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ICAA Chairman of the Board Russell Windham, John Danzer, Arne Maynard, Andrew Scott, Suzanne Rheinstein, Marc Appleton, Timothy Smith, Barry Bergdoll, Jonathan Taylor, and Kenneth Mineau at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art's (ICAA) 2022 Arthur Ross Awards.

On Monday, May 23rd, 2022, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) welcomed guests to celebrate the lifetime achievements of the winners of the 2022 Arthur Ross Awards.

Architects, designers, artisans, builders, academics, and enthusiasts of classicism united in the ornate dining room of a private club in New York City to recognize the extraordinary contributions of the talented winners: Appleton Partners LLP (Architecture), John Danzer / Munder-Skiles (Artisanship & Craftsmanship), Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates (Interior Design), Arne Maynard Garden Design (Landscape Design & Gardening), Timothy Smith and Jonathan Taylor (Education), Barry Bergdoll (History & Writing), and Raymond L. Gindroz (Board of Directors Honor).

ICAA Chairman of the Board and Presenter Russell Windham.
2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner Barry Bergdoll (History & Writing), ICAA Board Member and Arthur Ross Awards Jury Chair Kathryn Herman, and ICAA Chairman of the Board Russell Windham.

400 practitioners and enthusiasts of classical and traditional architecture and design gathered to recognize the tremendous achievements of this year’s winners, who have collectively brought to life extraordinary architectural works, beautiful interiors, magical gardens and landscapes, thoughtful and inventive furniture, life-changing educational programs, fascinating and deeply researched books, and even entire neighborhoods and communities built on the principles of classical design.

The awards were presented by ICAA Board Chairman Russell Windham, who was joined by ICAA Board Member Bunny Williams for the presentation of Suzanne Rheinstein’s award, and ICAA Board Member Michael Mesko for Raymond L. Gindroz’s award.

2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner Timothy Smith (Education).
2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner Jonathan Taylor (Education).

Also honored as part of the evening’s festivities was the winner of the Award for Emerging Excellence in the Classical Tradition, Rodrigo Bollat Montenegro. The Award, which is now in its sixth year, is a collaboration between the ICAA, The Prince’s Foundation, and the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) and recognizes exceptional talent exhibited by young professionals in classical and traditional architecture, landscape and interior design, building crafts, urban design and planning, and the allied arts.

The 2022 Arthur Ross Award winners were selected by a jury that included Kathryn Herman (Chair), Courtney Coleman, Timothy Corrigan, Jared Goss, Liz Graziolo, Craig Hamilton, Ellen McGauley, Mark Pledger, and Bill Sullivan. Honorary Chairs include Janet C. Ross, Suzanne R. Santry, and Bunny Williams.

ICAA Board Member and Arthur Ross Awards Jury Chair Kathryn Herman, ICAA Board Member Bunny Williams, and Suzanne Rheinstein.
Arne Maynard of 2022 Arthur Ross Award Winning Firm Arne Maynard Garden Design (Landscape Design & Gardening).
2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner Raymond L. Gindroz (Board of Directors Honor).

Distinguished guests included Janet Ross, Chesie Breen, Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, Timothy Carpenter, Valentin Goux, Tham Kannalikham, Hadley Keller, Stewart Manger, Mitchell Owens, Andrew Oyen, Markham Roberts, John Roselli, Robert Rufino, Gil Schafer, Mark D. Sikes, Jacqueline Terrebonne, and Virginia Tupker. ICAA Board Members in attendance included Anthony Barnes, Gary Brewer, Stanley Dixon, Barbara Eberlein, Mark Ferguson, Jared Goss, Alexa Hampton, Kathryn Herman, Kirk Henckels, Anne Lazar, Thomas Lloyd, Anne Kriken Mann, John Murray, Lyn Muse, Eric Osth, Mark Pledger, David Rau, Suzanne Santry, Peter Talty, Suzanne Tucker, Bunny Williams, Paul Williger, and Russell Windham.

John Danzer of 2022 Arthur Ross Award Winning Firm Munder-Skiles (Artisanship & Craftsmanship).
Marc Appleton of 2022 Arthur Ross Award Winning Firm Appleton Partners LLP (Architecture).

