Carol Calicchio’s Magical Painted Flower Garden at The Ben Hotel

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John Calicchio, Iris Cantor, John Desiderio, and artist Carol Calicchio at The Ben Hotel in West Palm Beach.

As the winter season for exhibitions in Palm Beach County ended, many local galleries are now showcasing talented artists who live and work in the area — many of them showing their works for the first time in nearly a year.

Artist Carol Calicchio opened a comprehensive exhibition of her recent work of colorful flower-based compositions at The Ben Hotel Fine Art Gallery on June 10th. Notable attendees included Terry Duffy and wife Lauren, Bruce Helander, Raul Suarez, Iris Cantor, John Desiderio and Lorenzo Borghese.

Raul Suarez and Bruce Helander with artist Carol Calicchio and her painting titled, Paradiso Grand, 72” x 96”, one of 18 in the show.

Calicchio follows a long and proud tradition of artists who find inspiration through deciphering the aesthetic values of colorful floras. All her works are nature-inspired and done in acrylic on canvas; her painting goal is to “bring the outdoors in.” There are several paintings from the artist’s Blue series painted during quarantine, when she was studying light refractions in bodies of water such as the ocean, pools, ponds and streams.

Calicchio says, “Natural light is a limitless spectrum of color. Everything it touches is illuminated in brilliance and brought to life. My abstractions aim to interpret this powerful force of nature. Each painting is a unique story of a personal encounter that occurs in both the conscious and unconscious realm. My artwork explores the complexity of light and its power to unite individuals, not only with their surroundings, but with their emotions and one another.”

Carol Calicchio with Bobby Zeitler and Lorenzo Borghese at The Ben.

She also has created her own flowery message on canvas that offers the viewer the opportunity to dissect and interpret imagery that goes back to the Victorian era, where bouquets of flowers were used to deliver coded messages. The artist has become explorer of flower varieties often filled with metaphorical meaning and personality that she integrates into each rosy composition.

Carol Calicchio with Lauren and Terry Duffy.

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