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Benefit Committee Members Cleve and Grayson Rueckert, YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons, Benefit Committee Chair Trevor Gibbons, Claire Molloy, and Seth Lloyd at the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic Winter Benefit.

The Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic Winter Benefit took place on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at a private New York City club. Sarah Jane Gibbons, Chair of the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic, welcomed guests who enjoyed a chamber music performance by two musicians from the New York Philharmonic: violinist Anna Rabinova and bassist Satoshi Okamoto. The performance was followed by a seated dinner and dancing. Proceeds from the event help support the Philharmonic’s education and public programs. Benefit Committee Co-Chairs were Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons, Justin R. Kush, Stefan Nowicki, and Spencer L. Reames.

Benefit Committee Chair Spencer Reames, Naoko Reames, NYP Musicians Satoshi Okamoto and Anna Rabinova and Benefit Committee Chairs Sarah Jane, and Trevor Gibbons.
Benefit Committee Member Dov Zamore, NYP Musicians Ethan Bensdorf, Leah Ferguson, Alison Fierst, and Ryan Roberts, YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons, and NYPM Jason Yu.
L. to r.: Benefit Committee Members Bettina Bennett and Gordon Beck; Benefit Committee Vice Chair Barbara Regna with Benefit Committee Members Livia Cheung and Bettina Bennett.
Benefit Committee Member Livia Cheung, Benefit Committee Chair Spencer Reames, Naoko Reames, Maya Zamore, and Committee Members Dov Zamore and Charlie Choi.
L. to r.: Benefit Committee Vice Chair Barbara Regna and Peter Regna; Michelle Galdos and Benefit Committee Member Courtney Benenson.
Benefit Committee Members Maela Dynasty, Reginal Dynasty, Bettina Bennett, and Gordon Beck.
Meghan Feely, Benefit Committee Member Chris Lenoci and Anne Feely.
L to r.: Leona Clague and Yoni Arbel; Benefit Committee Members Livia Cheung and Charlie Choi.
Nancy Twine, Jason Bordainick, Benefit Committee Member Brie Kluytenaar, and Andrew Bogle.
Naoko Reames, Benefit Committee Chair Spencer Reames, Farhana Ahmed, and Benefit Committee Member Daniel J. Rothschild.
L. to r.: Benefit Committee Chair Justin R. Kush and YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons; Mary McClave and Benefit Committee Member Marc Lewinstein.
Jess Blakemore, Brian Damron, NYP Musicians Ryan Roberts and Alison Fierst, and Janie Garnett.
Neil Mehta, Riddhima Mehta, Benefit Committee Members Michael and Katie Newman, Hannah Pardue, Isabelle Gold, Kerry McCormick, and Committee Member Krissie Dar.
Anne Feely, Benefit Committee Member Duncan Sahner, and Meghan Feely.
Benefit Committee Chair Trevor Gibbons, Katherine Ziccardi, Benefit Committee Member Jim Mullen, and Taryn Berkett.
Benefit Committee Members Krissie Darr, Peter Sculco, Katie Tenney, and Alexander Furman.
Benefit Committee Members Stephanie DiMilia and Courtney Benenson.
Emily Zhang and Brian Goetzinger, NYP Patron Program Manager.
Riddhima Mehta, Hannah Pardue, Lacary Sharpe, and Meredith Imber.
Standing: Gregory Stevens, Taryn Berkett, Anthony Ziccardi, and YNY Chair Sarah Jane Gibbons. Seated: Benefit Committee Member Sophia Mullen and Katherine Ziccardi.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, ADAPT held its 9th Annual Santa Project Party Casino Night benefiting ADAPT Community Network’s preschool education programs throughout New York City. ADAPT Community Network is the largest provider of preschool education for children with disabilities in New York. The annual event, which attracts VIP guests from fashion, film, and television, raised over $104,000.

Television and film star Jill Flint, a longtime supporter of ADAPT Community Network, hosted the event. VIPs in attendance included Edward R. Matthews, CEO, ADAPT Community Network. Celebrity Ambassadors for the event were: Tamsen Fadal, Mike Woods, Steve Lacy, Teresa Priolo, Ines Rosales, Kori Chambers, Mr. G, Camilla Barungi, and Javier Gomez.

The 9th Annual ADAPT Santa Project Party Casino Night at the Down Town Association.

The 2019 Santa Project Casino Night Committee members were: Kate Cleary, Christie Foster, Patrick Hazlewood, Rachel Hendrickson, Dianna Jane, Louisa Laverde, Patrick Matthews, Shannon McPhee, Priya Mohabir, Maria Patruno, and Mike Silvestro.

ADAPTS’s programs are supported by generous annual sponsors including Pilot RB, Alliance Brokerage, Colliers International, Bella Bus, Home Clean Home, PC Connection, Precision Pharmacy, Putney Twombly, Signature Construction, TGI, Weeks Lerman, The Weiss Group, Brothers Contracting, Execu|Search, GNET Construction, MediSked, Stop Pest of NYC, United Health Care/ Oxford ,WPIX, and event sponsors The Abelson Company, Horizon Healthcare Staffing, Multilingual Therapy Associates, CCS Fundraising, and Alan Zack.

