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A storied window sill. Photo: JH.

Monday, December 21, 2020. Baby, it’s cold outside and feels it.  Although it’s only 41 degrees at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. A lot of the snow has melted but a lot of it hasn’t. The plows have pushed it up against the parked cars, the sparkling white has in many places turned to the dull, grungy grey thanks to the plows and tires and everything big city.

We’re in sorta lockdown here in New York, although not really.

A remnant of the glorious storm, 48 hours later.

The roads are quiet, like a weekend, but really an abandoned weekend. The restaurants are all mainly closed. Some are doing a little bit of business here and there.  Outside. The Governor had  decided that restaurant (outside) customers shouldn’t be allowed to use the rest rooms at these restaurant. Nice. How ‘bout the curbside, guv? Will that do? I mean, it is a dog’s life. Funny but not really. 

However, back to reality: it’s the last week of the year. Not factually but actually. The last week is the week of re-runs, resting, escaping, recouping, relaxing, and maybe reading a good book. I’m reading an interesting book right now although I had no idea when I opened it; more later.

Besides the holidays are about to appear, we are in the typical days after the snowstorm. At first it was the celebration: the storm, the snowfall and winds and the next day when everything was pristine, crystal white, mirroring the heavens. It brings out the angel in a lot of us. For the time being. 

My Christmas decorations. I can’t explain it. It was a whim. I’ve had a lot of wonderful Christmases but more recently it was nothing that got revved up for. I call it age and living solo. However, this year, I saw these lights boxed up in the local Pricewise Discount store on 86th Street and I thought, “Hey, this might be nice!” It’s a simple string of colored lights. The photo doesn’t reflect the delicacy of these colored lights against the night background of the avenue. It kinda gives you a private glow. I especially like the view through the half drawn blinds of my bedroom which overlooks the terrace. Merry Christmas it says to the world surrounding.
I have a thing for stuffed animals. I came to that conclusion only when I decided to run this photo. It’s true. It’s not something from childhood but rather recent – 20-25 years. This group came to me via a Christmas gift from Alex Papachristidis and Scott Nelson. This wasn’t even the gift! But the décor. So because of this “thing” I sat them on the top of the sofa. They’re all sweet little lives to this resident, and they’re all just tolerating us as best as can be expected. And even Santas love dogs.
FedEx, the post-modern Santa Claus. Forget the Ho Ho Ho!
The tree outside Avena on 66th between Madison and Fifth (where Chat Noir used to be). Behind the tree is the glassed in “outside” restaurant which has heaters. A friend invited me to dinner. It was very cold out. I wore a tee, a turtleneck, a pullover, a sweater as well as a down jacket and a scarf. It was 30 degrees fer-cryin’-out-loud plus a cap and gloves. There were heaters on either side of us. That was the warm side. The menu is excellent! Really good and so is the service. But all I could think is they have to be there through this Thing we’re going through. Nevertheless, it will warm up.

Two days later, because of the sudden wintry cold, the snow was still here and now piled up, scrunched by plows up against the parked cars – many of which remain scrunched up four days later. JH and I were both separately out with our cameras. You can’t resist.

So today we decided in welcoming the last week of the year (sort of) with a walk around the park, as it were, or parks or anywhere in town when the snow’s still around (it could warm up in January; you never know anymore; it’s like everything else).

Looking north along Park Avenue from 94th Street at 9PM the night of the storm.
Looking north along Madison Avenue a few minutes later.
Christmas lights, outside and in, illuminate 92nd Street between Park and Madison.
Looking south along Park Avenue the (late) morning after.
Snowed in.
Looking east across 93rd Street between Fifth and Madison.
The 30,000-plus-pound tractor covered in snow in front of the Guggenheim Museum as part of Countryside, The Future exhibit.
Christmas decor in the nabe.

Mother Nature’s version …

The entrance to Central Park at 90th and Fifth.
A snowman and snowchild taking in the serene scene on East Drive in the Park.
A snow sculpture constructed on a picnic table in East Pinetum.
Family teamwork.
A mama reindeer pulling her reindeer calf.
It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you …
Window frost formed on the 84th Street side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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