Glittering Cocktails and Evenings of Discovery

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The dinner scene at Save Venice's Murano Nights, an intimate dinner at Casa Cipriani.

Last Wednesday evening, Casey Kohlberg and the Young Friends of Save Venice hosted Murano Nights, an intimate dinner at Casa Cipriani — newly opened in New York City’s landmark Battery-Maritime building — to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Save Venice. The dinner’s attendees included 50 of Save Venice’s fashionable younger supporters from art and fashion to film and media for a cocktail hour, ballet performance by dancers from the Brooklyn Ballet, and dinner. Attire was billed as ‘Glittering Cocktail’, as a nod to the Murano Glass which lends its name to the theme.

The menu featured fall fare like risotto with saffron and dover sole with baby artichokes, grown on the Venetian island of Torcello, where Save Venice is currently restoring the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. Proceeds from the evening will go to help fund this restoration. During dinner, classic Cipriani Bellinis and white Negronis, playing on the glass blown theme of Murano, were served along with a wine pairing menu provided by Kobrand Wines and Spirits.

Guests enjoyed a performance by the Brooklyn Ballet titled Sonic Relief, aka You Had To Be There, before sitting for dinner. The piece by New Orleans-born composer Malcom Parson features a gliding ebb and flow between the sound; the dancers’ movement is reminiscent of a midnight gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Choreography is by Lynn Parkerson, founding Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Ballet, and featured dancers are Audrey Borst, James “Floats” Fable, Miku Kawamura, Christine Sawyer, and Ladell “Ocean” Thomas.

The Brooklyn Ballet.

Remarks by host Casey Kohlberg and Save Venice Board Member Lizzie Asher closed out the evening. Gift bags included items from BONBONWHIMS, Pat.Bo, Dior, Covid-friendly Save Venice masks, and mini bottles of olive oil from the hostess’ family home in Woodside, California.

Guests included Save Venice Young Friends Chair Lizzie Asher, Patina Milier, Serena Goh, Krystal Bick, Amir Taghi, Denise Baca, Tai Cheng, Daniel Kibblesmith, Jennifer Wright, Savannah Engel, Alyson Cafiero, Laura Day Webb, Timo Weiland and Bryan Ludwig, Mercedes de Guardiola, Emily Godard, Cara Chen, Clare Ngai, Daniel Howard, Anthony DeWitt, Irina Eicke-Krylova and Maximilian Eicke.

Lizzie Asher and Casey Kohlberg.

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Save Venice, the leading American nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the artistic heritage of Venice, commemorative events are being organized worldwide to support important restorations of masterworks of Venetian art and architecture.

The Young Friends of Save Venice are an energetic group of young professionals aged 39 and younger who share dual passions for art and preservation in Venice. Initially established in the early 1990s, the group was responsible for sponsoring specific restoration projects and for the growth of what is today known as Un Ballo in Maschera, held annually in New York.

Anthony DeWitt, Lizzie Asher, Casey Kohlberg, Mercedes de Guardiola, Michele Levbarg-Klein Rayden, Christina Senia, and Clare Ngai.
Natalie Meyer, Emily Godard, Savannah Engel, Cara Chen, and Clare Ngai.
L. to r.: Savannah Engel, Timo Weiland, and Elise Taylor; Patina Miller.
9 Alicia Serrani, Lizzie Asher, Tai-Heng Cheng, Clare Ngai, and Isabella Serrani.
L. to r.: Laura Day Webb and Francesca Popescu Ife; Alicia and Isabella Serrani.
Casey Kohlberg and Serena Goh.
Denise Baca, Lizzie Asher, Amir Taghi, Alyson Cafiero, Mercedes de Guardiola, and Lauren Sanchez.
L. to r.: Anthony DeWitt and Elise Taylor; Jennifer Wright and Daniel Kibblesmith.
Natalie Meyer, Laura Day Webb, Mercedes de Guardiola, and Clare Ngai.
Lizzie Asher, Tai-Heng Cheng, and Alyson Cafiero.
L. to r.: Mercedes de Guardiola, Laura Day Webb, and Alyson Cafiero; Timo Weiland and Bryan Ludwig.
Cara Chen, Krystal Bick, and Emily Godard.

On Wednesday, October 13th, French Heritage Society’s Young Patrons Circle enjoyed a Fall Fête graciously hosted at the lovely Manhattan home of YPC Co-Chair Blake Funston. As the first New York event for Young Patrons since 2020, the atmosphere was warm and celebratory as guests enjoyed a long-awaited reunion. Remarks were given by FHS Executive Director Jennifer Herlein and by the host, who spoke eloquently about his family’s connection to France and the importance of preserving material culture. Champagne was provided by Taittinger, longtime sponsor of the New York Young Patrons Circle. Catering by William Poll, and floral arrangements by Flowers on First.

