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Lisa Harbert, Shayna Taylor, Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana Rancic, and Ted Harbert at The Pink Agenda’s Annual Gala.

On Thursday, October 11, The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as well as awareness of the disease among young professionals, hosted The Pink Agenda’s Annual Gala at Tribeca Rooftop. The Pink Agenda shares a strategic partnership with its long-time beneficiary, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) as well as Giuliana Rancic’s FAB-U-WISH initiative. Through the combined efforts of this year’s Co-chairs; The Pink Agenda’s leadership, and 500 event attendees, the sold-out gala successfully raised a record-breaking nearly $300,000.

Willie Geist kicked-off the evening’s program with welcome remarks before introducing host, Giuliana Rancic, and special guest, Ryan Seacrest, to lead the live auction.

Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest

The Gala included a presentation of the Lisa Mae Lee Award to Rebecca Hall, a courageous and impassioned advocate for the metastatic breast cancer community, in recognition of her character, courage, optimism, and outstanding leadership in the fight against breast cancer. The Lisa Mae Lee Award is named in memory of The Pink Agenda Co-founder Marisa Renee Lee’s mother, who succumbed to the disease in 2008.

Ryan Seacrest addressed The Pink Agenda supporters before starting the lively auction, “Every two minutes in the United States a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. That statistic alone should serve as motivation for everyone to do their part in finding a cure.”

Willie Geist

FAB-U-WISH aims to help young women fighting breast cancer feel special when they need it the most. Each year at the Gala, a FAB-U-WISH is granted to a young woman battling breast cancer at the gala. This year’s recipient, Emily Garnett, is a 33-year-old mother with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. As part of her wish, Emily received a surprise night at the gala with Giuliana, including a full makeover experience and a brand new wardrobe from Universal Standard.

Christian Garnett and FAB-U-WISH recipient Emily Garnett

Co-chairs for the event were Zoe Katz, Alex Tritsch and Alanna Tweedy, with Honorary Co-chairs Meghan Rooney FoleySamantha Fuld and Jason Greenstone. Additional notable guests included Carly Cardellino, Cindy & Rob Citrone, Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula, Lisa & Ted Harbert, William P. Lauder & Lori Kanter Tritsch, Chloe Melas & Brian Mazza, Kirk Myers, Hayley Paige, Kendra Scott, and Shayna Taylor. Music for the evening was provided by the highly acclaimed DJ D-Nice.

The Pink Agenda’s Annual Gala was generously sponsored by Fountain of Truth, Kendra Scott, Citrone 33 Foundation, William P. Lauder & Lori Kanter Tritsch, Cushman & Wakefield, Bandier, Hanky Panky, Cathy Franklin & Jeffrey Baker, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Nils Parker.

Alanna Tweedy, Zoe Katz, and Alex Tritsch

The Pink Agenda believes that engaging today’s generation can go a long way toward finding tomorrow’s cure for breast cancer. That’s why The Pink Agenda, together with its partner the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, is working with the next generation of leaders to find and fund programs that are improving the lives of those suffering from breast cancer and conducting the groundbreaking research necessary to improve their odds. The Pink Agenda, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization launched in 2007, has raised more than $3.5 million for breast cancer research. In 2014, The Pink Agenda partnered with breast cancer survivor and television personality Giuliana Rancic and her initiative FAB-U-WISH. Together, Giuliana Rancic’s FAB-U-WISH and The Pink Agenda grant the most fabulous wishes to women undergoing treatment for this devastating disease. www.thepinkagenda.org

Nicole Seagriff, Zoe Katz, Alanna Tweedy, Giuliana Rancic, and Alex Tritsch
Liana M. Douillet Guzman, Rebecca Hall, Jaquelyn M. Scharnick, and Marisa Renee Lee
Gary Tickle, Giuliana Rancic, and Megan Tickle
Cindy Citrone, William P. Lauder, Lori Kanter Tritsch, Kendra Scott, and Matt Davis
Ryan Fuld, Lori Kanter Tritsch, Samantha Fuld, and William P. Lauder
DJ D-Nice

On September 25th, The Frick Collection held its annual Behinds-the-Scenes Luncheon for Fellows and members. In addition to a presentation on upcoming exhibitions, the lunch featured a talk by Stephen Bury, Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian at the Frick Art Reference Library, on the wide range of resources and programs offered by the Library.

Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian Stephen J. Bury and Chief of Archives Sally Brazil
Guests at the Behind the Scenes Lunch …

After lunch, guests were invited up to the second floor of the museum for conversations with the library staff and for interactive presentations of the library’s newest initiatives.

Fellows enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access to The Frick Collection through talks and events designed to engage them in all aspects of the Frick’s programming: special exhibitions, educational initiatives, conservation, and activities at the Frick Art Reference Library.

