Going, going, gone

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New York City's 4th of July fireworks on the Hudson River, photographed by Annie Watt.

Monday, July 8, 2024. Yesterday was up in the 90s and the mugginess was very uncomfortable. It cooled off to the mid-70s but from the looks of the forecasts we’re in for more of the same. Along with the partly cloudy and some thunderstorms scattered here and there. It’s summertime after all, so wuh-ja expect?

Not much in the local new department … although … after nearly four wonderful years in his store at 485 Park Avenue, our creative friend of many years — jewelry designer Christopher Walling — is moving. However, in the meantime for all you chic bargain hunters out there, he will be open through this coming Thursday, with some good prices and great values on the move.

See for yourselves why his work is included in more than twenty books on contemporary jewelry and has been exhibited in museums around the world!

And why — when the fashionable and chic, and great philanthropist Lily Auchincloss — bought a pair of his full-pearl, X-shaped earrings in the early 1980s … the world followed suit for this!

Christopher Walling’s signature X pearl earrings set in 18K gold.

Christopher will be open today through this Thursday, June 11th from 11AM to 4PM. He is located on the north-east corner of 58th Street and Park Avenue.

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