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One To World's 2019 Fulbright Awards Dinner at 583 Park Avenue.

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, One To World held its annual Fulbright Awards Dinner, honoring Erica Berthou, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis, Georgia Garinois-Melenikiotou, Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing at The Estée Lauder Companies, and James Rhee, Chairman & CEO of Ashley Stewart and Founder of FirePine Group, for their outstanding achievements in furthering the late Senator Fulbright’s vision of peace through intercultural understanding.

Honoree Erica Berthou.

Harriet Mayor Fulbright served as Honorary Chair. Co-chairing the event were Creighton Condon, Partner and Senior Partner Emeritus at Shearman & Sterling, Edward E. Elson, Former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, and Dr. Sue Henderson, One To World Board Chair and President of New Jersey City University.

Awards were presented by three current Fulbright scholars from Chile, Greece, and Madagascar. The evening also highlighted One To World’s flagship Global Classroom program, with testimonials by two middle school students and their teacher, Shanie LaRocca, who said, “My students often have very little sense of the world—unable to label the United States on a map, let alone China. But when we have scholars from China, or Brazil, or Saudi Arabia, come right into our classroom, these places come to life. This program makes the world real for my students.”

One To World is designated by the U.S. Department of State as the official coordinator of Fulbright enrichment programs in the greater New York area. The organization advances global cooperation and fosters intercultural understanding by creating face-to-face experiences among local communities, international students and Fulbright scholars.

Honorees Georgia Garinois-Melenikiotou, James Rhee, and Erica Berthou.
One To World Executive Director Jen Clarke and Board Chair Sue Henderson, with Teresita Levy.
Co-Chair Creighton Condon, Nadav Ben Zur, Mitchell Menlove, Richard Morscheiser, and George Karafotias.
Leslie Bishop, Lorenzo Colombani, Joanna Maryewska, James Rhee, and Jennie Baik.
Thomas Drummond-Hay, Maria Benazzi, Anthony Abbatiello, Lauren Wachsman, Bradlee Benn, and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick.
David Vence, Melanie Biessy, and Kevin Genieser.
L. to r.: Lane Decordova and Heather Rosenstein; Jeanne Giordano and Fernando Rodes.
Philippe Garinois, Myriam Gumutzian, Georgia Garinois-Melenikiotou, Martha Melenikiotou, Voula Konidaris, Cristina Dolan, and Nikos Konidaris
Veronica DeCesare, Mary Davis, Zana Karabatak, Helen Leonard, Johanna Pan Carr, Dina Amin, and Sherif Barsoum.

On Friday, May 10th at The Roosevelt Hotel, ​The Common Good, along with founder Patricia Duff, presented ​the fifth annual Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards, New York’s premiere ideas and issues forum, presenting headline issues and the most important, forward-looking ideas affecting public policy.

After a lively discussion on the rule of law, corruption and the abuse of power, Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara received the American Spirit Award for Distinguished Public Service and Magnitsky Act Advocate Bill Browder received the American Spirit Award for Citizen Activism.

Preet Bharara and John Avlon.
Bill Browder and John Avlon.

NBC News’ Tom Brokaw presented the Courage in Journalism Award to Lesley Stahl and Sir Harry Evans in a moving tribute and discussion featuring the three renowned journalists.

Tom Brokaw, Sir Harry Evans, and Lesley Stahl.

Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC Host; Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO); Senator Doug Jones (D-AL); Former Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT); Former Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY); Ari Melber, MSNBC Host; Nicole Austin-Hillery, Human Rights Watch Executive Director; Former Deputy Secretary of State Ambassador Bill Burns; Former NATO Ambassador Nicholas Burns; Alan Schwartz, Guggenheim Partners CEO; Michael Waldman, Brennan Center Chief; and Former Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA), Woodrow Wilson Center CEO also spoke at the event, along with several other top world leaders.

Teenage climate change activists Alexandria Villasenor and Jamie Margolin were each presented with a $2,500 scholarship, known as the Changemaker Scholarship, for their dedication to the fight for global climate change policies.

