“Hooray for Hollywood! — “Save Venice ‘Los Angeles Celebration’ Raises Funds for Historic Art Preservation Efforts in Venice, Italy

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Save Venice attendees outside at The Getty Center where they enjoyed intimate private art tours and encountered masterpieces by artists such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Francesco Guardi, and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo up close.

Over President’s Day Weekend from February 16th to February 18th, the American non-profit organization Save Venice hosted a three-day fundraiser based in and around Beverly Hills to benefit its mission to preserve the artistic heritage of Venice, Italy.

The event, which drew nearly 100 guests from around the US and U.K., marked Save Venice’s triumphant return to California with its first major special event in over a decade. Themed “Hooray for Hollywood!,” the weekend blended Venetian Splendor with the timeless allure of Old Hollywood Glamour, raising $430,000 in the process.

Festivities commenced during golden hour Friday the 16th at the legendary Dawnridge Estate in Beverly Hills, graciously hosted by esteemed Los Angeles Celebration event Directors, Ruth & Hutton Wilkinson.

Guests explored the property’s lush gardens spread over three terraces as they enjoyed cocktails, dinner, music by the Johnny Holiday Quartet, and captivating dance performances by The Isadora Duncan International Institute, Inc. weaving a spellbinding tapestry of artistry and elegance under the moonlit sky.

Dinner at Dawnridge.

The former residence of the acclaimed American artist and Hollywood costume and set designer Tony Duquette, the Dawnridge Estate is renowned for its eclectic and extravagant design, and filled with a unique blend of art, antiques, and Duquette’s own creations.

Earlier in the day, the event’s “Producers” gathered for an intimate welcome lunch hosted in Bel Air at the Tudor Revival home of filmmaker Tom Dolby & Spencer Alcorn, built in 1937 and once the residence of film star Betty Grable.

L. to r.: Dang Bodiratnangkura, Evan Lysacek, and Cathy Smith; Alexis Crews and Kim Manjarres.
Ian Kelly, Annasue Wilson, John Wilson, Veronica Wilson, Tom Dolby, and Spencer Alcorn.
Juan Prieto, Lou Hammond, Ian Kelly, and Lee Essex Doyle.
Laura Hodgson, Ruth Wilkinson, Polina Proshkina, and Andrew Jones.
Lizzie Asher, Sara Reistad-Long, Casey Kohlberg, and Lauren Levison.
Valerie and Harry Cooper.
Ruth Wilkinson, Hutton Wilkinson, and Charles Tolbert.
L. to r.: Alex Lamm and Charles Tolbert; Lee Essex Doyle and Hutton Wilkinson.

Polina Proshkina and Hutton Wilkinson.

On Saturday the 17th attendees gathered at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, the preferred hotel for the weekend’s activities, for an illuminating lecture on “Venice in the Movies” by Anthony Lane of The New Yorker, followed by a lavish lunch. Mr. Lane captivated the audience with his witty humor and carefully selected scenes from cinematic treasures such as “Senso” and “Summertime,” positing that the dramatic intensity created by the Venetian Old Masters like Jacopo Tintoretto capture a depth of emotion and narrative power unmatched by any film.

Anthony Lane’s lecturing on “Venice in the Movies.”
Gus Edwards.
Annasue Wilson, Anthony Lane, Julia Marciari-Alexander, Frederick Ilchman, and John Wilson.
L. to r.: Kim Manjarres, Anthony Lane, and Amy Gross; Tito Ferguson and Nayef Nabulsi.
Julia Marciari-Alexander, John Wilson, Tanya Mathews, Anthony Lane, and Amy Gross.
L. to r.: Harry and Valerie Cooper; Tatiana Minerva and Polina Proshkina.
Charles Tolbert, Mary Lea Carrol, and Lou Hammond.
L. to r.: Veronica Wilson and Annasue Wilson; Tanya Mathews and Joy Dinsdale.
Laura Hodgson, Amy Gross, Dean Smith, Pearl Wou, and Andrew Jones.
Charles Tolbert, Matthew White, and Alexis Crews.

As twilight descended, the festivities shifted to the historic Cicada Restaurant & Lounge in downtown Los Angeles, where guests donned sparkling white-tie or black-tie inspired by their favorite movie stars and were treated to a dazzling cocktail reception and dinner followed by performances by Johnny Holiday and his orchestra, and the sensational Honey Taps.

The Art Deco designed ballroom housed in the historic landmark Oviatt Building radiated with energy as attendees danced the night away, reveling in the enchantment of the “Glittering Gala Dinner Dance.”

