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For HALLOWEEN EVE at Doubles … Wendy Carduner happily welcomed over 200 moms and kids in the cutest costumes ever to enjoy disco dancing, Magic Al’s Magic, Daisy Doodle’s face painters, balloon artists along with their favorite grilled cheese triangles, chicken McDoubles, baby hot dogs and brownies with chocolate sprinkles.

Doubles decor.

Mary Carver, Bibi Clement, Olivia Einstein, and Gillian Flynn.

For the SPOOKTACKULAR SOIREE on HALLOWEEN another 200 members and guests enjoyed the magic of Doubles. Wendy thanked everyone for coming and gave prizes to Paola and Arnold Rosenshein who every year create a theme for their many guests. This year’s theme was Goddesses & Warriors. Other prize winners included Eric Javits, Nicholas Parlanti, Kamie Lightburn, Will Steel, Philip Gorrivan and Anna & Bo Polk’s table of Medieval Dragons. The Dance Floor was full all night and everyone loved the New Doubles Disco Lighting. It was a truly exceptional evening.

Chloe Grauer and Hampton King.
L. to r.: Blythe Brock and Paige De La Chapelle; Emily Overlock.
Meghan Klopp, Brooke Kennan, and Ashley Koch.
L. to r.: Elizabeth Darst; Kate Earls.
Laura Muzinich.
L. to r.: Katherine Boulud; Melanie McLennan.
Philip Gorrivan and friend.
L. to r.: Patricia Silverstein, Marco Battistotti, and Lucia Hwong Gordon; Kevin and Kathy Lorent.
Ken Fishel, Maria Fishel, Elizabeth Steinberg, and David Weiner.
L. to r.: Lee Snodgrass and John Snodgrass; Sabrina Wirth, Nicholas Parlanti, and Alessandra von Eikh.
Sharon Bush, Norah Lawlor, Jeffrey Bradford, Leesa Rowland, and Larry Wohl.
L. to r.: Noreen Donovan, Nikki Haskell, and James Byrnes; Ruth Miller and Paola Bacchini Rosenshein.
Denise De Luca, Harriett Hunter, Dino Bertini, Louisa Barranca, and Jonathan Le Winter.
L. to r.: Jeanne Leviant; Jill O’Leary.

Mark Gilbertson, Brooke Murray, and Patrick Murray.
Anna Rothchild and Alex Hammer.
L. to r.: Geoffrey Bradfield and Eric Javits.
Jeff Ringelstein and Tracy Warner.
L. to r.: Katie Tenney; Whitney Wolfe.
Anna Polk and Kellyanna Polk Wackym.
Whitney Teach.

Tracy Warren’s table.

Photos by Jill Nelson/AnnieWatt.com

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