Hair Rituel by Sisley: A hair-raising experience

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Count Hubert d’Ornano with his wife, Countess Isabelle d’Ornano. The couple built Sisley into a worldwide powerhouse after buying the company in 1976. The then four-year-old beauty brand specialized, as it does today, in “phytocosmetology,” or cosmetics based on botanical extracts. Considered one of the great pioneers of the cosmetics world, Hubert d’Ornano launched Orlane in the 1950s. His father, Guillaume d’Ornano, was a cofounder of Lancôme in the 1930s.

Scalp health equals hair health says Jim Maki, President of Sisley USA. The hair is born and grows from the hair bulb which rests beneath the scalp. And like the skin, the scalp is irrigated by a multitude of small blood vessels that provide all the nutrients needed for hair growth and suppleness. So, “the whole idea is that if we treat the scalp, we can improve the condition of your hair,” Maki elaborates in explaining the impetus behind Hair Rituel, a new hair care range formulated by luxe skincare company, Sisley.

The plant-based ingredients are what set the line’s six treatments apart. The powerful concentration of botanical extracts and essential oils, minerals, vitamins and proteins serve to address the factors that diminish hair health like stress, pollution and genetics by boosting circulation and fortifying the hair fibers. “We only use the finest ingredients. That’s our premise,” says Maki. “The founder, Count Hubert d’Ornano, was intent on using the best of the best. That’s always been Sisley’s philosophy throughout its 40 plus-year history.”

Count Hubert D’Ornano and his bride, the former Isabelle Potocka, on their wedding day in 1963. Like her husband, Isabelle d’Ornano also comes from aristocratic stock. She is descended from Poland’s Queen Barbara Radziwill. Her uncle, Stanislaw, married Lee Bouvier, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ sister.

The plants used by Sisley’s laboratories for their extracts are sourced all over the world. Active ingredients like moringa oil, camelia oil, hinoki, mimosa, sage, chamomile, Einkorn wheat extract, hazelnut oil, passionfruit, cotton seed and linseed extract hail from Central Africa, China, Japan and of course, France. Indeed, the hair care products, like the rest of Sisley’s skin care and cosmetic products, are made in France.

The six sulfate-free treatment products in Hair Rituel by Sisley include a Volumizing Shampoo, a Smoothing Shampoo, a Restructuring Conditioner, a Regenerating Hair Mask, a Revitalizing Fortifying Serum and a Precious Hair Care Oil. Additional products are in development.

And the verdict? Celebrity hairstylist Chad Wood revealed that his clients love the products. “Oh my God, where can I get this?” they ask according to the stylist-to-the-stars. “It’s nice to have something that addresses scalp health as opposed to only dealing with hair. Also, the regimen is a spa-like experience. My clients all rave about the scent.” I too am a fan of the clean, woodsy notes of verbena, lemon and amber.

As for performance? I tried the volumizing shampoo on my straight fine hair and was pleasantly surprised to feel a thicker bunch of hair in my hand when I got out of the shower. After I dried my hair, it looked fuller at the roots and I got complimented on its glossy mien. Hair Rituel is sold at the Yves Durif salon at the Carlyle Hotel, in select stores including Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue and at

A party celebrating the launch of the brand was held last week at Lightbox.

Martin Bizouard, Vice President of the Americas for Finances & Operations at Sisley-Paris, Simon Dufeigneux, Director of Public Affairs and New Projects at Sisley, Arnaud Naintre, President of the Americas at Sisley-Paris, and James Maki, US President at Sisley-Paris.
Celebrity hairstylists Chad Wood, Jessica Elbaum, Carly Walters and Yves Durif, owner of the Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle. “I have always been most impressed by the d’Ornanos and the care that they take with all of their products,” says Yves Durif. “Hair Rituel is truly a luxury collection as each product has been formulated with the same vision and technology as the Sisley Skin care line.”
Celebrity makeup artist, Kira Nasrat, and Jessica Elbaum. Olivia Perry and David Perry.
Jemme Elizabeth Aldridge, Yves Durif and Kira Nasrat.
Sonya Menon, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Education at Sisley-Paris, and James Maki.
Sonya Menon demonstrating the products.
The active ingredients in Hair Rituel come from all over the world. The citrus-y hinoki, for instance, derives from the Japanese cypress while fragrant mimosa is sourced from France. Sisley prides itself on obtaining the finest quality of plants and plant extracts grown under ideal conditions, while working with renowned specialists in organic farming.
Makeup artist, Melissa Sandora, with hairstylists Jessica Elbaum, Jessica Cook and Carly Walters, and Caroline Rogers.
The scene at Lightbox.
Michelle Thorpe, Arnaud Naintre and Kyra Slater.
Chad Wood styling Caroline Rogers.

Expert tip: Yves Durif cautions clients not to shampoo their hair too often. “If your scalp is very oily,” he advises, “you should increase the time in between shampoos and use a good quality paddle brush [like my vented brush] to distribute the oil from the scalp down through the midshaft to the ends. The body’s natural oils are truly the best treatment for your hair.”

Yves also recommends his own shampooing technique whereby one uses a small bottle with a pointed tip to position the shampoo directly onto the roots of the hair instead of having most of it go down the drain.

Photos: Jon Gurinsky.

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