Gretchen Kimball and Connie Wiley host a Book Party for “Black Beauty”

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Caring for Black Beauty. Illustration by Paige Peterson.

60 residents of Belvedere and Tiburon and 20 from San Francisco crowded into Connie Wiley’s home on the Belvedere lagoon for a book party Connie and Gretchen Kimball gave to launch Paige Peterson and Jesse Kornbluth’s illustrated abridgment of Black Beauty.

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This party had the feel of a reunion — many of these people had gathered two years ago to celebrate the launch of Paige and Jesse’s abridged edition of A Christmas Carol.

The difference this time, as Cheryl Bronstein of Book Passage pointed out in her introduction, is the mood of the world, which is sadder and angrier. Fortunately, Paige and Jesse choose stories with a common, very welcome theme: the healing power of relationships, commitment, and community. So heads nodded. Hands applauded. Stacks of books dwindled to a few copies, and at the end of the party, signed books were on their way to homes where children would meet a new friend: a horse that confronted every challenge, and triumphed.

Guests included Gretchen Kimball, Paige Peterson, Jesse Kornbluth, Sandra Swanson, Dr. Mark Pederson, Ralph Baxter, Sharon Levy, Cricket Jones, Dr. Rob Harvey, and Laleh Zelinsky.

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Paige Peterson and Jesse Kornbluth.
Gretchen Kimball.
Nena Hart, James Campbell, and Deborah Wilton.
Nancy Kemnitzer, Jane Cooper, and Janelle Kellman.
Martha Lasky, John Telischak, Deborah Wilton, and Christine Telischak.
Carolyn Ware, Maeve Walsh, Paul Grippaldi, and Sharon Coleman.
Belvedere Chief of Police Jason Wu, Jennifer Wu, Sergeant Tom Sabido, and Paige Peterson.
Jane Cooper, Adam Gravzer, and Faith Wheeler.
Cricket Jones, Ralph Baxter, and Diane Cirincione Jampolsky.
Paige Peterson and Wendy Miller.
Sharon Coleman, Paul Grippaldi, and Nikki C. Wood.
L. to r.: Geri Thayer, James Campbell, and Jane Cooper; Lisa Hill and Alison Holland.
Jeff Hadley, Paige Peterson, and Larry Hadley.
Anne and Dan Hadley.
Nikki and Jim Wood, and Diane Cirincione Jampolsky.
L. to r.: Judge Faye D’Opal and Wanden Treanor; Dr. Robert and Irene Belknap.
Connie Wiley and Bryan Kemnitzer.
Dr. Rob Harvey, Sammie Daniels, and Ken Johnson.
Nena Hart, Sammie Daniels, and Maureen Johnson.
David Olson and Cheryl Bronstein.
Nikki Wood, Connie Wiley, Paige Peterson, and Sharon Levy.
Diane Cirincione Jampolsky and Ken Johnson.

Photographs Drew Altizer

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