Halloween, Hulaween, Ghosties & Goodies, and a Spooktacular Soirée

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Monday, October 31, 2022. Fair weather weekend, sometimes sunny and bright, sometimes cloudy, even rainy, but not for long. It was the kind of weekend where an Autumn Sunday brought the neighbors and the visitors to the park (Carl Schurz) and the promenade along the East River. There are two dog runs, one for the large with lots of space, and one of the small which is smaller but big enough for all the action. It’s fun just to watch them all thrilled to be free to run around and seriously chase each other, along with many taking in all the action and just happy to be amongst their own.

Halloween. When I was a kid in a small New England town Halloween was possibly the most looked-forward “holiday” (which it wasn’t quite) when we dressed up in costumes and went door-to-door “trick or treating.” Which meant CANDY. Back in those days kids loved candy as much as they do today, but frequently it was not available in many households except for special holidays. Halloween was extra special because it was where you got even more than you could eat of all the candy you gathered with “Trick or Treat!”

Today here in New York kids in buildings still do something similar although it’s a little more formal in terms of attention by adults looking out for everyone’s safety.

But a lot of the adults also have it as a perfect way to have a perfect party for themselves, dressing up in costumes both imaginative and wild in both the adult and the child sense.

The New York Restoration Project has been holding a celebration for now 26 years, founded in 1995 by the one and only Bette Midler who started the whole nonprofit organization. With the funds raised, they’ve been planting trees, renovating gardens, restoring parks and transforming open space for communities throughout the city’s five boroughs.

The Hulaween 2022.

The Hulaween 2022 event has been a “wickedly impressive success.” The gala event has scared up more than $2 million at this year’s celebration called Hulaween and the Seven Deadly Sins, which took place on Friday night.

In addition to The Seven Deadly Sins, NYRP also identified the threat of an Eighth Deadly Sin: Climate Inaction. NYRP is no stranger to the impact of climate change, and the organization has taken action to help support resilient shorelines, create new green spaces, steward reforestation of the urban tree canopy, and provide new tree plantings throughout the diverse neighborhoods of New York City.

The evening welcomed 650 fantastically Halloween-costumed guests to Cipriani South Street at the Battery Maritime Building overlooking New York Harbor and Governor’s Island.

New York Restoration Project, Executive Director Lynn Bodnar Kelly.

The evening began with ghoulishly tasty cocktails and mysterious passed hors d’oeuvres in the West Concourse, followed by a seated dinner in the Great Hall — at least for those whose ornate and outrageous costumes actually allowed them to take a seat.

And the Seven Deadly Sins brought down the house! Their much anticipated annual gala never ceases to raise both critical funds, and awareness of NYRP’s cleaning and greening work throughout our city, according to New York Restoration Project, Executive Director Lynn Bodnar Kelly. “Thank you to everyone who attended and donated in support of our parks and community gardens.”

The 2022 HULAWEEN HONOREES were Rep. Ritchie Torres (NY-15) who received NYRP’s 2022 “Green Visionary Award.” The Award was presented by Lynn Bodnar Kelly, NYRP Executive Director. Sondra Wenger, Head of Americas Commercial Operator Division, CBRE Investment Management, received NYRP’s 2022 “Green Goddess Award.” NYRP Trustee Samuel M. Ashner, managing Director at Winthrop Capital Partners, received NYRP’s 2022 “Green God Award.

Sam Ashner, Darcy Stacom, and Ritchie Torres.
Sondra and Mitch Wenger.
Frank DiLella, Lynn Kelly, and Chris DiLella.

The Awards were presented by NYRP Trustee and Board Co-Chair, Darcy Stacom, CBRE Chair and Head of NYC Capital Markets. Jane Krakowski, Broadway, and television actress, received NYRP’s 2022 “Wind Beneath My Wings Award” presented by actor and author Alan Cumming.

Lance LePere, David Rockwell, Jane Krakowski, and Michael Kors.
Ginger Minj, Alan Cumming, Grant Shaffer, and Mr Ms Adrien.

Global pop sensation Ava Max performed a sparkling set for the enthusiastic celebrants. Her performance included, “My Head and My Heart,” “Kings and Queens,” “Maybe You’re the Problem,” “Who’s Laughing Now,” “Tattoo,” ”The Motto,” her chart-topping hit “Sweet But Psycho,” and the brand new single “Million Dollar Baby.”

Ava Max performs.

The memorable 2022 Hulaween evening rolled on till midnight with a dazzling dancing, decadent after-party in the adjacent Long Hall.

Don Lemon and Tim Malone.
L. to r.: Susanne Bartsch and LuAnn de Lesseps; Jim White and Janice Parker.
Ava Max.
Krystal Stark, Kerry Coddett, Andrew Werner, and Jon Recor.
God Complex and Iodine Quartz.
L. to r.: Cynthia Rowley; Marilyn Kirschner.
Maria Dziedzic and Edward Love.
Georgina Scholtens-Day and fellow Victorian friends.
Manfred Rantner and George Wells.
L. to r.: Kerry Coddett; Dakota Lohan.
Jose Andre Sibaja and Jennifer Wray.
James Moore.

And more and more: Also his past Friday, Wendy Carduner and her wonderful staff over at Doubles, the private club in The Sherry-Netherland pulled out all-the-stops to celebrate Halloween at GHOSTIES & GOODIES for 200 young children and parents.

L. to r.: Wendy Carduner and Kate Earls; Lauren Muzinich.
The Fred Hill table.
Meghan Klopp; Brooke Block
L. to r.: Lauren Gutfreund; Balloon artist.

And again on Saturday’s SPOOKTACULAR SOIRÉE for 200 adults were ALL in the Best Costumes ever … especially Paola Bacchini’s 90 guests who celebrated Moulin Rouge and the Return of Broadway.

Craig Dix won as a deceased Maharajah. Lucia Gordon won for her Moulin Rouge costume. Lane Scott won as an exceptional Seahorse and Cathy Lorenzo won for best Table Décor. The photos tell a more colorful story. Lotsa fun for a group of Little Old New Yorkers enjoying the moment!

L. to r.: Arnie and Paola Rosenshein; Ada De Maurier.
L. to r.: Lucia Hwong Gordon; Ellie Manko and Henry Buhl.
Lance Scott and Jill Kargman.
Ashton Wackym, Anna Polk, Bo Polk, Leslie Potvin, Fabien Moreau, and Kellyanna Polk Wackym.
L. to r.: Craig Dix; Nicole Noonan and Steven Knobel.
Denise DeLuca and Geoffrey Bradfield.
L. to r.: Yellowstone and friend; Sharon Bush and Bob Murray.
Craig Dix table.
Alison Weaver and Alison Manning table.
Rosie Heffernan, Agathia Wright, Irena Laks, and Anastasia Wright.
Susan and Ted Gamble.
Harrison Roach, Jeremy Webb, Molly Roach, and Nat Chandler.

Photographs by Madison McGaw/BFA.com (NYRP); Jillian Nelson/AnnieWatt.com (Doubles)

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