The 2022 Arthur Ross Awards were made possible thanks to the generosity of the sponsors Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design, Janet C. Ross, Kathryn & Ron Herman, The Nanz Company / Pollack+Partners / Revival Sash, Patrons of Charlotte Worthy Architects, and Tischler und Sohn USA Ltd. along with the support of patrons Appleton Partners LLP, Bulley & Andrews, Charlotte Worthy Architects, Clark Construction, Curtis & Windham Architects, Inc., DMG Architectural Specialists, Barbara Eberlein, Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, G.P. Schafer Architect, Hart Howerton, Highline Construction Group, Hollander Design | Landscape Architects, ICAA Florida Chapter, ICAA Southeast Chapter, Thomas Lloyd, Luxury Division of Pella, Peter Pennoyer Architects, Robert A.M. Stern Architects, S. Donadic Inc. Construction Management, Suzanne Tucker & Timothy F. Marks, Waterworks, Yellow House Architects, and Zepsa Industries / Zepsa Windows & Doors.

Jeffery Davis, ICAA Board Member Bunny Williams, Ashley Dabbiere, and John Rosselli.
Nancy Scharff, Janet C. Ross, and Ned Scharff.
Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, ICAA President Peter Lyden, and Suzanne Rheinstein.
William Colinson, ICAA Board Member Lyn Muse, and 2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner Arne Maynard (Landscape Design & Gardening).
Elizabeth Graziolo, ICAA President Peter Lyden, Tham Kannalikham, Mark D. Sikes, and Andrew Hopkins.
ICAA President Peter Lyden, Raymond L. Gindroz, and ICAA Chairman of the Board Russell Windham.
2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner John Danzer (Artisanship & Craftsmanship), Ashley Bernhard, Melissa Sellars, and Chip Allemann.
Elizabeth Graziolo, Ashley Tyler, Keita Turner, and Melinda Marquardt.
Deborah Fulton Rau, ICAA Board Member David Rau, and 2022 Arthur Ross Awards Jury Coordinator Clay Hayles.
ICAA Board Member and Arthur Ross Awards Event Co-Chair Thomas Lloyd, Anderson Somerselle, and Hadley Keller.
ICAA Board Member Anne Kriken Mann and 2022 Arthur Ross Awards Jury Coordinator Clay Hayles.
Stewart Manger and ICAA Board Member and Arthur Ross Awards Event Chair Suzanne Tucker.
Suzanne Rheinstein, Robert Rufino, and Kate Rheinstein Brodsky.
2022 Arthur Ross Award Winner Mark Appleton (Architecture), Peggy Platner, Tim Barber, David Stone, and Kyra Bauman.
Brooke Cooley, Neil Landino, ICAA Board Member John B. Murray, and Elizabeth Brooke Murray.
ICAA Director of Development Caroline Slaten, Valentin Goux, ICAA President Peter Lyden, Kimberly Driessen, and Matt Greitzer.
ICAA Video and Content Producer Justin Kegley, ICAA Marketing and Communications Director Brandon Mitchell, ICAA Board Member Jared Goss, and Darryl Babatunde Smith.
Mark D. Sikes, Virginia Tupker, Chesie Breen, and Stewart Manger.
Tham Kannalikham, Andrew Hopkins, and Emily Bedard.

Lifeline New York recently hosted their benefit dinner at Il Postino Ristorante in New York City, benefiting children’s hospitals in Serbia, with half of the proceeds also going towards helping Ukrainian refugee children. Lifeline Humanitarian Organization is an international humanitarian organization that was founded in 1993 in response to the tragic situation in the former Yugoslavia, which was plagued by conflict and sanctions. Lifeline’s mission is to alleviate and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, and the elderly, as well as to improve medical facilities throughout the country.

Some notable attendees included: Lifeline New York president David Hryck, Lifeline New York vice-president Susan Gutfreund, Lifeline New York vice-president Cheri Kaufman, Lifeline New York treasurer Peter Pizzino, Lifeline New York executive director Tijana Ibrahimovic, Dragana Djuknic, Kyle Wool, Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly, philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, Bill Sclight, Michael Weatherly, Melissa Tomlin, Nicole Steinthal, Alexandra DeBourcy, Tory Kolbjornsen, Blair Friedensohn, Jon Zhang, Julia Zhang, Olga Ferrara, Frederico WassermanDenise Schwartz and Bernard Schwartz.

