Championing the Arts and Savoring Spring

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Christy O’Connor, Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, Irene Gandy, The Maine Attraction, and Anita Durst at a ChaShaMa gala kick-off event to celebrate BroadwayHD.

ChaShaMa’s founder Anita Durst hosted an Art Soiree kick-off event celebrating BroadwayHD, the premiere theater streaming service. The party featured performing artists and a presentation from Flambeaux Fire of the upcoming show The Calling. BroadwayHD founders Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane will accept the ChaShaMa Champion of the Arts honor from Anita Durst at the June 8th Gala in New York City.

Since 1995 ChaShaMa has repurposed vacant storefronts, office builds, and spaces throughout New York City and donated the space to artists of all kinds—the spaces are used for art galleries, presentations, and performances spaces. Anita and her team work with real estate owners and developers to match properties with dedicated artists, free art classes, and retail locations for accredited small businesses.

Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, and Anita Durst.

BroadwayHD offers a streaming subscription service with premium full-length stage plays and musicals to theater fans across the globe. BroadwayHD has an on-demand library of more than 300 titles of full-length musicals and stage plays. Its mission is to make theater accessible through streaming technology connecting theater fans and next-generation theater fans to the magic of Broadway.

For tickets and more information about the ChaShaMa Gala, see

For more information on BroadwayHD, visit

Blythe Calderley, Kasey Lettrich, Remy Knopf, and Bonnie Comley.
L. to r.: Kasey Lettrich and Katy Borkov; Lisa McNulty, Michael Sag, and Stephanie Dalton.
Jay Osorio, Fritz Donnelly, Christy O’Connor, and The Maine Attraction.
David Carl, ChaShaMa Performer, Bonnie Comley, David Garfinkle, and Stewart Lane.
Jon Harari, Anita Durst, and Maja Persson.
L. to r.: David Pochapin, David Carl, Katie Hartman.
Anita Durst, Eta Gershen, Steven Cohen, and guests.
Diana Prince, Bonnie Comley, and Anita Durst.
Bernadette Norman, Max Raymond, and Mike Teele.
Barbara Pasternack, Sue Brady, Jamie Cheek, and Andrew Coopman.
L. to r.: Ruth D. Hunt and Cristia Fontanelli; Robin Cofer, Sara Herbert, and Liz Lewis.
Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Barry Grove, Lisa McNulty, and Matthew Krawiec.
Irene Gandy, Ruth D. Hunt, Bonnie Comley, and Colleen Jennings-Roggensack.
Keith Hurd, Anita Durst, and David Garfinkle.
Bonnie Comley, Parron Allen, and Remy Knopf.
Sara Herbert, Katlean de Monchy, Stewart Lane, and Bonnie Comley.
The Maine Attraction, Keith Hurd, Cristyne Nicholas, and Daniel Hassett.
Laura Recek, Keith Hurd, Stewart Lane, Daniel Hassett, and Leila El hayani.
Julie Boardman, Cody Lassen, and Marc Levine.
Linda Amiel Burns and Bob Ost.
Matt Britten, Maddie Lipp, Valerie Britten, and Meagan Coyle.
Anita Durst with Small Business Owners.
Flambeaux Fire.

Megan Sipe, Maine Anders, Christy O’Connor, Jei Osorio, and Fritz Donnelly.

On April 29th at the Astor House, the New York Junior League held its Savor the Spring event, this year with the theme of Secret Garden. It was a sold-out event with 325 attendees and raised $118,000.

Attendees experienced an evening of sommelier-led wine tastings, perfectly curated hors d’oeuvres, a live band, and silent and live auctions featuring luxury items and curated trips. VIPs enjoyed early admission with a dedicated Champagne hour with oyster service (sponsors included: Ette Vodka, Bleu Royal Spirits, and Harlem Standard) coupled with surprises throughout the night and signature cocktail tastings — hidden in a VIP only speakeasy — as well as an amazing gift bag!

The Savor the Spring Leadership Team: Lisa Williams-Moise, Co-Chair; Hanna Blunden, Treasurer; Gigi Boehringer, Co-Head of Auction; Shannon Wallace, Head of Events; Marissa Goba, Head of Marketing; Jordan Rickard, Co-Chair; McKaila Rives, Head of Financial Contributions; Jackie Burke, Co-Head of Auction; and Angela Martin, Co-Head of Social.

Since 1901, the New York Junior League (NYJL) has responded to New York City’s most pressing socioeconomic challenges. Powered by more than 2,300 women volunteers, the NYJL works with more than 60 community-based organizations to advance children’s social-emotional learning and to provide life skills programs to youth and adults who are navigating periods of difficult transition.

Click here to learn more.

L. to r.: Jackie Burke and Gigi Boehringer; Noreen Okarter and Moriah Lutz-Tveite.
Savor the Spring Co-Chairs Lisa Williams-Moise and Jordan Rickard.

Marissa Goba, Jordan Rickard, and Tate Melton.
L. to r.: Andrea McDermott and Catherina Davius; Charlotte Robb and Ana Popkowski.
NYJL Director at Large Contessa Officer, NYJL EVP Leigh Morbey Favale, and Nikki Hudak.
L. to r.: NYJL Nominating Chair Rosemarie Dackerman and NYJL Director at Large Contessa Officer; Jordan Rickard and Savor the Spring Executive Vice Chair Sherley Jeanty.
NYJL EVP Leigh Morbey Favale, NYJL President Serra Eken, and NYJL Treasurer Alicia Adams.
L. to r.: Megan Zuckerman; Lilly Krohn.
Auctioneer Sara Reidy Brzozowski.
L. to r.: Sloteur Joseph of Bleu Royal Spirits; Tara Devine Knapp.
Xaverian Band.

Photos by John Sanderson/ (ChaShaMa)

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