Bridal Bouquets abloom from Sachin & Babi

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Hilary and KK with Babi and Sachin Ahluwalia.

Sachin & Babi is a fashion brand that we have long admired for its luxurious feminine designs. Thanks to Jamee Gregory, who introduced us to her friends and founders, we popped into their showroom in the garment district this past winter when the weather was downright dreary. Upon arrival we discovered a sun-filled garden of botanical delights, luminescent flowing forms, and the warm personalities behind the creations.

Hilary and Sachin smelling the roses.

This one is for my soon-to-be daughter in law’s jungle-themed rehearsal dinner!

The couple originally met as students at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and bonded immediately over their shared interests, aspirations and Indian upbringing. Love followed, as did the eponymous brand specializing in design and embroidery. Their extraordinary craftsmanship caught the attention of Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Manolo Blahnik.

Jamee exclaims, “I have been a huge fan of Sachin and Babi ever since I met them, through Oscar de la Renta. They did all his embroideries. I was thrilled when they started their own, chic brand. I am a fan of their glamorous earrings, bags and shoes. They love color, as do I. Their creations are imaginative and fun!”

Jamee Gregory with Babi Ahluwalia.
Jamee Gregory with Babi Ahluwalia.

The showroom was chockablock with inspiration, mood boards and samples …

Each season The team creates brilliant patterns and fabrics, styling each one into a uniquely feminine and flattering silhouettes. This Sky Citrine Floral just floats on a cloud of springtime delicacy.

Bianca Gown $1095 / Brooke Gown $895 / Millie Dress $825 / Sienna Gown $335

Whimsical accessories complement and enhance their fanciful frocks. Mother of the bride? Mother of the groom? Wedding guest attire? Matchy-matchy is back in style — did it ever go out?

Bags:  Cupids Clutch In Electric Lime  $295  /  On The Rocks Clutch In Garden Club  $425  / Shoes: Lenox Obi-Bow Slingbacks In Green Club  $325  /  Chelsea Obi-Bow Open Toe In Lime Green  $295

When Hilary asked how the brand keeps its creations so accessible, Babi explained, “By owning a family-run factory in Mumbai, we are able to control the design and production process from start to finish, cutting out the middlemen. The result: extraordinary clothing and accessories with tremendous value.”

Beauty in the Details…

Hilary chose a brilliant bouquet of florals. “All of the prints and dress shapes are so pretty, feminine and flattering. It was difficult to choose which ones to feature here. And I can’t wait to see what the next season brings.”

Kayla Gown In Ocean Blue Magnolia  $325  /  Kate Gown In Pink Lemonade Bouquet  $795   /  Sienna Gown In Sky Citrine Floral  $325  /  Chelsea Gown In Campo De Fiori  $325  /  Jenny Gown  In Rosa Azurro  $595 

It was love at first sight with the Chelsea Gown for a friend’s wedding on Saturday. The festive frock arrived right on time and fit perfectly; just a quick take up of the hem. This is a universally flattering style for women of all ages and the navy and white creates a seasonless choice.

The Try On …

Friends so often ask for solutions for arm covering. And some ones who don’t, SHOULD! The Hug Shawl is a brilliantly designed and elegant piece which complements the ensemble, without the constant fussing with a wrap or ordinary shawl. And it offers the solution to remove at some point in the party when you want to “let go!”

Garda Gawn Glacial Blue  $995  /  The Hug Shawl In Night Sky  $195  /  The Hug Shawl In Ice Blue  $325  /  The Hug Shawl In Glacial  Blue  $195  /  The Hug Shawl Midnight  $325

If separates or the separate look is your preference, choose these elegant pieces for your go-to style for Black Tie occasions.

Lexie Top In Emerald Watercolor  Floral  $275  /  Eva Skirt In Emerald Watercolor  $495   /   Zoe Gown In Smokey Slate  $895  /  Kyla Top In Electric Lime  $325  /  Sydney Skirt Electric Lime  $425

The couple shared their fashion philosophy with us. “We believe life is for living. Enjoy it. We love a reason to gather, to celebrate, to commemorate moments to surround yourself with great people. What you wear to those occasions, big or small, sets the tone for how you feel … because to us, a design in a closet is just a garment; a design on a woman is fashion.”

As Hilary descends the scarlet-lined stairway to Doubles, we couldn’t agree more.

Hilary Dick and Karen Klopp of We take the guesswork out of dressing, the legwork out of shopping, and the panic out of packing.©

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