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ACE celebrated its annual fundraiser, “CelebrACE!, at Capitale Grand Ballroom.

The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE) celebrated its annual fundraiser — this year entitled “CelebrACE!” — on October 6th, in Capitale’s stunning Grand Ballroom. The 2021 honorees included Katy Rice, John Paulson, and Larry Leeds. In addition to those honored, ACE’s Director of PR & Major Gifts, Sandra Sanches, presented its founder, Henry Buhl, with the nonprofit’s Leadership Award.

ACE Founder, Henry Buhl, receives Leadership Award from ACE Director of PR & Major Gifts, Sandra Sanches.

Founded by Buhl in 1992, ACE works with New York’s homeless men and women to provide job training, work experience, and a lifetime support network to help them achieve their goals and establish economic independence. ACE’s contract services initiative provides critical employment opportunities for program participants, who have histories of homelessness, incarceration and addiction. The full-time employees are able to make their transition to independence while continuing to receive all of the program support that is available.

The evening’s hosts — Bravo’s Luann de Lesseps and iHeartRadio’s Rob Shuter — were joined by Josh “The Foodie Magician” Beckerman and Broadway star LaChanze who sang selections from her hit show, Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. Sotheby’s Benjamin Doller acted as the evening’s auctioneer.

Guest auctioneer Benjamin Doller.
Honoree Larry Leeds.
Honoree Katy Rice.
Honoree John Paulson.

Guests included Jorge IragorriCarlos MorrisonAllen and Heidi RobertsEdwina SandysCandace BushnellPeter and Christy QuickJacques Azoulay, Nicole MillerLeslie and Katarina FeldmanSophie SuttonJeff DrubnerFrancesca AmfitheatrofBen CurwinRichard and Donna Soloway, among others.

With the help of its many supporters and patrons, the 2021 gala ended up becoming one of ACE’s most successful efforts to date — raising much-needed resources to combat the challenges faced by New York’s homeless population.

Richard and Donna Soloway, with Carlos Morrison.
Sophie Sutton, Jeff Drubner, Francesca Amfitheatrof, and Ben Curwin.
Josh “Foodie Magician” Beckerman and John McDonald.
L. to r.: Candace Bushnell; Nicole Miller.
Kim Jackson, Jim Martin, Liz McNierney, Henry Buhl, and Rosemary Yelton.
Henry Buhl and Edwina Sandys.
Katerina and Leslie Feldman.
Christy and Peter Quick.
L. to r.: Gala co-hosts Rob Shuter and Luann de Lesseps; Gregory Redmond and Sandra Sanches.
Jacques Azouley and Henry Buhl.
David Polonsky, Nora Volger, Joe Mangrum, Katie Pacioretty, Jorge Iragorri, Tucker Robbins, and Monica Corsi.
Allen and Heidi Roberts.
Broadway star LaChanze.

On Thursday, September 30, the Women’s Committee and Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservancy hosted their annual Play for the Park round-robin tennis tournament. The fall benefit raised over $145,000 to support the daily upkeep and ongoing care of Central Park’s 21 playgrounds, which provide New York children and families safe and accessible areas to play.

The participants enjoyed friendly competition on the Har-Tru tennis courts with breakfast and refreshments, including R.E.D.D. plant-based nutrition bars. Tennis professional and broadcaster Patrick McEnroe cheered on the players, who were outfitted in head-to-toe tennis gear from the event’s sponsor, Tory Sport.

Babba Rivera, Susan Calhoun, Alexandra Amorosi, Ali Imber, Renata Quaglia, Aileen Bruner, Susan Millstein, Heather McAuliffe, Patrick McEnroe, Emily McLellan, and Amy Hart.

“After the success of our first Play for the Park tournament fundraiser in April, we are thrilled to bring it back this fall to share our love of tennis and Central Park, all while raising vital funds for the Central Park Conservancy,” shared Yesim Philip, Women’s Committee President.

