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Buds on Bleecker Street.

As Mark Twain famously said, “In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” And when it comes to shopping in New York, there also exists a great variety of things to discover, especially downtown on Bleecker Street. The fact that it’s a single street makes it a niche destination, but one that consistently attracts countless brands and shoppers from all over the world. I’m particularly drawn to the intimate boutiques because they are mostly monobrand and offer a focused view of their product.

As the trees spring to life and plants burst into flower, the West Village is buzzing with energy these days. Nearby cafes are full, and the streets are bustling with people shopping and window shopping. It’s a pleasure to be out and about.

Headbands With Rhinestones and Pearls
Headbands with rhinestones and pearls at Lele Sadoughi.

Lele Sadoughi is an accessories designer with stores across the country and a New York outpost on Bleecker. Headbands, both simple and not so, are the main draw.  They come in many different fabrics, including prints and solids, and can be embellished with just about anything. The new spring headbands are made with Liberty prints.

Sport Themed Headbands and Sunglasses on Bleecker Street
Sport-themed headbands and sunglasses.

Lele Sadoughi carries headbands made in officially licensed prints featuring NBA and MLB teams. You can even get them embellished if you choose. Kitschy sunglasses offer a fun finishing touch.

Hats, Bows and Bags on Bleecker Street
Hats, bows and bags.

A variety of hats are on display. Spring brings staw hats with visors and baseball caps. There are wool hats come fall as well as leather, straw and fabric bags available now. Decorative clips in fabric and plastic fill out the offering.

Jeweled and Printed Headbands on Bleecker
Jeweled and printed headbands.

Fun costume jewelry is also available in different materials. The tiny store is packed with pattern and color.  If you need a wardrobe pick-me-up, some of these accessories should do the trick.

Lele Sadoughi, 387 Bleecker Street

A Colorful Corner On Bleecker Street
Ganni makes for a colorful corner on Bleecker Street.

Ganni, the hip Scandi brand, has opened a small boutique on Bleecker, too. This one is much smaller than their first shop on Mercer Street, but it has a pretty good assortment of clothing and accessories.


Cowboy Boots Are A Fave
Cowboy boots have always been a fave, even before Cowboy Carter.

Ganni has been growing, and the accessories keep on coming. Cowboy boots are not new to Ganni, but there are more of them these days as the cowboy aesthetic comes to the forefront fashion-wise.

Prints, Animal and Otherwise
Prints, animal and otherwise.

Ganni always executes animal prints with a creative edge, and there are plenty here. Florals and abstract prints are found on dresses and blouses. And there are fun work-wear-based jackets to mix in this season.

Denims and Knits
Denims and knits.

Denim jackets, jeans, skirts, and dresses all have fun tweaks. This season’s sweaters are both patterned and solid. And white blouses with interesting cuts are available. Many of the dresses are sundresses.

Bags and Shoes Too
Bags and shoes for the youngins, too.

Fans of all ages like to explore the shop. The looks are feminine without being boring. Go ahead and make a statement without breaking the bank.

Ganni, 382 Bleecker Street

Lots of Neutral Shoes and Bags on Bleecker Street
Lots of neutral shoes and bags at Nisolo.

Nisolo, an ethical shoe brand, is located a few doors away offering boots, shoes and sneakers for men and women. Everything is made in Peru, and Nisolo is a certified B Corporation for sustainability.

Men's Shoes and Bags in Nisolo
Men’s shoes and bags.

The designs are classic, and all the colors are neutral. You can avoid using chemical dyes that way. These bags are waxed canvas. Belts and small leather goods are also available.

Women's Shoes and Boots of Bleecker Street
Women’s shoes and boots on Bleecker Street.

This is the New York branch of the Nashville-based brand. There are more styles of women’s shoes and boots with different heel heights; all of them are comfortable and practical. There’s also a good selection of sandals for summer.

Easy Bags, and Products to Care for the shoes and Bags
Easy bags and products to care for shoes and bags.

Women’s bags come in both leather and cloth mixed with leather. Leather care kits (to take care of suede and leather) are also available. Prices are very affordable, especially considering the quality.

Shoes Made with Principles
Shoes made with principles.