Alan Schwartz and Stephanie Ruhle.
Errol Louis, Claire McCaskill, Matt Bennett, Steve Israel, Rick Tyler, and Margaret Hoover.
Jamie Margolin, Sharon Patrick, Alexandria Villasenor, and Patricia Duff.
John Avlon, Preet Bharara, and Bill Browder.
Juju Chang and Mia Love.
Juju Chang, Mia Love, Sally Quinn, Kay Koplovitz, and Alessandra Stanley.
Lesley Stahl and Tom Brokaw.
Michael Waldman, Max Boot, Nicole Austin-Hillery, Cohen Curtis, and Ari Melber.
Nicholas Burns, Bill Burns, Jane Harman, and Edward Luce.
Nicholas Burns, Jane Harman, Bill Burns, and Edward Luce.
Sharon Patrick, Jamie Margolin, and Alexandria Villasenor.
Steve Israel, Rick Tyler, and Margaret Hoover.

A couple of week ago, Tabula Rasa Dance Theater held their world premiere at New York Live Arts on West 19th Street. The performance explored the injustice of legal slavery in America, addressing mass incarceration as well as forced prison labor which is permitted under the 13th Amendment — allowing slavery “as a punishment for crime.”

The evening presented two works by Artistic Director Felipe Escalante; ‘Ars Moriendi’ and ‘Inside Our Skins’. For the first piece, accompanied by a string trio — lute, violin, and cello, Felipe Escalante danced a pas de deux inspired in part by the twinning patterns of Rorschach inkblots, ingeniously projected onto the floor at various moments of the ten-minute program.

Perhaps the most unforgettable sequence of the evening came in the second work when a cluster of four bare torso-ed men held a woman, shackled at the ankles, upside down.  You could see her plaintive, pathetic, poetic legs and feet – which became as expressive as a pair of hands — making desperate, elegant, resistant gestures high above the men’s heads. The metallic clank and swish of the chains created a sorrowful symphony of its own.

Joanna Fisher and Amy Fine Collins hosted the opening and a remarkable group of friends including Agnes Gund, a major production donor through her Art For Justice Fund and Darren Walker. The Ford Foundation also awarded major support. Guests included Candia J. Fisher, Roger Kluge, Jonathan Marder, Gene Meyer, Martine Singer, Patrick Schwarz, Wim Vanlessen (Royal Ballet of Flanders), and Kirat Young. Amy Fine Collins served as executive producer. Joanna Fisher underwrote a live music ensemble, Elad Kabilio’s MusicTalks.

Tabula Rasa Dance Theater is concerned with the pressing social and cultural problems of our times, and with the historical precedents for them.  Tabula Rasa Dance Theater’s minimalistic, explosive, and provocative work is performed by a diverse company of 12 dancers, from 9 different countries. Founded by Felipe Escalante, his choreography incorporates elements from a variety of dance techniques and embraces the human body, in all its pain, beauty, poetry, and ugliness. Escalante believes choreography must elicit powerful and sometimes difficult emotional responses and transcend time and place.

The Tabula Rasa dancers are Winnie Asawakanjanakit, Anica Bottom, Sevin Caviker, Fiona Huber, Simon Kazantsev, Jose Carlos Losada, Jonatan Lujan, Shannon Maynor, Zoë McNeil, Josep Maria Monreal, and Noriko Naraoka.

Agnes Gund, Darren Walker, Amy Fine Collins, and Martine Singer.
L. to r.: Joanna Fisher and Elad Kabilio; Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas and Darren Walker.
L. to r.: Kevin Ryan; Kirat Young; Roger Kluge.
L. to r.: Wim Vanlessen and Patrick Schwarz; Laura Lobdell and Joanna Fisher.

The Decoration & Design Building (DDB) in New York City hosted its biannual Spring Market, which featured top editorial voices, dozens of design influencers, leading industry trade organizations and nearly 3,000 attendees. This year’s Spring Market delved into the theme Design Confidential presented by Vanguards & Visionaries. Internationally renowned design publications The World of Interiors and British House & Garden hosted programs for the first time at a US Design Center.

Spring Market 2019 comprised three Keynote presentations, 15 Showroom Programs, 19 Experiential Events, 6 Cocktail Receptions, and 68 Open Houses (DDB had to add an additional program per hour and additional cocktail receptions due to overwhelming interest to participate). The compelling theme answered designers’ questions of how to take the next step in their design practice on a grand scale and at a very high level.

Margaret Russell, Jamie Drake, Anna Beeber, and Sophie Durand.

