Debbie’s Week at a Glance: New Year’s Eve Snapshots from around the World!

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The whole Bali crew at Canggu Bali on New Year's Eve.

My big New Year’s Eve highlight was the Chicken Momo at my local Indian restaurant. I had one martini, and rang in the New Year watching “American Horror Story,” 9 years after its debut. Even my viewing choice wasn’t “new.” I didn’t even kiss my dog. My one invite was cancelled because of what seems like a bronchitis epidemic. My potential trip to Aspen got shelved, which, as I don’t ski, was probably a reasonable outcome.

Luckily, my friends and family had infinitely more interesting holidays than I. They celebrated on many different continents, in every time zone, arriving at this new decade, within a day or so of each other, with shared optimism. What seemed to be another universal commonality, is that they celebrated mostly with family, partners, best friends, often in intimate venues …

Bali Hai, Come to me, come to me … My Will and the girls. Nothing new, on New Year’s Eve.
A pool big enough for them, and many more.
And the sun sets on New Year’s Day. Back to earth and work, millennials.
Marisa Berenson and daughter Starlite ring in the new year in Paris; Three generations of beauty, Marisa, Starlite, and the newest addition … Luna; Quelle surprise! A new decade!
L. to r.: Carlton DeWoody and baby Gray at mom, Beth DeWoody’s NYE party in West Palm Beach; Ginger DeWoody rocks a perfect NYE frock at Grandma’s.
Glam gallerist, Sarah Gavlak, can’t resist swathing Jackson DeWoody in her fun fur.
Sandra Macaya and forever friend, Tiffany Dubin in Gstaad.
Pre-game, New Year’s Eve, Aspen at the Pitts.’
L. to r.: Gigi Mortimer not surprisingly, in a chic NYE head dress, with Jill Roosevelt and Charlie Ayres at the Ganek’s in Aspen; Betsy Pitts and Nicole Miller at the Ganek’s.
The next generation … Alexandra Mishaan, Harry Ganek, Storey Schifter, Palmer Taipale, and Nicholas Mishaan at the Ganek’s NYE party.
Caribou Club Aspen. Spence strong with 2 stronger dad’s, Rob Pitts and Mark Giordano, lining their tums.
Aspen fireworks.
Poppa Chris Barish and Bee celebrate NYE with the Jonas Brothers at the Fontainbleau in Miami; And beautiful Julie Mulligan Barish joins the fun.
The Polo Lounge, LA. What looks a little tame came alive when Jimmy Fallon arrived, grabbed the mike (as he is wont to do), sang Christmas songs and got tipped by Sly Stallone.
L. to r.: An early, sweet start to NYE in Palm Beach at Sant Ambroeus; John Ingram and Olympic rider, Joe Fargis, who won on the Currey family horse! John is no slouch in the equestrian world either!
Frances Briggs, John Ingram. Martha ingram, Stephanie Ingram and pals kick off NYE early, in PB.
Andrew Saffir and Delfina Blaquier (where was Nacho?) in Sydney.
NYE down under, with Ashley McDermott, Stephanie Tomasson, Serena and Audrey McDermott, and Daniel Benedict.
Sydney’s fireworks, 16 hours before ours.
Geoffrey Bradfield celebrating NYE in his native South Africa.
Addo Elephant Camp, East Cape, South Africa.
Lions recovering from NYE.
William Featherby, too.
L. to r.: You think Australia is down under? Dennis Basso and Michael Cominotto in Antarctica(!); And here they are disembarked from the Silver Cloud on NYE in the Falkland Islands. Winner — most exotic NYE!

Are we collectively growing up — though my posse spans 20 to 75? I may be because it actually felt nice to be under my percales watching a deliciously dark show, with no obligation to kiss some random party guest, and sated by my favorite dinner, with my warm pup at my feet.

And I thought a lot about my friends, Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney, whose Bridgehampton home almost burned down, 4 days into the New Year. It is a house lovingly built according to their design, filled with Hearst Castle artifacts, art, books, precious wines and even more precious animals.

Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney’s beloved Ashcroft, in the third hour of burning.

Thankfully the animals made it out, though not without a little drama from Carlos Danger, their cat, who didn’t want to leave his home. The art, books and wine made it out, too, some under their arms.

Anne carrying some of their art out. It all survived.
And thankfully, everyone, including all pets, made it out as well.

The local firemen had to travel one mile to the closest hydrant and truck in the water, much of which, mixed with soot, helped but also destroyed. I actually had lunch with them, the day after it happened, as they are mostly dining out, now. I arrived, as did Robert Zimmerman, bearing sweaters, as all of theirs had perished. 

Remarkably, they were calm, and even funny. Jay told us how he blasted a closet with a fire extinguisher, only to have it resist, and implode on him. No damage, but a face full of ash. They appreciated the amazing work of all of the local firefighters that much more.

A post fire visit with Anne.
The hall that has welcomed so many guests for many years.
The master bedroom with possible fire culprit, 14th century fireplace. @jaymcinerney
Some surviving pieces.

Fortunately, they can live in their guesthouse while watching the long reconstruction of their beloved home. Jay and Anne are arguably two of the most generous, gracious hosts out east, and beyond. We are all offering the same to them, and hope they will take us upon it.

Here’s to friendship, care, health, love, creativity and all the things that will make 2020 a good one for you, and optimally, for everyone else, too.

Precious tzchackas, and the brave little Nutcracker who just days before, watched over their tree.

Addendum: On Saturday, Anne and Jay’s beloved mini Pin, Bella, passed away. She lived to a ripe old 17, and was healthy and active till two days before she died, though her death was not unexpected. Amanda gave her to her mom and named her Bella. As you can see in the pictures, Anne dressed Bella way after Amanda outgrew that. I knew her well too, and have happy memories of her cruising the boardwalk in Miami and frolicking with her many fuzzy friends at Ashcroft Farm. It does seem that this is way more than any family should endure, within 2 weeks time. It is. But they have other loved animals, and oh yeah, kids, family, and us. So forge on they will, with grace, optimism and cherished memories.

Bella Hearst (2003–2020)

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