of life- and the way the nostalgia of memory informs my reality,” says the artist. “Both design and art are universal languages… they need no translation.”

The Irish-born, New York City-based designer’s award-winning interior architectural and landscape projects are the physical manifestations of a groundbreaking toolbox of modalities (such as biophilia, radiesthesia, chromatherapy, wabi sabi and feng shui) and the unique way in which she captures these ephemeral ideas to manifest them into interior architectural designs that address holistic wellness (mind, body, spirit) for those who inhabit her spaces.
It was during Clodagh’s 2007 travels to Tibet that the decision to document her experiences with a professional camera and realize her fascination with capturing transient moments via photographic form was born,” says the artist. “A building can take four years, but photography gives me instant gratification.”

Brickell Series Wall
Meditations’ photographic work

Traveling to over 100 countries, Clodagh’s ‘inner video’ of travel experiences is inextricably linked to her design process, as is her philosophy of ‘lighting with shadow’ and the importance she places on negative space (what isn’t seen or designed, what is consciously omitted).

A portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to The Thorn Tree Project that educates 1500 children in the semi-nomadic Samburu tribes of northern Kenya.

Neil Jacobs and Nancie Min
Niall Smith with Clodagh and Daniel Aubry
L to R.: Clodagh and Emily Cones Browne; Michael Adams
Dede McMahon and Lori Lum
Cheryl Hazan and Clodagh
L to R.: Ellen Sweeney and Zach Cento; Pam and Peter Barbey with PJ Cobbs
The crowds at Clodagh’s photographic exhibition

Photographs by Annie Watt (Museo); David Barish & Daniel Aubry (Clodagh)

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