All programs that adopted the theme “Design Confidential Presented by Vanguards & Visionaries” saw a high caliber of designers who could realistically benefit from applying the knowledge to their practice, noting that authenticity is key to success in the digital age. The Market also focused on representation of women through an initiative with Style Library, inviting guests and panelists to wear white to celebrate women in design. 2019 is decidedly the year of the woman in the design world. The D&D Building also made a concerted effort to focus on inclusivity and diversity, ensuring designers of color were not only represented, but celebrated through conversations such as If You Can See It, You Can Be It with Metropolis magazine at Knoll Inc. with Knoll Luxe.

Keynote sessions included Inspiring Designers: An In-Depth Look At Their Obstacles and Rewards where ELLE DECOR Editor in Chief, Whitney Robinson hosted leading interior designers Robert Stilin, Genevieve Gorder and Jeff Andrews for a lively discussion about their accomplished careers and exceptional designs. Known for crafting elegant and awe-inspiring interiors from around the globe, this celebrated group shared their stories about the challenges they face, their ultimate rewards, and of course, their secrets on creating impactful design and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Robert Stilin, Whitney Robinson, Key Hall, Jeff Andrews, and Genevieve Gorder.

The second keynote was Interiors International: Captivating a Global Clientele. For the first time in the U.S., UK-based The World of Interiors’ Executive Editor, Sophia Salaman and global grand dame of design, Mary Fox Linton peeled back the layers of her storied career in an intimate conversation about international interiors, peppered with nostalgic, relevant and hilarious anecdotes. Listing the European aristocracy amongst her friends and clientele, Fox Linton is known for inventing the concept of boutique hotels and infusing historic estates with her signature style. Founder of the quintessentially British luxury home furnishings brand Fox Linton, the adept businesswoman also shared insights into the business of design from a European perspective, including how she got her start.

L. to r.: Mary Fox Linton and Sophia Salaman; Elizabeth Goldfeder and Michelle Guss.

The third and final keynote of the day was Design Royalty, featuring Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, who grew up at Blenheim Palace, one of the UK’s most famous stately homes, Nina Campbell, a peerless design icon, and David Harber, a sculptor of regal proportions. They gathered to discuss how the English conquer design with British House & Garden Editor in Chief, Hatta Byng. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old traditional English design, this illustrious trio shared a peek at how they adapt and honor their heritage while designing for modern English life. Among the cultural differences they enumerated, an appreciation for design and craftsmanship was universal.

Nina Campbell, Hatta Byng, David Harber, and Lady Henrietta Spencer.

Other notable participants included: Carson Kressley, Chad Stark, Chloe Schwartz-Gerhardt, Amy Sneider, Sasha Bikoff, Michel Smith Boyd, Michelle Nussbaumer, Keita Turner, Kendell Cronstrom, Amy Lau, Vicente Wolf, Melanie Roy, Richard Mishaan, Sarah Bray, Ryan Korban, Malene Barnett, Erinn Valencich, Libby Ferin, Eric Cohler, Bachman Brown, Liliane Hart, Katie Lydon, Kaitlin Petersen, Cheryl Eisen, Dennis Sarlo, Kesha Franklin, Lydia Marks, Lisa Frantz, Robert Passal, Michelle Guss, Elizabeth Goldfeder, Avi Rajagopal, Corey Damen Jenkins, Young Huh, Everick Brown, Jean Brownhill, DJ Carey, Kerry Joyce, Sophie Donelson, Thom Filicia, Alexa Hampton, Sara Story, Drew McGulkin, Margaret Russell, Jamie Drake, Anna Beeber, Sophie Durand, David Harber, Janice Parker, Christopher Peacock, Emily Mould, Natasha Thoreson, Claire Staszak, Lynn Byrne, Jill Cohen, Ray Booth, Suzanne Kasler, Lucy Bamman, Fawn Galli, Mona Hhajj, and Emily Summers.

Dallas Bonds, Isabelle Harrington, Alyssa Abrams, and Liz Nightingale.
Avi Rajagopal, Everick Brown, Jean Brownhill, Young Huh, and Corey Damen Jenkins.
Dennis Sarlo, Lydia Marks, Lisa Frantz, and Kesha Franklyn.
Richard Mishaan, Kendell Cronstrom, Amy Lau, and Vicente Wolf.
Sarah Bray, Erinn Valencich, Malene Barnett, Lynn Scotti, and Ryan Korban.
Sasha Bikoff, Michel Smith Boyd, Michelle Nussbaumer, Keita Turner, and Amy Sneider.

Photographs by Sylvain Gaboury/PMC (Common Good); Kitty Dadi (DDB Spring Market).

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