Peter Pizzino, Susan Gutfreund, and Tijana Ibrahimovic.

Mr. Zarko Bogojevic, BZ Consortium LLC from Wisconsin, importer of the high-end Serbian alcoholic beverages, including the Perun brand, donated beverages for the benefit.

Lifeline New York is a 501c(3) registered not-for-profit whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine. The foundation was established in Belgrade in 2001 to improve the health and welfare of all those in need in Serbia regardless of religion or ethnic origin. HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia inspired the work of Lifeline New York in exile with her husband HRH Crown Prince Alexander. During those trying years, HRH Crown Princess Katherine worked tirelessly to provide humanitarian assistance to Serbia.

For further information concerning Lifeline, please visit www.lifelineny.org

L. to r.: Jean Shafiroff; David Hryck.
Kyle Wool.
L. to r.: Melissa Tomlin, Nicole Steinthal, and Alexandra DeBourcy; Dragana Djuknic.
L. to r.: Bill Sclight and Cheri Kaufman; Bojana Jankovic Weatherly and Michael Weatherly.
L. to r.: Tory and Blair Friedensohn.
L. to r.: Olga Ferrara; Jon and Julia Zhang.

One To World held its 2022 Fulbright Awards Dinner on Tuesday, May 24th, at The Plaza Hotel, as young Fulbright scholars from around the world presented awards to leaders committed to the Fulbright vision of peace through international understanding.

Honorees were Ram Jagannath, Global Head of Healthcare for Blackstone and Fulbrighter to Croatia; George M. Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of the Libra Group; Morgan Radford, anchor/correspondent for NBC News and Fulbrighter to South Africa; and Toni G. Verstandig, co-founder and Executive Director of the Verstandig Family Foundation.

Anthony Viscusi (Vasomedical, Inc. – retired), Catherine Sweeney Singer (Winter Antiques Show – former), and William Singer (New York City Department of Buildings).

Event Co-Chairs were One To World Board members Erica Berthou, Creighton Condon (Chair), Georgia Garinois-Melenikioutou, and Dr. Sue Henderson.

One To World is designated by the U.S. Department of State as the official Coordinator of Enrichment Programs for visiting Fulbright grantees in the New York area. One To World also offers programs to the nearly 100,000 international students from 140 countries who study here each year, connecting them with local residents in schools, homes, and businesses.

Honoree Toni Verstandig, a foreign policy expert who served on the Middle East Peace Team under President Clinton, called on guests to come together in action for a better future. “The generation that is coming of age today is smart, outspoken, and fearless. They are pushing us to do more as they shoulder more burden. These Fulbright Scholars are a real bridge between the world of ideas and action. We owe it to this generation to be optimistic that change can happen – if we and they engage.”

Fabian Juarez (Fulbright student), Bob Schweich (Burnham Securities – retired), Monique Schweich, and Ilyssa Yahmi (Fulbright student).
Mercedes Moya (Kirkland & Ellis), Jen Clarke (One To World), Ram Jagannath (Blackstone), and Erica Berthou (Kirkland & Ellis)
Didric Cederholm (Lion Point Capital) and Ram Jagannath (Blackstone)
Dr. Paul Conrad (University of Texas, Arlington), Kaori Uchisaka (School of Visual Arts), and Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis (Edelman Data & Intelligence).
Dr. Lily Kelly Radford (LEAP Leadership, Inc.), Mary Beth Fay (NBC News), Morgan Radford (NBC News), and Charita Johnson (Johnson Bridge Media)
Donna Eacho (Next Generation Choices Foundation), Candyce Clark, Katherine Bradley (CityBridge Foundation), Toni Verstandig (Verstandig Family Foundation), and Barbara Apple Sullivan (Sullivan & Company).
Creighton Condon (Shearman & Sterling) and George Logothetis (Libra Group).
Ken Samet (MedStar Health), Toni Verstandig (Verstandig Family Foundation), and Grant Verstandig (Red Cell Partners, LLC).

Photographs by Michael Ostuni & Jared Siskin / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images (ICAA); Patrick McMullan (Lifeline).

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