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Music Classes for Adults at Bloomingdale School of Music

November 19, 2020 - January 31, 2021

Bloomingdale School of Music announces on-going virtual adult music classes. Offerings include lecture-based courses, ensembles, and private lessons, and includes opportunities for both intergenerational learning and classes where no prior musical experience is necessary. For more information and to register for classes, visit www.bsmny.org/classes/classes-for-adults/.

Bloomingdale also offers a new option for adult music education through Season Tickets, which offer a convenient solution for busy people to attend flexible music lessons this fall. The Season Ticket includes six hourly lessons of private instruction for $672 per package, with days and times scheduled by the student and teacher. Season Tickets can be booked at https://bsmny.asapconnected.com/#CourseID=181756.

Bloomingdale believes in cultivating a sense of unification and equality in our community by providing the community with access to music. Through the therapeutic nature of making music, even busy students can find moments of peace and growth during practice and lessons. Private lessons at Bloomingdale offer individual attention, customization, and a personalized curriculum. Students and teachers are strategically matched based on skill, schedules, and the student’s preferred teaching style. Bloomingdale’s private lessons can be transformative for students as they discover their unique talents and interests. Bloomingdale School of Music will be completely virtual this fall and will continue to offer online learning options only, as The School has done successfully since the onset of the pandemic, pivoting seamlessly from entirely in-person learning, to more nearly 90% participation in virtual classes. Bloomingdale has been able to continue workshops and masterclasses with guest musicians coming into Zoom sessions to work with students, providing them critical feedback and serving as a community resource.

Adult Guitar Orchestra
The adult guitar ensemble explores a wide range of music genres from classical to folkloric music arranged for the classical guitar. https://www.bsmny.org/class/adults/adult-guitar-ensemble/

Adult Music Theory Class
The Adult Theory Class is a directed study in Music Theory for students wishing to gain a full and complete “working” knowledge of the subject. The course begins by addressing any holes in the student’s current knowledge of the essentials. Then taking the students current skills and interests as an entry-point, the elements of music are taken up thoroughly one at a time in a variety of ways including reading, ear-training, rhythm, improvisation, and composition and performance until a thorough practical ability in the subject is achieved. https://www.bsmny.org/class/adults/adult-theory-class/

Dalcroze for Adults
Move, Listen, Enjoy. This is a unique and dynamic education in music that uses movement to connect what the ear hears with what the mind knows. https://www.bsmny.org/class/adults/dalcroze-for-adults/

Female Composers Throughout Music History
Female Composers throughout Music History will explore the history of females in composition, providing specific study on selected composers and listening examples to be discussed in depth.

Female Composers throughout Music History

Flute Choir
Join this welcoming, fun, and supportive ensemble of flutists! Weekly practice together gives flutists of all ages the chance to explore flute ensemble repertoire. https://www.bsmny.org/class/adults/flute-choir/

Jazz Ensemble
The jazz ensemble is a place where students can explore music in the jazz tradition, particularly bebop, post-bop, latin and Brazilian styles. https://www.bsmny.org/class/adults/jazz-ensemble-2/

Music Appreciation Series: How to Listen to Music
Bloomingdale Resident Teaching Artist, Marc Peloquin, leads a series of 4-week music courses designed to give students a basic understanding of music and inspire an appreciation for music through a variety of musical styles. https://www.bsmny.org/class/adults/music-appreciation-class-series/

Founded in 1964, Bloomingdale School of Music is dedicated to the belief that music changes lives and everyone should have access to high-quality music education regardless of economic status, race, religion, ability level, or gender. Bloomingdale is a music-driven community center where all are welcome to join and learn about music from top faculty. We are dedicated to our mission – to make music education accessible to all who want to learn – and remain focused on supporting this mission through our values. www.bsmny.org/


November 19, 2020
January 31, 2021