Michael Espiritu, Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian Stephen J. Bury, and Laura Day Webb
Chairman Betty Eveillard, Stephen K. Scher, Trustee Barbara Fleischman, and Janie Woo Scher
John and Carole French III with Alexandra and Tina Rosner
Robert Simon, Barton English, and Barbara Dau
Hyewon Miller and Maria Fishel
Caitlyn Pickens (right) and friend
Trustee Sidney R. Knafel and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Xavier F. Salomon
Kate Reibel, Jessica Casey, and Christina Eberli
Isabella Meisinger and Trustee Aso O. Tavitian
Director Ian Wardropper and President Emerita Helen Clay Chace
Guests at the Behind the Scenes Lunch

National Women’s History Museum’s New York Chair, Cheri Kaufman, co-hosted a non-partisan discussion titled “Women Making History” with Vin Cipolla, Peixin Dallara, and Susan Danish. The talk focused on the historic significance, and future impact, of the unprecedented roster of women candidates running for office in the 2018 midterm elections.

Katy Tur, the awarding-winning NBC news anchor and host of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, served as the moderator. Board Chair Susan Whiting provided the standing-room-only audience with a brief outline of progress toward the NWHM’s goal to establish a physical museum on the National mall in Washington, D.C.

Susan Whiting, Stephanie Berger, Cheri Kaufman, Katy Tur, Erin Vilardi, Rachel Vogelstein, Rina Shah, Ann Stone, and Catherine Allger

New York Chair Cheri Kaufman introduced Katy Tur to the “Women Making History” salon and reminded the audience that the NWHM is second only to the Library of Congress as a major resource and repository for women’s history in the United States. Meryl Streep is a major contributor and influencer behind the project.

The Women’s History Museum presented this lively conversation at a private club to a standing room only audience. Guests also learned more about the Museum’s vision and opportunities to get involved. Also on display was an inter-active Augmented Reality display of Women icons including Amelia Earhart, presented by GIMME360.

Jerry Kremer, Cheri Kaufman, Mary Sliwa, David Paterson, Suzan Kremer, and Susan Whiting

Guests included: Kara Ross, Bonnie Lautenberg, Pamela Newman, Fern Mallis, Rita Cosby, Gov. David Paterson, Barbara Winston, Sharon Bush, Sylvia Acevedo (CEO, Girl Scouts USA), Caroline Fitzgibbons, Debbie Bancroft.

The Mission of The National Women’s History Museum is to educate, inspire, empower, and shape the future by integrating Women’s distinctive history into the culture and history of the United States. NWHM plans to build a world class museum on the National Mall in Washington DC; invite men and women of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to join NWHM; become a hub for Women’s history in the United States; and build a program that brings our collections to museums and schools around the country.

To learn more about the National Women’s History Museum go to: http://www.womenshistory.org

Bonnie Lautenberg and Debra Pickrel
Monica Gil and Suzanne Johnson
L to R.: Suzan Kremer and Rita Crosby; Abigale Wang and Peixin Dallara
Pamela Morgan, Cheri Kaufman, Randi Schatz, Sharon Bush, and Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin
Rina Shah
Sharon Bush and Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin
L to R.: Kara Ross and Cheri Kaufman; David Paterson and Cheri Kaufman
Vin Cipolla and Gabriella Martin

On September 17th, David Zwirner Gallery held a cocktail reception for the Whitman Walker Health Event to announce a new DC-Based LGBTQ+ Cultural Center with art providing a voice for those unheard. Fivesquares Development, working with Whitman Walker Health, selected New York-based architect Annabelle Selldorf (Executive Director of WWH) to design the space, one mile from the White House. Don Blanchon’s brother, artist Robert Blanchon died of HIV.

Guests included: The founders of of Fivesquares Development Andy Altman, Don Blanchon, Ron Kaplan, and Annabelle Selldorf. Other guests included Martin and Michele Cohen, Mary Ellen Carroll, Toni Ross, Martine Dubin, Abbie Gibbs, Louis Dubin, Esther McGowan, Meredith Miller, Steve Miller, Elizabeth Keeting, Nick Gustafaro, Wendy Keys, Leon Faulk, Suy Hi, Frank Moresca, Frederick Doner, Mark Brennan, Stephen Benedicto, Greg Winter, Naseema Shafi, Alexandra Thom, and Sydney Mejia.

Since 1973, Whitman-Walker has been a place where people can just be themselves without fear of judgement or retribution. They provide care with patience, kindness, humility and as much empathy as humanly possible.

Don Blanchon, Ron Kaplan, Annabelle Selldorf, and Andy Altman
L to R.: Suy Hi and Frank Moresca; Meredith and Steve Miller
Anne Richards and Ellen Stark
L to R.: Don Blanchon and Esther McGowan; Elizabeth Keeting and Nick Gustafaro
Mark Brennan, Abbie Gibbs, and Stephen Benedicto
L to R.: Jordan Eagles and Eduardo Alafuentes ;Naseema Shafi and Sarah Lopergolo
Michele Cohen, Martin Cohen, and Toni Ross
Rendy Pies and Frederick Doner

Photographs by Michael Blanchard & Getty Images (Pink Agenda); Mark Sagliocco /PMC (Women Making History); Christine A. Butler (Frick)

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