“Some of my greatest memories are with my boys in Central Park and I’m absolutely thrilled for Tory Sport to be sponsoring the ‘Play for the Park’ tennis tournament to raise money for Central Park’s 21 playgrounds,” said designer and Central Park supporter Tory Burch.

Anne Prosser, Tracey Huff, and Kristen Swenson.

The event Co-Chairs were Leslie Brille, Stephanie Hessler, Tracey Huff, Kate Lauprete, and Marisa van Bokhorst, and attendees included Playground Partners Chair Heather McAuliffe, Playground Partners Vice-Chairs Mimi Ritzen Crawford and Austen Phillips Cruz, Women’s Committee President Yesim Philip and Betsy Smith, President & CEO of the Central Park Conservancy, were joined by tournament players and Conservancy supporters including Abigail Baratta, Katherine Birch, Shirin Christoffersen, Lise Evans, Emma Frelinghuysen, Krissy Jones, Michelle Li, Susan Millstein, Renata Zandonadi Quaglia, Babba Rivera, and Amy Tarr.

Victory was celebrated at the morning session by winners Aileen Bruner and Anne Prosser. Leslie Brille and Britt Wallach were the afternoon’s champions.

Floral displays, crafted by Ovando, decorated the Central Park Tennis Center.

Betsy Smith, Lara Meiland-Shaw, Katherine Birch, and Enrica Bentivoglio.
Britt Wallach, Kate Bouqard Moretti, Dana Coppolino, Sugie Bruttomesso, and Jen Evans.
L. to r.: Krissy Jones, Babba Rivera, and Renata Quaglia; Heather McAuliffe, Austen Cruz, and Mimi Crawford.
Enrica Bentivoglio, Lara Meiland-Shaw, and Yesim Philip.
Leslie Brille, Kate Lauprete, Tracey Huff, Yesim Philip, and Marisa van Bokhorst.
Marisa van Bokhorst, Kristen Swenson, Patrick McEnroe, Lise Evans, and Mimi Crawford.
Sarah Kurita, Kate Davis, Austen Cruz, Marisa van Bokhorst, and Shirin Christoffersen.
Shirin Christoffersen, Abigail Baratta, Kat Dines, and Mimi Crawford.
Susan Lazarus, Michelle Auerbach, Anne Prosser, Patrick McEnroe, and Yesim Philip.

Pegasus Books publisher Claiborne Hancock, son of Palm Beach doyenne Jane Armfield and the late William J. Armfield IV, hosted a book launch party for bestselling and critically acclaimed author Susan Nagel, whose Patriotism & Profit: Washington, Hamilton, Schuyler and the Rivalry for America’s Capital City, was released this October.     

Susan Nagel with a copy of Patriotism & Profit.  Click to order.

Who knew that the very first real estate developer President of the United States was the very first President of the United States?  Patriotism & Profit is the untold story of how George Washington borrowed, leveraged, coerced and masterminded the creation the nation’s capital city.

Washington’s most formidable rival was also his best friend  New York Senator land baron Philip Schuyler  whose son-in-law, Alexander Hamilton, was caught hopelessly between his wife’s family and his surrogate father.   

Bound to become a seminal book about our founding era, one reviewer hailed Dr. Nagel for writing “the human history of heroic times.”

Claiborne Hancock, Susan Nagel, Dixie de Koning, and Joep de Koning.
Betsy Smith, Carolyn Risoli, and John Barrie.
Joep de Koning and Jez Coulson.
L. to r.: Tom Hills and Betsy Smith; Kari Tiedemann and Sarah Baxter.
Hadley Nagel, Susan Nagel, and Jon Nagel.
Kari Tiedemann, Ed Allen, and Jeanne Lawrence.
L. to r.: Robin Weaver and Hadley Nagel; Don Fehr and Susan Nagel.
Stephanie Lawrence, Susan Nagel, Kari Tiedemann, and Jeanne Lawrence.

Photographs by Jillian Nelson/ (ACE); Rommel Domano/BFA (Play for the Park); John Sanderson/ (Patriotism & Profit)

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