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The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) hosted its 2022 gala at Capitale, marking ACE’s 30th anniversary.

The Central Park Conservancy Women’s Committee hosted their sold-out annual Fall Luncheon on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, which raised over $360,000. Held at four locations throughout Central Park, the event celebrated the beauty of the Park and the critical work of the Central Park Conservancy to care for it.

The annual fall luncheon supports the Central Park Conservancy in its mission to maintain the Park as a respite from the pace and pressures of city life for all New Yorkers and visitors. The funds raised are essential to the continued management and restoration of the Park and its many programs, serving all of New York and one of its most renowned cultural destinations.

The Fall-inspired decor included florals by Flowers by Philip, with catering by Canard.
Guests at Bethesda Terrace.

Event co-chairs Aileen Bruner, Angela Clofine, Kathleen Tait, Marisa van Bokhorst, Women’s Committee President Jenny Price, and Central Park Conservancy President & CEO Betsy Smith enjoyed a successful event on the spectacular Wednesday afternoon. Guests included Katherine Gage Boulud, Ainsley Earhardt, Sharon Jacob, Gillian Hearst, Alexia Leuschen, Michelle Miller, Nicole Miller, Gillian Miniter, Margo M. Nederlander, Elyse Newhouse, Barbara H. Scott, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Tanya RIvero Warren, and Gigi Stone Woods.

Jenny Price, Gillian Miniter, and Nicole Nunag.

Welcoming the group with remarks during her first luncheon as Women’s Committee President, Jenny Price said, “It is such a joy to bring together this dynamic group of philanthropists who are completely dedicated to celebrating and supporting Central Park. By hosting our annual fall luncheon in multiple locations throughout the Park, our members gain a unique view of their support in action.”

“The Conservancy’s work would not be possible without the support of the passionate members of the Women’s Committee who dedicate their time and energy to helping us achieve our goals,” said Betsy Smith, President & CEO, Central Park Conservancy. ”I am grateful to Jenny and the entire Women’s Committee for raising critical funds to help us keep Central Park a resilient and beautiful respite for all New Yorkers.”

L. to r.: Betsy Smith and Kathleen Tait; Chani Churchill, Kate Lauprete, Mimi Crawford, and Darice Fadeyi.

The Women’s Committee is a community of Central Park enthusiasts with a passion for preserving and enhancing Central Park. The Committee provides invaluable support to the Conservancy and has raised over $215 million since its inception in 1983.

The Committee is responsible for the management of many Park-wide programs, including Adopt-A-Bench, Conservancy Docents, Gilder Run paving stone program, Olmsted Visionaries planned giving program, Perimeter Association, Playground Partners, Tree Trust, and Tulips & Daffodils donations.

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Aileen Bruner, Darly Corniel, and Valerie Tornambe.
Alexia Leuschen and Shirin Christoffersen.
Angela Clofine, Andrea Ranawat, Tracey Huff, and Genie Egerton-Warburton.
L. to r.: Elyse Newhouse, Muffy Potter Aston, and Noreen Buckfire; Cindy Wagner and Renee Wilson.
Eugenia Richman, Tracy Yorks, Laura Kornhauser, and Gillian Hearst.
Kristen Duca, Stephanie Hessler, Ranika Cohen, and Regina Feuer.
Tory Diamond, Genevieve Sonsino, Tiffany Gardner, and Lindsey Andrews.
L. to r.: Patti Fast and Sharon Jacob; Franci Rice and Robyn Joseph.
Robin Bell-Stevens, Katrina Robinson, Tiffany Bowen Burkett, Arlene Bascom, Ashley Alston, Jennifer Evans, Barbara Scott, Michele Brazil, and Rhonda Mims.
Louise Tonkin, Maureen Mulheren, and Nicole Miller.
Marisa van Bokhorst, Kay Nordeman, Krista Corl, and Katherine Birch.
Laura Stork-Wersborg, Alexandra McCaffrey, Lee Goettler, Christine Ro, Diana Hsu, Sabine Riglos, Barbara Quant, and Sada Grieve.

Over 250 guests took a trip back to the ’70s last week when founder Henry Buhl and the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) hosted its 2022 gala with a Studio 54 theme. Held at landmark Capitale NYC, the event marked ACE’s 30th anniversary. This year’s honorees included Steven Rand, Stephanie Rader and Howard Greenberg.

As guests enjoyed signature cocktails and mirror balls threw a light show across the space, classic disco played and a dancer clad in gold sequins welcomed guests from a giant coupe champagne glass.

L. to r.: Howard Greenberg; Steven Rand.
L. to r.: Stephanie Rader; ACE graduates Jacqueline Richardson and Alan Padilla.

The Hank Lane band serenaded the room before the evening’s highlight performance — a jaw-dropping set by the legendary Gloria Gaynor.

Guests included Denise Rich, Jill Stuart, Larry Leeds and Ginger Feuer Leeds, Arnie and Paola Roseshein, Jorge Iragorri and Lauren Imperato, Dr. Samuel Guillory and Adrien Arpel Howard Greenberg, Eric Pogue, Noel Patton, Gregg and Lisa Schenker, Dale and Renee Schlather, Bryce and Gary Wolkowitz, Henry Buhl, Edwina Sandys, Carlos Morrison, Lana Smith and Dionisio Fontana, Richard and Donna Soloway, among others.

Henry Buhl and Sandra Sanches.
Denise Rich and Henry Buhl.
L. to r.: Lana Smith and Dionisio Fontana; Samuel Guillory and Adrien Arpel.
Maribel Lieberman, Arnie Roseshein, and Paola Rosenshein.
L. to r.: Donna Vogeo and Michael Siciliani; Jill Stuart.
Richard and Donna Soloway, with Beauty.
Jorge Iragorri and Lauren Imperato.
Brice Wolkowitz, Gary Wolkowitz, and Howard Greenberg.
Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Ginger Feuer Leeds, Larry Leeds, and Shantell Meyers.
Jim Martin, ACE executive director.
Sandra Sanches and Carlos Morrison.
Cindy and Donald Reid.
The live auction.
Gloria Gaynor takes the stage!
Sandra Sanches and Gloria Gaynor.
Nancy Mammana.

Photographs by BFA/Darian DiCianno/Yvonne Tnt (CPC);  Jill Nelson/ (ACE)

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