Daniel Kibblesmith, Joss Whedon, Heather Whedon, and Jennifer Ashley Wright.
L. to r.: Barbara Schulman and Fiona Breslin; Amy Gross, Frederick Ilchman, and Elizabeth Segerstrom.
Joseph Behney, Elsa Behney, Lisa Sohigian, Ronald Sohigian, and Mary Lea Carroll.
L. to r.:  Michael and Christine Suppes; Lee Essex Doyle, Juan Prieto, and Amanda Essex.
Matthew White, Lauren Levison, Charles Tolbert, Alexis Crews, and Kim Manjarres.
L. to r.:  Joy Dinsdale; Emily Grip, Katrina Holstrom-Rollinson, and Halle Liebman.
Travis Martin, Veronica Wilson, John Wilson IV, Annasue Wilson, and John Wilson.
Spencer Alcorn, Lizzie Asher, Tom Dolby, and Lauren Levison.
L. to r.:  Valerie Cooper and Polina Proshkina; Sara Reistad-Long and Casey Kohlberg.
Megan Bolton, Jon Bolton, Tina Bolton, Jeffrey Bolton, and Charles Tolbert.
Hutton Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson, and Charles Tolbert.

The Honey Taps.
Jennifer Walske and John Henderson.
Juan Prieto, Hutton Wilkinson, John Henderson, and Frederick Ilchman.

The grand finale on Sunday the 18th featured an exclusive afternoon of art immersion at The Getty Center. Led by Senior Conservator of Paintings Ulrich Birkmaier, Senior Curator of Drawings Dr. Julian Brooks, and Senior Curator of Paintings Dr. Davide Gasparotto, attendees enjoyed intimate private art tours including a visit to the Getty’s conservation lab, and encountering masterpieces by artists such as Artemisia Gentileschi, Francesco Guardi, and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo up close.

Outside The Getty Center.

L. to r.: Fenner Milton and Kathleen Laczina; Kate Oakland and Seeta Zieger.
Joseph Behney, Elsa Behney, and Alex Lamm.
Davide Gasparotto, Mary Lea Carroll, and Dorette Sarachik.
Frederick Ilchman, Seeta Zieger, Joe Rubinelli, Michael Minieka, Nayef Nabulsi, Merrill Shields, Barbara Berger, and Anthony Lane.
Amy Gross, Dorette Sarachik, Lizzie Asher, Joy Dinsdale, Lauren Levison, and Julian Brooks.
Julian Brooks.
Ulrich Birkmaier.
Bruce Berger, Dorette Sarachik, Frederick Ilchman, Julia Marciari-Alexander, Tanya Mathews, Lizzie Asher, Joy Dinsdale, Fenner Milton, and Anthony Lane.
Lizzie Asher and Lauren Levison.

The weekend closed with a golden hour farewell cocktail reception generously hosted by Scott & Gina Jordan in their Beverly Hills penthouse featuring stunning views of the city and an exceptional collection of rare books. Interiors of the Jordan’s home were designed by Matthew White & Frank Webb of White Webb.

Davide Gasparotto, Tina Walls, and Charles Tolbert.
Alexis Crews, Matthew White, Annasue Wilson, and John Wilson.
Scott Jordan, Dean Smith, Joe Rubinelli, Annasue Wilson, Kim Manjarres, and Pearl Wou.
Scott Jordan, Joe Rubinelli, Annasue Wilson, Kim Manjarres, and Pearl Wou.

Whispering Angel, the corporate sponsor of the LA Celebration, generously contributed Rosé wine at the weekend’s events, while Juan Prieto and Hutton & Ruth Wilkinson’s in their roles as “Directors” ensured festive and unforgettable celebrations at Dawnridge and the Cicada Restaurant & Lounge.


DIRECTORS: Hutton & Ruth Wilkinson, and Juan Prieto

PRODUCERS: Lizzie Asher, Tina & Jeffrey Bolton, Valerie & Harry Cooper, Joy Dinsdale, Tom Dolby & Spencer Alcorn, Lee Essex Doyle, Anne & Gus Edwards, Lou Rena Hammond, Bruce Horten, Gina & Scott Jordan, Lauren Kulchinsky Levison, Sandy & Dick Rippe, Tracey Roberts, Barty Shepherd, Merrill Shields & M. Ray Thomasson, Charles Tolbert, Matthew White, and Annasue McCleave Wilson & John H. Wilson

CORPORATE SUPPORTERS: Whispering Angel, BFA, and The Peninsula Beverly Hills

SPEAKERS: Ulrich Birkmaier, Julian Brooks, Davide Gasparotto, Frederick Ilchman, and Anthony Lane

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