Blake Funston and Jennifer Herlein.

Esteemed guests included: FHS Events Chair CeCe Black and YPC Co-Chairs Roxana Bartolomé and Johnsonie Casimyr. Also attending: Elena Ayot, Charles Burdick, Betsy & Brad Corbin, Emily Eerdsmans, Michael Espiritu, Valerie Lettan, Lansing Moore, Alexandra Nicklas, Andres Perea-Garzon, Thierry Peyroux, Tug Rice, Tara Tunney, Anne-Hunter Van Kirk, among others.

French Heritage Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit American organization in operation since 1982 whose mission is to protect the French architectural and cultural legacy both in France and the United States.  Over the past 39 years, our generous members and patrons have helped us ensure that these treasures survive to inspire future generations by supporting our three-fold mission: Preservation, Education and Cultivation of French-American Friendship.

CeCe Black, Elsa Akesson, and Martha Garcia.
Tug Rice, Anne Hunter Van Kirk, Lansing Moore, and Emily Eerdmans.
L. to r.: CeCe Black, Charles Burdick, and Valerie Lettan; Andres Perea-Garzon and Ainsley Hobson.
Charlotte Sethness, Ellen McGrath, and Tara Tunney.
Blake Funston, Elena Ayot, Stark Kirby, and Jennifer Herlein.
Michael Bouley, Alexandra Nicklas, and Blake Funston.
L. to r.: Melissa Meravitch and Johnsonie Casimyr; Kate Newman and Owen Holmes.
Natalie May, Meghan Davis, and Graham Tucker.

The historic Explorers Club was the setting for Lighthouse Guild’s “An Evening of Discovery” cocktail party where 120 guests enjoyed the unique ambiance of the old mansion and use of its beautiful terrace.

Paul Misiti and Peter Slatin.

The program began with the club’s Executive Director Will Roseman, who welcomed everyone and reflected upon the parallel between the mantra of discovery and exploration of their members and Lighthouse Guild’s innovative technology initiatives, including a state-of-the-art Tech Center.

James Dubin, Lighthouse Guild Board Chairman, and CEO and President Dr. Calvin Roberts expanded on how cutting-edge technology and Lighthouse Guild expert training ensure individuals who are blind or visually impaired can live independently and productively.

Daria Zawadzki, Lighthouse Guild client and facilitator of its tele-support program motivated the crowd with her compelling story of overcoming her vision loss, which began when she was 17, through Lighthouse Guild’s support and technology.

The event and auction raised over $200,000. Guests included Jennifer Fischer, Marc Rosen, Susan Gutfreund, Carole Delouvrier, Jackie Weld, Tom Quick and Michael Donnell, Arthur and Roberta Houghton, Christopher Noto, Gale Hayman, Terence Mack, Tina Beriro, Margo Langenberg, Judith Hernstadt, Dudley Stevens, Jeanne Lawrence, Mai Hallingby, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein, Cornelia Bregman, Sharon Bush and Robert Murray, Glenn Sblendorio, Vanessa Noel, Peter Bacanovic, Geraldine Griffin, Jean Shafiroff, Charles Mirotznik, Tina Louise, Jeff Sado; along with Lighthouse Guild board members Thomas Kahn, Marios Damianides, Dr. Christopher Starr, Shelley Zacharia Brier and Ann Thivierge.

Andrea Roberts, Jim Dubin, Susan Dubin, and Dr. Calvin Roberts.
Joe and Daria Zawadzki.
Marc Rosen and Susan Gutfreund.
L. to r.: Vanessa Noel and Peter Bacanovic; Mark Gilbertson and Mai Hallingby Harrison.
Tina Beriro, Christopher Noto, and Gail Hayman.
Lorre Erlick, Marc Rosen, and Jeanne Lawrence.
L. to r.: Ann Thivierge and Richard Durkin; Jean Shafiroff and Dr. Bruce Rosenthal.
Dr. Calvin Roberts, Jennifer Fischer, and Marc Rosen.
Carole Delouvrier, Will Roseman, and Barbara Gadet.
L. to r.: Phil and  Jenny Roosevelt; Jacqueline Weld Drake and Tom Quick.
Sharon Bush, Bob Murray, and Christopher Mason.
Terry Porte, Mary Perry, Jeff Sado, and Tina Louise.
Victoria Wyman, Cornelia Bregman, and Arnie Rosenshein.
Dr. Sean Ianchulev and Dr. Christopher Starr.
Andrea Roberts, Jennifer Fischer, and Marcy Masterson.
Norman Brier and Shelley Zacharia Brier.

Photographs by BFA/Madison Voelkel (Save Venice); John Sanderson/ (FHS & Lighthouse) 

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