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Well, here we are, one day before Christmas Eve 2022. The Christmas celebrations leading up to it are just about over. Christmas when I was a kid meant good times (especially when involving an excellent present from under the tree). But they also meant “special times” once a year, and often at least potentially a lot of fun.

I’m reminded of all this once again when celebrations were continuing at Doubles last Friday a week ago, December 16th. Santa made a special visit to the Club to welcome all the little girls and boys to SANTA COMES TO TOWN. Of course this is New York in the 21st century and even the little ones are more sophisticated than any generation before.

At Doubles for this year’s little ones, there were Face Painters, Balloon Artists, Disco Dancing and Singing, Baby Hots Dogs, Chicken McDoubles, Grilled Cheese, and Chocolate Brownie Squares for ALL. Who needs reindeer anyway.

It was fun and yum. And it could be said that many of the older “little ones,” even the grandparents among them, were right there in the middle of it all including Alexandra and Stephan Lari, Susan Gutfreund, Ainsley Earhardt, Caroline Quick, Becca and Jimmy Dorian, Elizabeth Darst, Lauren Pelletier, Brooke Block, and Oliver Kennan, Adam and Meghan Klopp, Megan and Brian Ramm, Kate Earls, Caroline Rowley, Katherine Boulud, and many, many more.

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