Deep in the heart at Doubles

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Rowan Hajaj, Naomi Hajoj, Harry Kargman, Jill Kargman, Zach Iscol, Meredith Melling, Alisa Volkman, and Rufus Griscom at the ST. VALENTINE'S DINNER DANCE at Doubles.

On February 10th, four days before the Big V, Wendy Carduner welcomed 150 moms and kids to The Little People’s Valentine Disco Dance — at DOUBLES — where everyone enjoyed the face painting, the balloon artists and especially the disco dancing.

Then on the Big Day, February 14th, the celebrations continued with 200 members and guests at the “Be My Valentine” Luncheon Buffet. Then later that night, 150 members and guests were treated to Chilean bass and filet mignon at the St. Valentine’s Dinner Dance.

Some of those taking part in the many festivities included Katherine Boulud, Francesca Bodini, Whitney Wolfe, Darice Fadeyi, Kate Earls, Lauren Gutfreund, Kay Nordeman, Whitney Teach, Julia Kiel, Gillian Miniter, Noel Momsen, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Claudia Rohm, Jenny Paulson, Blaire Hussain, Margo Nederlander, Suzie Aijala, Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Jill and Harry Kargman, Tracey Huff, Angela Clofine, Margaret and Gregory Hedberg and hundreds more bearing a similar likeness.

L. to r.: Melanie McLennan; Elizabeth Cordia.
Whitney Wolfe.
L. to r.: Marina Rutherford; Elizabeth Darst.
Elizabeth Reiss.
L. to r.: Caroline Meade and Kristin Harper; Katherine Boulud and Stephanie Stamas.
L. to r.: Lauren Neinstein and Kate Earls; Karl Rozak.
Whitney Teach and Julian Kiel.
L. to r.: Lauren Gutfreund; Katie Wolfe.

Fay Fendi, Enrika Arengi, Gillian Miniter, and Emily Chen.
Caryn Zucker, Donya Bommer, Jenny Paulson, Camilla Ganea, and Dita Shaari.
Darice Fadeyi, Erica Martini, Christina Caldwell, and Nordia Edwards.
L. to r.: Amy Clark, Mercedes Bevin, and William Bevin; Ellen Ball and Katherine Birch.
Colby McClure, Sara Peters, and Amos Nevin.
Blair Husain, Farnaz Vossoughian, Tanya Warren, Laurie Constantino, and Renee Rockefeller.
Noelle Momsen, Andrea Hagan, and Kathy Reilly.
Nina Patterson, Jessica Perez, Caroline Beschara, and Melissa Krandel.
Eliza Khalidi, Elaine Indy, and Prather Claghorn.
Jamie and Peter Gregory.
Andrea Dale, Felipa Berk, Claudia Rohm, and Anna Turnos.
Kimberly Seward, Cecilia Crowhurst, Ellen Offet, and Nicole Harris.
Suzie Aijala, Wendy Carduner, and Mary Ellen Cundy.
Robert Strang and Annie Karach.
Andre Nasser, Lois Nasser, Kathy White, Philip White, Olga Neulist, Herb Wetson, Nikki Field, and Stephen Field.
L. to r.: Mia McDonald and Margo Nederlander; Joanne Sarracino, Ashley Brissette, and Crystal Fryer.
Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Barbara Anderson Terry, and Howard Johnson.
Alexander and Jeanette Sanger.
Margaret and Gregory Hedberg.
Claire Groome and Kathy Lorenz.
L. to r.: Tracey Huff, Darice Fadiya, Angela Clofine, and Jackie Nolan; Larry Kasser and Debra Refson.
Marie Regina Sotos, Valda Witt, Elizabeth Granville-Smith, and Ann Mahony.
Marie Regina and Peter Sotos and friends.
Nancy Pearson, Marsha McCabe, and friends.

Photos by Jill Nelson and Johns Sanderson/

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