The brand philosophy is stencilled on the wall. They pay their workers a living wage and pledge concern for their health and safety. And Nisolo is pushing to be 0% net carbon. It’s all good.

Nisolo, 380 Bleecker Street

Spring Sweaters and Jackets on Bleecker Street
Spring sweaters and jackets at Buck Mason.

A few more doors down the street Buck Mason has opened its second New York women’s store (the first one is in Nolita). Buck Mason specializes in casual dressing, with jeans, tees, sweaters, shirts and casual jackets. And they make things that are meant to last.

Shirts, Coats, Stripes and Pants
Shirts, coats, stripes and pants. Tees were their first specialty.

Buck Mason recently took over a knitting and sewing factory in Pennsylvania that was about to close down. All the fabrics for all their tees are knit there. The cotton used to make the tees is all grown in the US. And there is even a full sewing plant.

Books And Neutrals Fill The Store on Bleecker Street
Books and neutrals fill the store.

The designs are calm classics done in natural materials. And the store design is relaxed, too.

A Table of Tees Leads to The Garden
A table of tees leads to the garden.

There are books everywhere, and a collection of vinyl to listen to. This store is special as it has stairs at the back that lead down to a nice sized garden; where everyone can relax.

Books, Sweaters and A Bar on Bleecker Street
Books, sweaters, and a bar.

There are cool cotton sweaters for spring in addition to the tees and shirts. And cool denim to pair with them. Fancy a drink? There is a well stocked bar and shoppers are welcome to hang out and enjoy.

Buck Mason Women, 378 Bleecker Street

Gowns and Casual Clothing on Bleecker Street
Gowns and colorful prints at Andrea Iyamah.

Andrea Iyamah recently opened a large — for Bleecker Street — boutique. Inspired by her African heritage, the Nigerian designer is known for her resort collections and swimwear, with prints and colors as an important feature of her work.

Clothing In A Light Corner on Bleecker Street
Clothing in a light corner.

She does a full lifestyle collection, with soft dressing that can go to the office and out to dinner.

Bathing Suits and Easy Dresses on Bleecker Street
Bathing suits and easy dresses.

There are also pieces perfect for lounging in style. Statement blouses and dresses are available in solids and prints. You can also find festival-ready pieces as well as plenty of printed garments inspired by her Nigerian heritage.

Accessories For Head To Toe Dressing
Accessories for head-to-toe dressing.

There are plenty of accessories. Shoes and bags, hats, jewelry and scarves. Many of the styles are in bright colors, complementing the print and solid clothing.

Dresses With Attitude
Dresses with attitude.

Some of the pieces hint at traditional African shapes while offering a modern take on them.

Sunny Prints on A Sunny Day
Sunny prints on a sunny spring day.

There are lots of interesting clothes that are dressier, including many long dresses that would work for many different occasions. Dressy jumpsuits are another fun option. These are feminine clothes that are anything but sweet.

Andrea Iyamah, 379 Bleecker Street

Men's Clothing Fills The Front
Men’s Clothing fills the front of Cuts Clothing.

Cuts Clothing believes that dressing in sporty clothing is a way of life. Tees and knit tops are the first building block of the Cuts look. These work with well-made basic woven pants, as well as shorts and joggers.

Casual and Bodycon Looks on Bleecker St
Casual and bodycon looks.

Pants come in slim or classic cuts, in proprietary stretch woven and knit fabrics. And there are also casual jackets that are variations on bombers. Check out that cool suede jacket as seen on the mannequin at the right.

Men's Tees on Bleecker St
Men’s tees.

Basic tees come in both cotton and synthetic fibers, and there are many styles with interesting detailing. The colors here are all neutrals. And that does not have to be boring.

Women's Clothing on Bleecker Street
Women’s clothing.

The women’s collection is much smaller than the men’s. The look is a bit more athleisure than go to the office. And the fabics are a mix of cotton and synthetic, too.

A Full Casual Wardrobe
A full casual wardrobe.

Sporty and built for comfort, both the men’s and women’s offers well-made, clean looks that are well priced. Sometimes simplicity is the best trend of all.

Cuts Clothing, 375 Bleecker Street

Barbara Hodes is the owner of NYC Private Shopping Tour, offering customized tours in New York and Brooklyn.

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