Daring to Be Wickedly Elegant for a Great Cause

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Jeff and Gloria Holtman, Tracy and Luke Edwards, Andrew and Romy Kerwin, and Tai and Jenny Park

Masked partygoers at this year’s Wickedly Elegant Jay Soirée dared to go out in frightful weather on October 27th — their treat? It was an evening of hauntingly fun entertainments benefiting the non-profit Jay Heritage Center (JHC) in Rye, NY. Clairvoyants, crystal readers, airbrush tattoo artists, sharply dressed guys and elegant ghouls got into the “spirit” producing a decidedly excellent time. And it was all to support JHC’s efforts to continue reanimating its historic 23-acre campus.

In the spirit of the season, guests slaked their thirst with blood orange martinis served out of crystal skulls. The guests intrepidly explored the faux cobwebbed corners of the 1838 Jay Mansion. Amazing pumpkin carvings, including a portrait of John Jay made by Brooklyn artist Hugh McMahon, illuminated the hallways. Some guests channeled their inner Dark Shadows, and arrived in smoking jackets, while others stuck to sleek black capes and bewitching gowns.

A signature Hugh McMahon carving

Everyone sunk their teeth into a tantalizing dinner provided by Scarborough Fair Caterers before hitting the dance floor to the live strains of the Clara Jordan Band. All cloaking aside, proceeds of the evening will allow JHC to increase its offerings of free STEAM oriented school experiences and educational programs in American History, Architecture, Social Justice and Environmental Stewardship to thousands of underserved students in the New York, Westchester and Fairfield County communities. Good job. Well done.

Alexis and Jon Scahill, Samantha Fabicant and Antonio Lavalva, Fred and Sheryl Fabricant, Julie Fabricant, and Dan Walsh
Alex Hugh shows off her new tatoo
Ben and Karina Bubeck, Heather Rich, and Tom Stein
Ben Mao and Federico Jost
Ben Mao, Betsy White, Inga Mao, Vishal, and Kelly Bakshi
L to R.: Brian and Kathy O’Hare; Gabriela de la Oliva and Edgard Puente
Ben Mao, Inga Vimba-Mao, Carolina Cordova de Jost, Federico Jost, Melinda Mehfar, and Alex Mehfar
L to R.: Kay and Russell Booth; Christopher Gray, Daphne Thompson, and Taryn Clary
Brian Cady and Sumi Nair
L to R.: Greg and Shannan Bucher; Bill and Melissa Belleville
Hugh McMahon’s Pumpkin portrait of John Jay
L to R.: Greg and Gail Fell; Joan and Will Steere
Marie-Anne and Joris van Roijen with Jen and Paul Smailes
L to R.: Waiting for trick or treaters; Vishal and Kelly Bakshi
Matt Schnaars, Daniela and Brian Delaney, and Kathryn Schnaars
L to R.: Jay Adler and Shelby Green; Jeff and Gloria Holtman
Matt Schnaars, Vishal Bakshi, and Brian Delaney
Marisol and Rhett Thurman Marisol Thurman and Tracy Edwards
Mentalists Raven and Larry astonished guests
L to R.: Taylor Katzovitz and George Reich; Thijs and Suzanne Hovers
Music by the Clara Jordan Band
L to R.: Linda Lovett and friend; Liz and Brian Ahrens
NY State Assemblyman Steve Otis, Prof. Nick Robinson, and Rich Clary
L to R.: Kiki Montgomery and Kate Kissell; Serena Jones and Meghan DiPerna
Rich and Suzanne Clary with Dede and Chip Montgomery
Shannan and Greg Bucher with Cammie and Greg Williams
Tai and Jenny Park
L to R.: Mark Mumford and Calla Chuy; John and Rina Verni
Taryn Clary and Juliana Glasser
Victoria, Chip, Dede, and Kiki Montgomery
L to R.: Frightfully fashionable; Daniela Delaney
A toast to a hauntingly good nite!
Dancing til dawn
L to R.: Taryn Clary and Val Quan; When bad is exactly right

Photographs by Cutty McGill

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