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The annual Easter Egg Hunt at Doubles begins!

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) inducted three arts luminaries into its Hall of Fame during its annual benefit on April 11 at Capitale. The evening’s honorees were multidisciplinary artist Sanford Biggers; Karl Kellner, patron of the arts and Senior Partner, New York Office Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc.; and best-selling author Min Jin Lee.

 The gala was Co-Chaired by Marc Jason and J. Wesley McDade, both members of NYFA’s Board of Trustees. The silent auction was Co-Chaired by Marjorie W. Martay, a member of NYFA’s Board, and Marjorie Croes Silverman, a member of NYFA’s Leadership Council.

L. to r.: Gala Co-Chairs J. Wesley McDade and Marc Jason; Colm Kelleher, CEO, Morgan Stanley and Hall of Fame Benefit Co-Chair J. Wesley McDade

The gala recognizes the achievements of artists who received early career support from NYFA, and the vision and commitment of enlightened patrons of the arts. Biggers and Lee are past recipients of the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship, which is an individual unrestricted grant made to artists who are living and working in New York State. All guests received a signed, limited-edition print by Biggers that was created exclusively for the event.

Guests enjoying NYFA’s silent auction during the cocktail reception

Guests included Derrick Adams, Samira Abbassy, Thomas Bouillonnec,  Liz Christensen, Cameron Esposito, Suzanne Gluck, Colm Kelleher, Sang Lee, Shelley V. Worrell, and Nina Yankowitz; NYC Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl; NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment Commissioner Anne del Castillo; NYFA Board Chair Judith K. Brodsky; NYFA Executive Director Michael L. Royce; and NYFA Board Members Lorin Gu, Howard Pyle, Dread Scott, Justin Tobin, and Tiana Webb Evans. Artist and NYFA Board Member Carmelita Tropicana served as the event emcee.

Michael L. Royce, Executive Director, The New York Foundation for the Arts; Thomas Finkelpearl, Commissioner, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; Hall of Fame Honorees Karl Kellner and Min Jin Lee; Judith K. Brodsky, Board Chair, The New York Foundation for the Arts; and Hall of Fame Honoree Sanford Biggers
Silent Auction Co-Chairs Marjorie Martay and Marjorie Croes Silverman
NYFA Board Member Dread Scott, Hall of Fame Honoree Sanford Biggers, and Artist Derrick Adams
NYFA Board Member Bonnie Podolsky, NYFA Board Member Howard Rothman, and Joan Rothman
Gwendolyn Hankin, Artist Nickolas Roudane, Arana Biggers, and Artist Eri King
Judith K. Brodsky, Board Chair, The New York Foundation for the Arts; Michael L. Royce, Executive Director, The New York Foundation for the Arts; and Anne del Castillo, Commissioner, New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment
Multidisciplinary Artist and Choreographer Angel Kaba and Lorraine Bell
Julia Skinner, Marketing Manager, Graff Diamonds; Thomas Bouillonnec, President & CEO, Graff Diamonds; and Jessie Zhou, High Jewelry Sales Executive, Graff Diamonds
Hall of Fame Honoree Min Jin Lee during the dinner and awards ceremony

Last week, El Museo del Barrio’s opening for Culture and the People, El Museo del Barrio, 1969-2019, in celebration of the Museum’s 50-year anniversary, drew over 500 guests including many artists from the community. Focusing on the institution’s activist origins and pioneering role as a cultural and educational organization dedicated to presenting and preserving Latin American art and culture, the title is taken from an essay penned by one of the Museum’s founders and first director, Raphael Montañez Ortíz, who outlined his concept for the institution in a 1971 article published in Art in America.