ADAPT CEO Edward R. Matthews and host Jill Flint.
Mike Woods and Jill Flint.

ADAPT Community Network is the leading human service not-for-profit and a pioneer in providing cutting-edge programs and services for people with disabilities. Every day, we build a more inclusive world for thousands of New Yorkers through education, technology, health, residential, and recreational programs in all five boroughs. Our schools and services encompass many people who have challenges beyond cerebral palsy such as autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, and neuromuscular disorders, among others. We are the largest provider of pre-school education for children with disabilities in New York.  ADAPT’s 100 comprehensive programs serve over 20,000 children and adults with disabilities and their families.  

For more information or to donate to ADAPT Community Network go to: www.adaptcommunitynetwork.org.

Bonnie Birmingham, Nicole Shaia, and Laura Hickman.
Dianna Jane and Anna Hartnett.
L. to r.: Teresa Priolo; Alan Zack and Ilene Zack.
Ed Matthews, Mr. G, Tamsen Fadal, Kori Chambers, and Bart Feder.
Host Jill Flint with Celebrity Ambassadors Mike Woods, Teresa Priolo, Ines Rosales, Tamsen Fadal, Mr. G, Kori Chambers, and Camilla Barungi.
Jill Flint, Mike Woods, Ines Rosales, Teresa Priolo, Kori Chambers, Mr. G, Tamsen Fadal, and Edward R. Matthews.
Lauren Petrin and Kimberly DiSario.
Melissa Davidovic and Patrick Matthews.
Michael Schwartz, Elizabeth Matthews, Roberta Koenigsberg, and Jacqueline Conley.
Mike Woods and Ines Rosales.
Patrick Hazlewood, Camilla Barungi, and Dr. Arthur Hazlewood.
Priya Mohabir, Dianna Jane, Kate Cleary, Christie Foster, and Maria Patruno.
Ryan Laul and Linda Laul.

Jean Shafiroff and Jacqueline Weld Drake.

Last week, Jacqueline Weld Drake welcomed the student choir of the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education for holiday carols to her Park Avenue residence. Choir Director Rich Anderson led the students, ages 8-10, through “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and more. Said Mrs. Weld, “If this doesn’t melt your heart, you’re heartless. The children are wonderful and so is Casita.” Waiting under her Christmas tree were gifts for them all. Donors and friends applauded the performers.

Mrs. Drake also awarded two Casita students, Elizabeth Campos and Maximus Maldonado, with the William E. Simon Scholarship. Established in 1985 by William E. Simon, the scholarship fund is given to South Bronx children attending Roman Catholic High Schools in excellent academic standing.

With their parents looking on, Haydee Morales, Executive Director of Casita Maria, said, “We are so proud of the achievements of our students at Casita Maria.  These scholarships are well deserved.” Mrs. Weld added, “We wish you every success in your studies, your lives, and all your pursuits,” adding, “Now, it’s party time!”

Mrs. Drake, the longtime chairman of Casita Maria, was joined by board members John L. Bernbach, Martha Bograd, Michèle Gerber Klein, Alberto Mariaca, Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas, and Michael L. Ziegler as well as friends including George Corton, Sissi Fleitas and Refaie Moataz, Kareem Gahed, Elizabeth Jacoby, Karen Klopp, Mercedes Levin, Alicia Lubowski-Jahn, Alice Lutz, Juan Montoya and Urban Karlsson, Jean Shafiroff, Mary Snow, Elise Thoron, and Sabrina Wirth.

Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education, the oldest Latin charity in New York City, provides high-quality arts education to over 1,000 students each day. Located in the country’s poorest zip code, the South Bronx, Casita Maria creates a safe, welcoming community, enriching and uplifting youth and families, producing well-rounded individuals who go on to fulfill their dreams.

Jacqueline Weld Drake, Jose Campos, Casita Maria students Elizabeth Campos and Maximus Maldonado, and Gabriel Maldonado.
Choir Director Richard Anderson caroling with Casita Maria students.
Angela Chen, Michèle Gerber Klein, and Roy Kean.
Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Martha Bograd, and George Corton.
Jennifer Chun, Sana Sabbagh, and Angela Chun.
L. to r.: Kelly O’Reilly and Kareem Gahed; Karen Klopp and Beverely Schreiber Jacoby.
Haydee Morales, Jean Shafiroff, Sissi Refaie, Victor Roquette, and Moataz Refaie.
L. to r.: Alicia Lubowski-Jahn and Lee Fryd; Mary Snow.
Sabrina Wirth, Elizabeth Jacoby, Alicia Lubowski-Jahn, and Alice Lutz.
Juan Montoya and Urban Karlsson.
Casita Maria students.

Photographs by Jemal Countess/Getty (ADAPT); Annie Watt (Casita).

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