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Nearly 150 guests attended the The National Institute of Social Sciences' 104th annual Gold Medal Dinner.

The National Institute of Social Sciences celebrated the 104th annual Gold Medal Dinner on Thursday, November 29 at a private club in New York City. This year, the organization honored Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, philanthropist Geraldine Kunstadter, and Central Park Conservancy founder Elizabeth Barlow Rogers.

National Institute president Fred Larsen hosted the glittering dinner, which attracted 150 members and guests. Since 1913, the National Institute has presented Gold Medals for Distinguished Service to Humanity to a select group of individuals who have made the highest contribution to the improvement of society. The dinner kicked off with the Knickerbocker Greys Color Guard followed by Angela Cason and Winthrop Rutherfurd singing “God Bless America!”

The Knickerbocker Greys

Dr. Kahneman, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton, is the author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, among other books. Mrs. Kunstadter is the president and chair of the Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation, and has served on multiple not-for-profit boards. Mrs. Rogers, who founded the Central Park Conservancy in 1980, is now the president of the Foundation for Landscape Studies.

Trustees in attendance included Barbara Tober, Kent Barwick, Dyke Benjamin, Angela Cason, Joan Davidson, Rob Gregory, Judith Hernstadt, Ron Meyers, Peter Samton, Gracey Stoddard, and as well as honorary trustee Janet Ross. Members included Boo Grace, Michelle Larsen, Betsy Tiffany, James Shields, Caroline Brown, Tertia Kiesel, Susan Gitelson, Michele Jeffery, Jonathan and Madelaine Piel, John Temple Swing, Beth Corman, Will Roseman, and Carey Zuckerman.

Angela Cason and Winthrop Rutherford

Notable guests included Stanley Zareff, Nancy Newcomb, Frederick Negem, Brian Loughman, Frank Rich, Nina Hay, Junia Doan, Andrew and Dawn Delbanco, Jorge and Lourdes Moller Gomez, Ashley Bernhard, Carlos Diaz-Rosillo, Istvan Olah, Donald Tober, Faanya Rose, Kendario LaPierre, James Grossman, Mai Hallingby-Harrison, Leslie Conason, John Puskas, Nancy Hickey, Rod Hickey, Lorna Livingston, Alondra Nelson, Theodore Heineken and Catherine Gates, John Hargraves, Winthrop and Mary Rutherfurd, Emily Rafferty, Elizabeth Smith, and former Gold Medal winner Robert Schiller and his wife, Virginia Schiller.

Fred Larsen, Gracey Stoddard, Nina Hay, Daniel Kahneman, and Michelle Larsen
James Grossman, Geraldine Kunstadter, Betsy Barlow Rogers, and Fred Larsen
First row: Lisa Kunstadter and Geraldine Kunstadter. Second row: Kate Maliga, Richard Stephens, Eliza Dewey, Nicholas Stephens, Christopher Kunstadter, Elizabeth von Habsburg, Géza von Habsburg, and Ferdinand von Habsburg
Robert Schiller and Daniel Kahneman
Faanya Rose, Junia Doan, Barbara Tober, Kent Barwick, Stanley Zareff, and Istvan Olah
Joan Davidson and Betsy Barlow Rogers
Lane Addonizio, Elizabeth Smith, and Janet Ross
Fred Rich, Betsy Barlow Rogers, and John Hargraves
Michael Mutti, Bertha Coombs, and Charles Goldberg
Andrew Delbanco, James Grossman, and Carlos Diaz-Rosillo
Grace Larsen, Ted Heineken Gates, Catherine Gates, Henry Larsen, and Kendario La Pierre
Robert Schiller and Jorge Gomez
Daniel Garcia, Michele Jeffery, Jim Jeffery, Dyke Benjamin, Mary Ann Benjamin, and Claire Hill
Andrew Delbanco, Betsy Barlow Rogers, and Dawn Delbanco
Beth Corman, Rob Gregory, and Michele Jeffery
Elizabeth Morris, Daniel Kahneman, Giles Hunt, Leslie Conason, Lordes Moller Gomez, and Jorge Gomez
John Temple Swing, Paul Antinozzi, and Rodrick L. Hickey III
Barbara Tober and Frederick Negem
Emily Rafferty, Angela Cason, and Taylor Baldwin
Robert Schiller and Alondra Nelson
Fred Larsen
Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman and Fred Larsen
Geraldine Kunstadter and Fred Larsen
Betsy Barlow Rogers
Daniel Kahneman, Geraldine Kunstadter, Betsy Barlow Rogers, and Fred Larsen
Maria Yu, Andrea DeLeon, Grace Larsen, Jorge Gomez, Michelle Larsen, Jay Lundeen, Kendario La Pierre, and Henry Larsen

The Queen Sofía Spanish Institute held the Sophia Award for Excellence Luncheon on December 12th in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Sofía. This was Her Majesty’s first trip to New York City in five years and her first visit to the Institute since the passing of Oscar de la Renta, the beloved former Chairman of the Institute. Her Majesty was in a festive mode and exuded radiance as she graciously greeted guests in a receiving line preceding the event.

The recipients of the Sophia Award for Excellence were legendary Spanish Tenor Placido Domingo and the distinguished Spanish-born ophthalmologist Dr. Elena Barraquer. Both honorees were recognized for their contributions in promoting and strengthening the Spanish-American bond through their extraordinary careers and for their humanitarian work.

