Debbie’s Week at a Glance: Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

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Newlyweds Sharon Bush and Bob Murray!

This is the first week of the holiday madness and I already found myself at the end of a lunch, realizing my blouse was inside out. I have vowed to temper and pace, from here on in.

My dashing host, Teo.
Out his window, onto the snowy terrace.

Tom Turkey tossed it to St. Nick last weekend, and snowflakes replaced pumpkins. There could be no more dazzling segue than the magical, Thanksgiving weekend wedding of Sharon Bush to Bob Murray. 

Holiday transition, Thanksgiving to Christmas, at same country home …
Same day …

This is a story that swells hearts and gives hope that love exists at every stage of life, keenly so in theirs. Bob, a handsome, ex-Wall Street banker, who lost his first wife to cancer, and lived in Dobbs Ferry to be close to his kids, was introduced to Sharon. And after more than a one year of courtship, there they were surrounded by family and friends, tying the knot. 

We all know and adore Sharon, but didn’t know Bob well. “This is your debut”, she warned him. He passed with flying colors. Joel Osteen, the famed televangelist, and dear friend of Sharon’s, flew in from Houston to perform the nuptials.

The official wedding party portrait.
Mom and her favorite girls, Ashley and Lauren.
The Osteens and the Bushes.

His church seats 15,000. We were 150. The opera singer, Barbara Grizer sang “One Thousand Years” and we teared up and smiled at the same time, as Sharon and Bob sailed through the church and onto the reception at the same club where I was married, 30 years ago.

The wedding party.
L. to r.: Joel Osteen officiating; bride and groom hand holding.
Don’t know who caught the bouquet, but there were definitely a few eligibles.
Woo Hoo — time to celebrate!
L. to r.: Beautiful bride, Sharon Bush, dazzled in Marchesa; Sharon changed into a chic jumpsuit for the reception.

Sharon’s son, Pierce, ‘M.C.’ed the evening and Sharon’s girls showed their toasting chops. “When I was 16, I snuck out to go on a first date” her daughter Ashley told us. “My Mom is a very protective mother, and is famous for calling multiple times, but after 5 missed calls, I eventually turned my phone off … A few minutes later, my dates phone started to ring with a call from an unknown number. It was the Secret Service. Mom had told them to ‘look into him’, track us down and to call to find out how it was going. There was no second date.” Ashley is actually married to lovely, fearless fellow now, Jules Lefevre.

Lauren Bush Lauren told us “From what I know of Bob, he gardens, cooks, does crossword puzzles, is great with finance sheets, seems to enjoy planning and even composts. I can safely say, Mom does none of these things. But she will bring life, energy some Italian style passion, and love to everyone around her.”  That seems to be a very nice balance.  They’ll be moving into new digs on Beekman Place this month and will have a safari honeymoon in the spring.

Domed desert, Sharon thought better than traditional wedding cake. Agreed.
Our gifts from the wedding: monogramed tin of sweets in Lauren’s FEED bag, of course.

Lisa and Donald Jackson kicked off the holiday season in their chic, 4 floors, modern apartment in a sleek Park Avenue building, tucked between the pre-war dowagers.  Lisa is always on design’s cutting edge. Their daughter’s beau, Dexter Zimet’s catering company, Food in Motion tempted and sated us. Pals like Vera Wang, David Sawyer, George Farias and Danielle and David Ganek launched the silly season, happily here.

L. to r.: Quinn Jackson and Dexter Zimet hostess and caterer extraordinaire; Designing duo, Brian Sawyer and hostess Lisa Jackson.
L. to r.: Scott Nelson  and Alex Papachristidis; Jennifer Creel, colorful and cool.
Vera Wang, always expressive. Here with Alice Tisch.
L. to r.: Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani, in from Paris, or was it Marrakesh?; Doris and Chris Johnson. GO JETS!!
L. to r.: Kelly Pasciucco; Danielle Ganek, David Howe and me, Debbie. Only D’s need apply.
L. to r.: Tate Jackson and friend, captured in the family elevator; George and Calvert Moore.

Of course, Christmas is defined by Wendy Carduner’s  joyous, extravagant display at Doubles — from the polar bear down to the famed cookies. I did a double header, both lunch and dinner there in one day and feel like I had the B-12 Holiday shot, though it has only just begun. I’ll need the real shot soon. And a righted blouse.

Nobody does it better, Wendy Carduner’s Doubles at Christmas.
Doubles dessert trough.

 Photographs by Debbie Bancroft and Jean-Pierre Uys (Bush Wedding)

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