Christmas Celebrations at the Doubles Club

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Katherine Birch and friends.

Christmas is celebrated non-stop at the Doubles Club in The Sherry-Netherland. Over the past 10 days Wendy Carduner welcomed over 2000 members and guests to enjoy eight days of Christmas luncheons, evenings of parties, and the Annual Christmas Dinner Dance featuring Bob Hardwick and his Orchestra.

The Christmas Luncheon dessert table favorites were: the Eggnog Baked Alaska, Bouche de Noel, Croque en Bouche, Raspberry and Pistachio Tarte, Chocolate Pretzel Bark, Ginger Bread Penguin Cookies, Red Velvet Cake and Doubles Coconut Cake.

Wendy Carduner

Those enjoying the luncheons, dining and dancing included: Deborah Norville, Hilary Geary Ross, Karen LeFrak, Jeanne Lawrence, Ashley McDermott, Barbara Tober, Robyn Joseph, Sally and Reverend Ed Johnston, Marisa Van Bokhorst and Christina Rose, Heidi Salgo, Neda Nevab, Elizabeth Meyer, Noreen Buckfire, Sharon Handler Loeb, Daryl Roth, Joan Schnitzer, Liz Peek, Mary Snow, Mark Gilbertson, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Mary Van Pelt, Kamie Lightburn, Serena Boardman, Julia Ireland, Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Lindsay and Russell Grant, CeCe and Lee Black, Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson and hundreds more.

Ashley McDermott table
Julie Richardson table
Trisha Solari table
Neda Nevab table
Philip White table
Elizabeth Meyer table
Jared Angle, Sara Mearns, Marc Happel, and Elizabeth Lorenzo
Fe Fendi and Barbara Tober
Agnieszka Balaban table
L to R.: Noreen Buckfire and Sharon Hoge; Marisa Rose Van Bikhorst and Christina Rose
Nancy Steves table
Lothar Maltzahn, Nina Maltzahn, Beatrice Esteve, and Pepe Esteve
L to R.: Nikki Hilton Rothschild; Mary Snow
Mai Hallingby, Barbara de Portago, and Jean Doyen de Montailou
Daryl Roth, Joan Schnitzer, and Jamee Gregory
Mary van Pelt
Geoffrey Bradfield and Anna Gary
L to R.: Mark Gilbertson and Alexia Hamm Ryan; “I Stay In Shape By Running from Commitment”
Edwina Erley Anneselli, Kamie Lightburn, and Jane DeFlorio
Jeanne Lawrence, Sidney Ogden, Robin Joseph, and Leslie Francis
Sally and Ed Johnston
Anne Marie Bratton Table
Jennifer Kinderman Table
Barbara Tober Table
Marissa Rose Table
Gerard Casey, Lani Casey, Richard Holt, and Nora Holt
Sir Clive Gillinson, Anya Deutsch, Sharon Handler Loeb, and Ambassador John Loeb
Mark Gilbertson, Julie Ireland, and Michael Kovner
Lindsay and Russell Grant
Russell Grant party
CeCe Black, Guy Robinson, Pam Barbey, Lee Black, Elizabeth Stribling, and Peter Barbey
Paul Revson, Suebelle Robbins, Robin Aviv, and Richard Robbins
L to R.: Emily Mohr and Cole Rumbough; Jon and Susan Nagel
Adrienne and Philip Mehler
Bob Hardwick
The dessert table …

Photographs by ANNIE WATT

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