Patrice Degnan, David Askren, Her Majesty Queen Sofía, and Placido Domingo
Placido Domingo, Her Majesty Queen Sofía, and Elena Barraquer

The awards ceremony was hosted by current Chairman Fernando Aleu and organized by President and CEO David Askren and Executive Director Patrice Degnan Erquicia. Guests included Dr. Valentín Fuster, numerous dignitaries such as Spanish Ambassador Mr. Santiago Cabanas Ansorena, as well as Reninaldo and Carolina Herrera, Pepe and Emilia Fanjul and many members of Placido Domingo’s family.

The lush floral centerpieces adorning each table created a sparkling atmosphere and were designed by Riccardo Benavides – who is a favorite of the organization.

Reinaldo Herrera, Her Majesty Queen Sofía, Carolina Herrera, and Pepe Fanjul

Placido Domingo made an exuberant entrance as he accepted his award and spoke of his appreciation for his close friendship with Her Majesty. He said that Her Majesty is truly a symbol of grace and wisdom. When accepting her award, Dr. Barraquer shared that it was an honor to be recognized for work that is really her passion.

Her Majesty praised both honorees for their professional and humanitarian contributions and noted that the Sophia Award for Excellence pays tribute to its name, since “Sophia” represents the Greek word for wisdom. Her Majesty thanked the audience for continuing to support the Institute and wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dr. Fernando Aleu

The Queen Sofía Spanish Institute is marking the 65th anniversary of its founding. The Institute continues to offer a variety of programs that include art courses in NYC public schools, Spanish and Latin art exhibitions, health initiatives, art grants, and a lecture series on the three world religions that co-existed in Spain.

Dr. Valentin Fuster and Her Majesty Queen Sofía
Ana Godo, Pepe Fanjul, and Mercedes and Gonzalo Ulloa
David Langton, Renate Rennie, Susan Vega, and Meg Cushing
Her Majesty Queen Sofía with Placido Domingo and his family
Drs. Carlos Cardon-Cardo, Juan Badimon, and Angel Pellicer
Joan Trant
Jorge Maumer, Heide Betz, Jeanne Lawrence, Norma Smith, and Riccardo Benavides
Lesley Silvester, Riccardo Llorca, and Jennifer Cho
Patrice Degnan and Dixie De Luca with friends
Her Majesty Queen Sofía, Placido Domingo, and Elena Barraquer with young students and musicians
The Queen Sofía Spanish Institute Board of Directors

On Saturday December 15, 2018, Susan Sarandon, Joel Coen, Chris Noth, and Amy Sacco joined Isabelle Bscher, Krystyna Gmurzynska, and Mathias Rastorfer of Galerie Gmurzynska, and the family of the late artist Wifredo Lam celebrated the opening of the gallery’s debut New York City location (39 East 78th Street), Galerie Gmurzynska US Inc., and its inaugural exhibition, “Le nouveau Nouveau Monde,” by Wifredo Lam.

In the exhibition, Galerie Gmurzynska us Inc. presents a comprehensive look at the oeuvre of Wifredo Lam, the celebrated Chinese-Cuban Surrealist-Cubist painter, accompanied by a catalogue published for this occasion. Renowned art historian Germano Celant toasted the gallery’s opening and introduced the exhibition to guests.

Galerie Gmurzynska is an international art gallery with locations in Zurich, Zug, Switzerland, and New York City that specializes in modern and contemporary art as well as Russian avant-garde. Isabelle Bscher is the third-generation owner and director.

More than 100 friends, collectors, and art-world luminaries gathered for a private reception and cocktail party at the new location to fete the 13,000-square-foot space before moving to The Mark Hotel for a dînatoire. Guests included: Alina Baikova, Martina and Fabian Basabe, Lucas Bscher, Will Cotton, Stacy Engman, Rick Friedberg, Elizabeth Goizeuta, Angela Ho, Eskil Lam, Stephane Lam, Richard and Barbara Lane, Francine Le Frak, Alicia Liu, Micah McLaurin, Claudius Ochsner, Whitney Schott, Ramona Singer, Carly Steel, Trev Stevens, Tatum Summer, and John Ward.

Under the direction of Martin Friedrichs, the gallery will be open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday and by appointment. In addition to the third-floor exhibition space, there is a sixth-floor office with additional wall space for the gallery’s extensive collection, which includes work by Roberto Matta, Fernand Léger, and Francesco Vezzoli, whose work will be the subject of an exhibition to open in the New York space in May.

L to R.: Isabelle Bscher and Mathias Rastorfer; Alicia Liu and Stephane Lam
Amy Sacco and Chris Noth
Joel Coen
L to R.: Dina Khoury and Santa; Susan Sarandon
Chris Noth and Isabelle Bscher
Stephane Lam, Krystyna Gmurzynska, and Eskil Lam
Martin Friedrichs and John Ward
L to R.: Martina and Fabian Basabe; Angela Ho and Lucas Bscher
Germano Celant and Krystyna Gmurzynska
L to R.: Eskil Lam and Elizabeth Goizueta; Whitney Schott and Zoe Bullock
Mathias Rastorfer, Francine LeFrak, and Rick Friedberg
L to R.: Patrick Finnegan and Alina Baikova; Richard and Barbara Lane
Claudius Ochsner, Stephane Lam, Lucas Bscher, Isabelle Bscher, Eskil Lam, and Mathias Rastorfer

Photographs by Patrick McMullan/PMC & Benjamin Lozovsky/ (Gmurzynska)

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