El Museo Director Patrick Charpenel said, “This is a very, very special moment in the history of El Museo del Barrio.  This is an institution that was founded by Puerto Ricans, by community people. This is a celebration because for 50 years, this has been a museum active in serving the community and promoting great cultural activities.” Special thanks were offered to board chair Maria Eugenia Maury and Chair Emeritus Tony Bechara — whose work is included in the exhibition — as well as newly appointed chief curator Rodrigo Moura. Charpenel also noted, “The exhibition really shows not only great artworks, not only the vision of Puerto Rico, of Latin excellence, but also shows the increasing population of a great community.” Curator, Susanna V. Temkin continued, “We wanted to talk about the institutional narrative through these selected pieces. We’re addressing the concept of roots, thinking about the context in which El Museo was formed, thinking about our colonial inheritances for better and worse, as well as our indigenous legacies.”

“Viva Puerto Rico!” exclaimed Charpenel.

Patrick Charpenel, Tony Bechara, Thelma Golden, Deborah Cullen, and Julian Zugazagoitia

Guests included board members Claudia Marmolejo, Pedro Pedraza, and Yolanda Santos. Many of the artists included in the exhibition attended including Perla de Leon, Marcos Dimas, Nicolás Dumit-Estévez, Iliana Emilia García, Miguel Luciano, Hiram Maristany, and Arnaldo Morales. Other guests included Graciela Dauhajre, Anne Dayton, Thelma Golden, Amiris Perez, Pera de Leon, Verdery Roosevelt, Elizabeth Steimberg, Suzanne Vega and former director Juliàn Zugazagoitia.

Raul Suarez, Julian Zugazagoitia, Maria Eugenia Maury, Yolanda Santos, and Tony Bechara

New York’s leading Latino cultural institution, welcomes visitors of all backgrounds to discover the artistic landscape of Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures. Their richness is represented in El Museo’s wide-ranging collections and exhibitions, complemented by film, literary, visual and performing arts series, cultural celebrations, and educational programs. For more about El Museo see: https://www.elmuseo.org

For information on El Museo’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Gala on May 3rd see: https://www.elmuseo.org/gala-2019/

Carment Ward and Suzanne Vega
Maria Eugenia Maury, Carlos Galvez, Titina Penzini, and Carlos Valedon
Claudio Marmolejo, Maria Elena Christiansen, and Maria Eugenia Maury
Maria Tovar, Fanny Sanin, and Olga Immel
Scherezade Garcia, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Susanna Temkin, Robert Dandarov, and Ana Chireno
Amiris Perez and Joshue Torres
Manny Vega and Rolinda Ramos
Dr. Pereta Rodriguez
Elizabeth Steimberg

Last week at Doubles, the Private Club in the Sherry-Netherland, there were baskets of Bunny Ears when the children arrived and baskets of stuffed bunnies as they left. In between, 180 parents and children came to enjoy a face painting, limbo games, disco dancing, baby hot dogs, pizza and grilled cheese squares. The children then lined up for the Easter Egg Hunt.  The afternoon activities were enjoyed by many members and friends including:  Jennifer Kinderman, Katherine Boulder, Marisa Rose, Lauren Muzinich, Catherine Smith, Alexandra Cragg, Charlotte Snyder, Francesca Bodini, Avery Broadbent, Catherine Rowley and many, many more.

And down in Palm Beach,  where the social season is still ongoing, Sarah Wetenhall, owner of Palm Beach’s posh Colony Hotel, hosted cocktails to celebrate the publication of “Betty Kuhner: The American Family Portrait” by Kate Kuhner and Steven Stolman.

L. to r.: Kate Kuhner; Toni Holt Kramer.
L. to r.: Bud Broda and Kate Kuhner; Kate Kuhner, Sabrina Forsythe, and Steven Stolman.
L. to r.: Anita Watkins, Mariann Pushker, and Chris Rashid; Willie Jessup Kipp and Scott Kuhner.
L. to r.: Sarah Wetenhall; Jim and Laura Lofaro Freeman.
L. to r.: Gail Gordon and Rusty Nype; Nick Gold, Bram Majtlis, and Ninette Ricca.
L. to r.: Burl Salmon and Bob Henkel; Krystian von Speidel.
L. to r.: Rich Wilkie, Barry Hayes, and Mauricio Busa; Louise Kemler Kaufman.

Photographs by Annie Watt (Doubles); Jay Brady Photography (NYFA);  Jillian Nelson (El Museo)

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