Easy to get carried away

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Monday, January 10, 2022. Mainly rain for the weekend just passed. Off and on, none of it heavy, with temperatures rising into the low 40s so that it actually felt like it was warming up.  According to the weatherman, however, it’s not.

Queen Elizabeth with her then baby boy, Prince Andrew, who was the first child born to a reigning monarch in over 100 years.

I read over the weekend in the Daily Mail that Queen Elizabeth won’t help her badboy son Prince Andrew out financially in the lawsuit Virginia Giuffre has brought against him. The Queen has probably always understood that it is basically the Men in the Family who get carried away into fields of thorns and bramble while taking advantage of their Royal ticket to (some fun in) life.

We don’t know enough about her to know what she really thinks. We only know she has the wisdom of speaking honestly and discreetly. When you look at her life — which began during the Second World War — you can see that she has seen it all in a way almost all of us never have, or will. She’s been protected in some ways by her Crown, and her universal popularity as a monarch. But as a woman, a mother, the connections are profoundly natural. So are her son’s; therein lies the drag.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret with their (good) Queen Mother, Circa 1940.

But I do wonder what it is like for the aging mother.  She remains resourceful in the public’s mind. But it has to be a challenge because Age is about challenge. The offspring are now defining themselves as they did when they were offspring. Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret had a good mother. You can see that by the results. It was challenging for Margaret to be Number 2. It could have been easier as we’ve seen in the following generation’s lifestyle. However, thanks to Mama, the sisters remained a family unit. It has not been as convenient for some members of the subsequent generations.

We still don’t know very much about the Epstein Epic and how it affected Andrew except that it looks like he got carried away.  It’s easy to understand how he was flattered by the attention. Otherwise the man had a pointless life and because of his royal personage had no real aptitude for anything other than showing up for the Processions and public appearances with the family on the Palace terrace overlooking the crowds.

He is not to be faulted for his “professional” dilemma. It came at birth. Look at his poor older brother Charles who is now 73 and his reason for living has always been to succeed his mother on the throne. When and If. Obviously it hasn’t been easy for poor Charles.  It looks like — to us poor working stiffs — a pretty easy life living like a fulltime prince. But the question always arises for all of us in life: for what?

Double that and you have Andrew’s problem. At least with Epstein and his list of VIPs (very bold faced names/participants), Andrew could feel important — because he is — he’s the said-to-be favorite son of Her Majesty the Queen of England. And you ain’t! We don’t know who Andrew was rubbing elbows with at the Epstein palaces but we do know that not a one of them could hold a candle to Andrew’s background and centuries-old heritage.

The big man on campus.

So what may look like just one-of-those-things to most of us is clearly a real life matter on many levels for Her Majesty and Her Son having been led in to temptation, and now will hopefully be delivered from evil and all its partners.

One thing the man has going for him (besides his Mother) is his ex-wife, Sarah, Duchess of York. Evidently they have a very close and cooperative relationship. And that marriage blessed them with two daughters but otherwise Saarh had to go through the gossip mill back and forth for quite some time just because she was married to What’s-his-name, the mother’s favorite.

As the good father.

We’ve all been watching the Queen these days because of her age and her greatness which is actually authentic. In a very real way she is likely the most powerful person in the world today. At least the most powerful woman simply because of  Her Conduct in her role as a leader in the world. Sons, even favorite sons, don’t ever fade away from a Mother’s heart.

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