Celebrating the Spring Season

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Dinner on the promenade of the David H. Koch Theater to celebrate the American Ballet Theatre’s 2019 Spring Gala. Photo: JH.

American Ballet Theatre’s annual Spring Gala at Lincoln Center on May 20th celebrated the tenth anniversary of Alexei Ratmansky as artist in residence and presented his new ballet The Seasons. ABT also honored Andrew F. Barth. The gala chairs were Emily and Len Blavatnik, Pamela and David Ford, Sutton Stracke and Elizabeth Segerstrom (the Segerstrom Center For The Arts in California is ABT’s winter home).  Harry Winston was a presenting sponsor.

Alexei Ratmansky.
Kevin McKenzie, Andrew Barth, Kara Medoff Barnett, and Michael Moser.

Guests included Katie Holmes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Liev Schreiber, Amy Astley, Joanna Fisher, Fiona Cibani, Diana Vishneva and Konstantin Selinevich, Britt Meyer, Grace Pen, Carol Perry, Douglas Runte, Hamish Bowles, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, Elizabeth An, Lauren Santo Domingo, Charles Fabius, Renee Fourcade, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, Paul Sparks, Marshall Watson, and ABT dancers Hee Seo, Stella Abrera, Daniil Simkin, Sarah Lane, and Christine Shevchenko.

L. to r.: Alec and Hilaria Baldwin; David and Pamela Ford.
Hee Seo.
L. to r.: Misty Copeland; Sutton Stracke.
Carol Perry, Fiona Cibani, Grace Pen, Elizabeth Segerstrom, Charles Fabius, Elizabeth An, Douglas Runte, Britt Meyer, and Renee Fourcade.
Charles Fabius, Elizabeth Segerstrom, Diana Vishneva, and Kristina Allegra.
L. to r.: Anh Duong; Amy Fine Collins.
Joan Hornig, George Hornig, and Laurie Tisch.
L. to r.: Donald and Barbara Tober; Amory McAndrew and Brent Neale.
Sarah Arison.
Elizabeth Segerstrom.
L. to r.: Hamish Bowles, Amy Astley, Danill Simkin, and Jordan Roth; Lauren Santo Domingo.
ABT dancers.
L. to r.: Mary Snow and Joachim Bader; Michael Moser and Stella Abrera.
Judith Hoffman with Brian and Joanna Fisher.
L. to r.: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl; Shari Loeffler and Richard Kielar.
Christine Shevchenko and Alex DiMattia.
Jordan Roth, Katie Holmes, Hamish Bowles, and Kathleen Stothers-Holmes.

The Knights, the young chamber orchestra,  held their annual benefit, a concert and dinner, on May 13th  in Tribeca. Mela Hacklisch, their board chair, extoled, “To everyone here we offer sincere thanks for your extraordinary partnership and support that empowers our musical innovation. We’ve many surprises for you tonight!”  and thus the orchestra launching onto a stunning concert that included Mozart, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich as well as contemporary music.

Colin Jacobsen.

Pianist Inon Barnantan joined the orchestra on stage with Knights co-founder and conductor Eric Jacobsen welcoming him,  “Inon’s invested in the future of The Knights and what we’re doing”. Virtuoso clarinetist Kinan Azmeh performed an original composition, “Wedding” and offered, “Falling in love is one of the true human rights that no one can take away from us. This music I hope is a little like that.” 

Eric Jacobsen.

Next came a new arrangement of the gospel “I’ll Fly Away”, led by Christina Courtin who led the audience to sing the refrain. Ending with a performance of  “The Big Noise from Winnetka”, The Knights received a standing ovation.

Kinan Azmeh.

Guests included board members Guillame Cuvelier, Audrey Francis, Carmela Haklisch, Graham Parker, Paul Sekhri, Kambiz Shekdar, Miranda Sielaff, and Gary Wasserman as well as guests Véronique Bich, Judith-Ann Corrente, Joanna Fisher, Thea Musgrave, Peter Mark, Susan Rose, Reni Rothschild, Julie Salomon, Connie Steensma, and Ann Ziff.

Charlie Kashner, Eric Umble, and Gary Wasserman.
Graham Parker and Sylvia Hemingway.
Jane Bryant Quinn, Carll Tucker, and Jeff Hayden.
Joanna Fisher, Reni Rothschild,Daniel Rothschild, and Jonathan Marder.
Judith Corrente, Graham Parker, and William Kooyker.
Kambiz Shekdar, Marcia Gotsch, Michael Capasso, Jason Smoller, and Rose Ray.
Kinan Azmeh, Christina Courtin, Michael LaValle, and Michael Caterisano.
Mela Hacklisch and Dale Lewis.
Paul Sekhri, Carlos Tome, Mark Ducall Gude, and Theresa Kim.
Gary Padmore, Susan Rose, Elihu Rose, and Adam Crane.
William Biddle, Shannon Preston, Roger Tillies, Alex Sopp, and Eric Jacobsen.

Capturing The Flag, the brilliant new documentary about voter suppression, was screened at the Museum of Modern Art. PEN America, MoMA trustees Lawrence B. Benenson and Barbara Jakobson, Alix Ritchie and Vin Roberti hosted guests, including the Emmy-winning filmmaking team of Abigail Disney and Gini Reticker, Broadway producer Darryl Roth, writer Andrew Tobias, Jill Iscol, and art collectors AC & Thelma Hudgins.

Laverne Berry and Steve Miller in Capturing The Flag.

Following the screening, producer Elizabeth Hemmerdinger and director Anne de Mare — both Emmy winners — hosted a Q&A with the film’s “star”, Laverne Berry, discussing how voter suppression will be a serious issue in 2020.

Abigail Disney, Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, Laverne Berry, and Anne De Mare.
AC & Thelma Hudgens.
Alix Ritchie, Jill Iscol, Darryl Roth, and Laverne Berry.
Anne De Mare and Lynn Gilbert.
Barbara Jakobson, Lawrence B. Benenson, and Eileen Lipson.
Brian Gatens, Alix Ritchie, and Andrew Tobias.
Charles E. Clayman, Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, Vin Roberti, and Michael Piersall.
Jill Nelson and Laverne Berry.

And for some plain old Memorial Day fun in the sun down in Palm Beach. Every other year or so, a handful of owners at The Reef, Palm Beach’s iconic midcentury seaside condo, pool their resources for a much-loved “come one come all” Memorial Day weekend drinks party. This go ‘round, the hosts were newcomers Scott Sanders and Peter Wilson, along with longtime residents Steven Stolman and Rich Wilkie.

The Reef.
L. to r.: Kenneth Nolan and Peter Wilson with Bailey; Laura Lofaro Freeman, Beau Saridis, and Katherine Lofaro Firpo.
L. to r.: Jason Arbuckle, Scott Velozo, and Tom Shaffer; Michael Lizanich and Rich Wilkie.
Brian Millard, Joe Whited, Scott Sanders, Ben Masri-Cohen, and Chris Tassa.
L. to r.: Stacey and Steven Stolman; Fernando Wong, Bram Matjlis, and Stephen Mooney.
Earl Crittenden, Tim McVay, Karla Weiskopf, and Rick Rose.
L. to r.: Stacey Stolman and Nick Gold; Stephen Mooney, Rich Wilkie, and Barry Hayes.
L. to r.: Lynn and Doug Nelson; Peter Cromarty and Ninette Ricca.
Victor Moore and John Tatooles.

Photographs by BFA/PMC/Getty/Annie Watt (ABT); Richard Termine (Knights).

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