Breast Cancer Alliance’s 24th annual luncheon and Hospital for Special Surgery’s annual autumn benefit

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Models of Inspiration.

On October 21st at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich, the Breast Cancer Alliance held its 24th annual luncheon and fashion show for nearly 1100 guests, raising a record $1.6 million.

Grammy nominated producer and singer-songwriter John Forté kicked off the celebration with the song he wrote for his friend and mentor Carly Simon when she was battling breast cancer. Keynote speaker Chef Todd English was both funny and poignant, sharing his sister’s brave battle with breast cancer and raising an astounding $50,000 with his live auction donations.

L. to r.: Jessica Guff; Anne Jameson Eisenhofer; Julie Ruby.
L. to r.: Paige Siek; Ruby Durant.

Board President Mary Jeffrey joined co-chairs Dr. Amy Kappelman Johnson, Nina Lindia and Lauren Schweibold to highlight 24 years of making a difference in the world of breast cancer and the importance of funding early-stage innovative research, breast surgical fellowships and support for the underserved to better improve outcomes and statistics in breast cancer.

Preceding Richards’s presentation of fall fashions, the Models of Inspiration brought down the house and dazzled the crowd with their fierce and fabulous runway show.

Executive Director Yonni Wattenmaker took the stage to thank the tireless board, the dynamic co-chairs, the supporters and her hard-working executive team. She then asked the guests to “Turn the Tent Pink” as volunteers awarded pink sparkle rings for donations to the live appeal. BCA supporters and friends once again exceeded every goal.

Nina Lindia, Amy Kappelman Johnson, Todd English, Yonni Wattenmaker, John Forte, and Lauren Schweibold.
Kim and Mary Jeffery, Anne Jones, and Will Jeffery.
Brian Johnson, Amy Kappelman Johnson, Diane and Don Johnson.
L. to r.: Lisa Walsh and Trish Shannon; Anne Jamison and Laura Silver.
Jane Canning, Kim Dean, Karen Kiarsis, Joan Whipple, and Nancy Smith.
Andrew, Scott and Bill Mitchell.
L. to r.: Lindsay Frederick and Michelle McKnight; Loren Taufield and Mary Van Pelt.
Barbara Fleck, Lindsay and Lisa Quackenbush, and Pam Brendlinger.
Lynn Carbino, Frank Carvino, Irene Piazza, and Kristina Capretti.
Lisa Quackenbush and Wendy Henderson.
Francesco Lindia, David Coelho, and Fabio Lindia.
Gia Burton, Beth Miranda, and Lauren Steinberg.
L. to r.: Wendy Henderson, Jill Coyle, and Sally Polak; Elisa Wilson, Kim Augustine, and Nancy Smith.
Gretchen Bylow and Jordan Rhodes.
Elena Muhidden, Lauryn Koke, and Courtney Olsen.
L. to r.: Sydney Rozins and Shari Michael; Mary Jo Riddle and Nancy Weintraub.
Nat and Lucy Day.
L. to r.: Dr. Emily Gabeler and Dr. Stacy Zarakiotis; Cathy Sutton and Jane Batkin.
Ellen Richmond, Anne Ward, Regina Gabelli, and Mary Lee Kiernan.
Hillary and Parker Corbin.
Icy Frantz and Nina Weld.

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) hosted its Annual Autumn Benefit on Friday, October 25, 2019 at Guastavino’s in Manhattan, to celebrate excellence in medical education. The event recognized Matthew M. Roberts, MD, with the Nancy Bischoff Mentor Award; Samuel A. Taylor, MD, with the Richard S. Laskin, MD, Young Attending Award; and David S. Wellman, MD, with the Philip D. Wilson, Jr., MD, Teaching Award. Chaired by Lois Kelly, the dinner was attended by 400 guests.

L. to r.: Lois Kelly, chair of the event, with husband Dr. Bryan Kelly, HSS surgeon-in-chief; Dr. Andrew Grose, Director of Orthopedic Trauma, HSS Orthopedics at Stamford Health, with wife Gina Lamparella.
Chris Kreider, New York Rangers left wing, with Dr. Bryan Kelly, HSS surgeon-in-chief.
Dr. Bryan Kelly, HSS surgeon-in-chief, with Chris Kreider, New York Rangers left wing, and Louis Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS.
Dr. Andrew Pearle, chief of HSS Sports Medicine Institute, with Robert Yaffa, Tammi Schneider, and Katherine Pearle.
Lois Kelly, event chair, and Dr. David Altchek, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, Anne Altchek, and Dr. Bryan Kelly, HSS surgeon-in-chief.
L. to r.: Dr. Alberto Carli, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, and wife Kelly; Dr. Han Jo Kim, HSS spine surgeon, with wife Regina.
The night’s honorees: Dr. Samuel Taylor, HSS sports medicine surgeon; Dr. Matthew Roberts, chief of the Foot and Ankle Service at HSS; and Dr. David Wellman, orthopedic trauma surgeon.
Dr. Todd Albert, HSS surgeon-in-chief emeritus, with wife Barbara.
L. to r.: Terry O’Toole, founder of Macanta Investments, and wife Polly; Lois Kelly and Barbara Albert.
Bill Cowher, CBS NFL Analyst and former Super Bowl Champion head coach, and wife Veronica Stigeler, with Dr. Edwin Su, HSS hip and knee surgeon, and wife Dr. Karen Su.
Rae and husband Dr. Answorth Allen, HSS sports medicine surgeon.
L. to r.: Miriam Widmann and husband Dr. Roger Widmann, chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at HSS; Mary Francina Golden and husband Kenneth Handal.
Dr. Danyal Nawabi, HSS sports medicine surgeon, and wife Sanam Lakhani, with Dr. Edwin Su, HSS hip and knee surgeon, and wife Dr. Karen Su.
Dr. Sravisht Iyer and Dr. Steven McAnany, HSS spine surgeons.
Dr. Harvinder Sandhu, co-chief of HSS Spine; with Dr. Steven Haas, chief of the Knee Service at HSS; and Dr. David Wellman, orthopedic trauma surgeon.
L. to r.: Dr. Mary Crow, HSS physician-in-chief and chief of Rheumatology at HSS; Dr. David Mayman, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, with wife Dr. Alana Serota, internal medicine physician at HSS.
Dr. Karen Sutton, HSS sports medicine surgeon, and husband Gregg Wysocki; with Dr. Andrew Sama, co-chief of HSS Spine and wife Liza.
HSS rheumatologists Dr. Linda Russell and Dr. Susan Goodman.
Renee and Seymour Flug.

Photographs by Elaine & Chichi Ubiña (BCA); Don Pollard Ryan Brown (HSS).

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